Mar 31, 2010

Wearing the weather on my shoulders. Directions in jauntiness and box knotted to boot.

There's something about head stands and being upside down in general.   It does wonders for the creative mind.  I was beginning to feel I'd developed blogger's block up until then but all those inversions must have loosened a few thoughts and words up.  Thank goodness.  Is 105 posts all I have in me?  Do I just fade away and curl up in a corner when Terry Durack is unable to give me direction as to how to lead my culinary life (or delusions of reference as the case may be) in every one of his restaurant reviews?  No.  I don't think so.

It's getting chilly, grey and wet these days in Sydney.  Which hasn't been terribly inspiring.  On the upside, it will soon be time for a change in wardrobes.  I like to think of it as tilling the earth layers of clothes in my wardrobe.  Time to bring the heavier clothes up for air from under the summer ones or from out of where they have been stored.


The heavy duty umbrellas begin to get an airing on the front porch.  I will let you guess which is mine and which is Mr SSG's.

It's the kind of weather that makes you glad you survived the drive to and from work without an accident (just accept facts, you will definitely be held up by one either direction).  And also that you have a temporary house husband.  Mr SSG has been on leave for a week and besides having some down time, has been doing things like housework and bringing home the bacon - in a literal sense.  We went to mid week yoga together tonight which isn't something we've managed for ages.

He patiently read the paragraph describing what kind of bacon to buy. And got it right.  Tomorrow he is going in nice and early to get the pick of the last batches of hot cross buns before Good Friday.  I did write before about being comatose from my first buns of the season but I'll be right.  That was just warm-up.

It was for my favourite bacon recipe - bacon-y bok choy.  I love cooking bacon with vegetables.  My mum makes a great dish of bacon and brussel sprouts.  I am convinced that bacon is made more healthy when it gets cooked with a vegetable.  In turn, the vegetable in question gets imbued with a bit of salt and grease whilst still retaining crunch and zing.  The bacon-y recipe (so good the y is hyphenated for emphasis) because not only do we have bacon, we also have chilli, red onion and garlic in the mix. 

Which, naturally - we ate with udon noodles.

In a pink package.  It felt good eating carbs out of a pink package.  I was gutted that all my rice had been infested by weevils.  It was Superior Thai Jasmine Rice as well.  In a red and gold bag.  I was a  but ambitious buying a 5kg bag for 2 people.  This may be the right thing for a Chinese wife to do, but perhaps not in cases where the family of 2 eats rice possibly once a fortnight.

All the pink and grey inspired my choice of outfit for today.

The first cardigan wearing day of the year.  It's grey and made me feel as if I was wearing the weather over my shoulders.  If I were 40 years older (or this were a photo from the '40s which may be the same thing when all is said and done), I think the scarf would be classified as 'jaunty'.  It's a little bit crisp, a tad bit dapper and a whole lot of natty.  I think it is box knotted to boot.

In other news today, a big thank you and hug to the lovely Carly for her award today.  It was also an inspiration and motivation.   I need to figure things out a bit before responding and forwarding accordingly.

The end of the week is nigh, readers.  Tomorrow is the end of our working week.  We can make it.  If nothing else sustains you, think of all the things you'll be doing for the 4 day weekend.  Even if it does include trying to survive the Fish Markets or diving for the last 6 pack of hot cross buns.


  1. Hi SSG- I am following you now...hope you do not mind!
    Love the you know I am a fan of scarves...looking forward to more interaction!

  2. Hello Hostess

    In fact, the scarf I am wearing today is tied in a fashion that reminded me of one of your earlier posts. I didn't tie as nicely though.

    I will post tonight.


    SSG xxx

  3. I wish you would show me how to tie a scarf like that! So beautiful. I clearly need practice...

    Kitty xx


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