Mar 15, 2010

Things that have to be said. Things that make me smile.

After the freedom and fun of the weekend, Mondays can be underwhelming.  Ever the optimist, I'm here meditating on the flashing cursor on my screen and just thinking (and a little hungover from yesterday) and waiting for the coffees to kick in.  Not the best time to write a post I have to write but if I don't write this now, the posts I want to write may never make the screen ever again.  I am seeking clarity and accountability.

Thanks to Girl With A Satchel for an inspiring post today.  It was a God send and reading it has strengthened my resolve to publish this post.

As I continue writing this blog, I am conscious that there is an audience for it beyond those who follow, comment on it directly or contact me personally about what I write. I'm also a believer that criticism (informed or otherwise, well intentioned or otherwise) can always be turned around to make one both a better person and better at whatever it was that you were being criticized about. 

I am grateful for all the encouraging comments that I receive and try my best to respond to them all.  To everyone who has commented here on my blog, please continue to do so.  I am not writing this for any other reason than to define what this blog is about.

I am not here to quibble about when inspiration becomes slavish copying or how much escapism is too much.  I do not endorse this, either as my 'real self' or in this blog as SSG.  I take pains to reference the origins of my ideas and identify the source of any image that is not mine (you know, the ones that aren't emblazoned with the hot pink SSG watermark and actually have artistic merit).  Intellectual copyright is hard to define and is an topic I have no detailed knowledge of and will not pretend otherwise. 

Could  the person who has copyright on the entire English language, its grammar and turn of phrase could  please contact me?  Perhaps together we could draft a Bill Of Rights for all users of the English language to ensure that none of us are copying each other (by even the most minute degree) by (heaven forbid) using correct grammar and sentence structure.  Sounds crazy - because it is.

Part of the joy of having a blog is that it allows you to fully appreciate the ins and outs of blogging - there is so much more to it than the finished posts that are subscribed to and commented on.  The other bigger joy is that your blog introduces you to a wide circle of readers and bloggers from all over the world and engage with them on a level that is more considered and personal than in the world of online social networking.  I think it would be fair to say that we all influence each other to varying degrees - there is inspiration, a sharing of ideas, interpretations of questions and themes.  The statistical chance of a similarity between any two pieces of writing will always be more than zero - nothing is completely unrelated in this world.  We are all humans, we all share a planet, we have things in common and we have differences.

This blog is not about amassing a cult following - it's not a 'fashion', 'food' or 'style' blog, nor does it set out to pretend to be anything it quite clearly is not.  I do not claim to be anything more than a person who likes to write about her life, the people in it, events that affect her, things and people that interest and inspire her.  It's just about me and how I see the world.  I thought that this was evident from the nature of my posts but I thought it best to formalize it here on my mission statement post.

Having gotten all of that clear, I am now heaving a huge sigh of relief.  I've stated my mission. 

I am happy with my life, my blog, my friends and family.  In this life, with its ups and downs, there is no room for trying to make myself look good at the expense of another person.  It is so much easier to 'get away' with this from behind a pseudonym and the trappings of a stylized online persona.

It's not how I operate and I have no time for that kind of energy.

I read other peoples blogs to discover what's going on in their worlds and feel privileged that they have taken the time to write and to allow strangers in on their world.  I refrain from being nasty, bitchy, on a power trip or jealous because that all consumes too much energy and the accompanying bitterness is all consuming and unattractive.  I haven't read a blog that has inspired any of those feelings in me anyway.  If I read something that grates me, I simply close the window and read something else.  Isn't drawing attention to something you dislike simply giving it more attention that you don't think it deserves in the first place?

Let's all have a group hug and leave this post with no hard feelings but instead the hope that we're all here to have fun and just click a window shut if it contains something you hate.

But wait. I'm going all Demtel on you - there's more.  More of my photos from taste!  Some more of the things that make me happy - and there are many more things in this category than the things which get me down.

Colour co-ordinated Aga stoves and accessories.

A rainbow of Smeg fridges.


Red teapots and cups.
People just chilling out and having fun.


  1. Just popped into THAT thread at Vogue. You have absolutely nothing to defend. Keep up the great blog :)

  2. This is a great post. So sincere. And courageous.
    You shouldn't have to justify your writing style or why you blog. You love to write and have referred to those who have inspired you. You have definitely not tried to be something you aren't.
    I love your blog, keep it up :)

  3. Love Aga's...which they weren't so darn expensive.

  4. You're 1 of the most original people I've ever known and boo to all the naysayers. This is YOUR blog, write what you want and it never fails to cheer me up! *hugs*

    ps - showed Chris the Smeg and the price tag, he said it was the most hideous thing he'd ever seen :(


  5. Black Smeg, please!

  6. I have no idea how much the smeg or the aga cost.

    But they were lovely to look at.

    SSG xxx

  7. I can't believe someone would write to you and be nasty about your beautiful blog. That's horrible! But if it's any consolation clearly they are the one with the problem - not you. And if you want me to kick them in the shins with my Louboutins, just say the word. I hope you found this post cathartic and can move on from whatever nastiness was involved... I find chocolate helps, and the realisation that Cosmic Karma works in the most unlikeliest of fashions, but it does work.

    Do what you want. Be who you want to be. Ignore the idiots - you are far to classy to give them the time of day.

    Kitty xx

    PS: I love AGA's and Smegs too.


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