Mar 25, 2010

Thursday is my Friday. SSG scores a century, the effort and the age have not wearied her.

Today had me seeing red.  Not in an wrathful way, Thursday was just full of red. 

It all started at breakfast with the arrival of Sydney magazine.  The I Heart Sydney edition.  Definitely a red letter day.  The grapefruit was meant to be red too. This is however SSG Manor at breakfast and our food stylist (the one I share with Donna) is on vacation so apologies for the salmon pink flesh.  Similarly, my cereal is looking particularly unglamorous today.  It's weetbix, peach and mango yoghurt topped with some honey and dessicated coconut.  It's a bit of a worry that I feel the need to add more sugar to fruit flavoured yoghurt.....

If you are in Sydney, you can register to get your own I Heart Sydney badge using this link.  The offer expires April 30, 2010.  Plus you can email the magazine your favourite things about Sydney.

In other red news, Adora Chocolate made it into this month's top 5.  Which I've blogged about previously.

It's Thursday but it's my Friday.  The start of a 3 week run of 4 day working weeks.  I think I've earned them. 

Speaking of work, I shopped my wardrobe again to find a dress that I haven't worn in ages.

It was obviously meant to be.  It's Country Road circa March 2008.  First worn at the SSG wedding rehearsal in Perth - it'll be 2 years on Sunday.  It still fits and I found money in the left  pocket.  Paper money.  $15 to be precise. 

Accessorized here with a much loved pastic link necklace from Forever 21, KL - $7.  And black velcro strapped granny sandals.  You can never be too comfortable at work.  Well, perhaps you can, if work is more comfy than home then it suggest work life balance issues or a disregard for professional work behaviour.  I'm not overly comfortable at work, it's just my feet.

This is a rare shot of the interior of the SSG mobile (photoshopped for extra edge).  More red.  My trusty AMAWA pocket knife (yours with the anual $800+ membership paid up front).  It's attached to my keys because after I open the front door and let myself in, the second thing I do is use the knife to cut open any internet purchases that were delivered to the front door whilst I was at work.  I don't think the Swiss Army had this in mind with previous editions of the knife but I'd like them to know that I'm always prepared for whatever DHL and Australia Post deliver my way.  Thanks.

The drive to work was sedate and mostly uneventful.  The driver of a large red truck that I gave way to on Centenary drive stuck his whole arm out the window to wave thanks.  That made my day.  I like people who wave thanks.  I try to do the same.  It makes everyone just a little happier on their way to work in the peak hour(s).

I am now sitting at work waiting for a clinic with no patients.  I'm kind of sad.  Thursday clinic is full of really nice people and their spouses.  They're all down to earth, sensible and just all around lovely.  I sometimes get a gruff hug as thanks.  It seems like an afternoon of chat sometimes, not real work at all.

Filling in the time by trying to not go insane over Excel, Word and Powerpoint.  The triple whammy of Microsoft vexation.

And listening to albums with red on their covers.

Image courtesy of

I discovered the Jersey Boys soundtrack in quite a surreal way.  I heard the Who Loves You track
on the radio driving home from my swim on Sunday.  The strange thing was, I was listening to ABC Classic FM at the time.  I had to stop and check the dial a few times to make sure.  I got home and sat in my wet bathers until the track finished just to find out where it was from.  I downloaded it from iTunes that night.  It's so full of life and cheezy, I love it. 

December 1963 brings back memories of my first year of uni.  It was a huge song that year and I was (and still am) a very mainstream top 40 kind of person.  It was my first, eye opening year of life after the Ladies' College - freedom, self discovery and making friends that really would last.  Sounds like a poster for a Bette Midler film but it really was all those words (and more) for me back in 1993.

As colour co-ordinated luck would have it - the red dot special at Coles today was Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross buns!  What a fantastic way way to kick off my annual hot cross bun feast.  I've done well to hold out for this long into the season, which started in January (right after the post Christmas pudding, turkey and fruit mince pie reductions).

It's my 100th post, I've scored a century of sorts.  It's just about the end of the cricket season and I got a cricket reference in just in time.  Above is my cricket cap from Woolworth's on George St.  It is part of my cunning Japanese Tourist disguise for whenever I'm taking the Nikon places it shouldn't be going.

In other (brief) sporting new, AFL season 2010 starts in a day or so.  Yee hah.  Oops may I retract?  The season starts tonight and Ben Cousins is playing.  Those were the days in Perth, I could always count on Ben to make either the front (for off field action) or back page (for on field prowess) of The West on a pretty regular basis.

Image courtesy of

While we're on the subject of caps (and something with chicken and filo from Lennards is in the oven for dinner) - I might as well show you my Cafe Sydney cap.

These caps are given out to people sitting out for lunch who are either getting to much sun on their faces or getting too much wind through their hair.  Probably more for male patrons.  For me, hat hair would be a fate worse than a bit of a tan or some wind induced volume at the roots.

Thanks again for hanging in there for the first 100 posts!!

See you again soon and have a lovely evening wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!! I love the Jersey Boys... seen the musical twice in Melbourne - is it coming to Sydney soon or has it been there? Great red dress too... enjoy your longer weekend too! Oh and I forgot to say that I always wave thanks if someone gives way to me in the car - we always do this in UK - sometimes I see it here, sometimes not but it does make my day too...!!

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post SSG! And hurray for unearthed paper money and drivers that wave thanks!

  3. Your site is cuteness! Me likes.

  4. Hey Brenda
    Thank you and thanks also for following me!

    Loving the FYB Friday, it's a brilliant idea. Thanks for doing them.

    SSG xxx

  5. Well done on 100!
    Yay - you write so well and I love reading :)
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  6. You look great in your red dress too :)
    Have a wonderful anniversary dinner.

  7. Loving the read and found your blog through FYBF
    Feel free to check me out over @

    Be warned its a blog all about motherhood!


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