Mar 5, 2010

A wordsmith of the 21st century and the art of textual rejuvenation. The cult of celebrity, age has not wearied them.

I have found my start in blogging invigorating. I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing.  I have tried at various times of my life to keep a handwritten journal (a quaint notion) but struggled.  I think the whole process of handwriting in a bound book induced terminal writer's block.  The creative control, editing process and interactive and 'live' nature of blogging are things I find immensely rewarding.  Especially if you are as challenged in the handwriting stakes as I am.  Keyboards, mice and photo editors are then your best friends and your tools as a wordsmith of the 21st century.

It never ceases to amaze me how these blog posts just materialize out of the ether.  Random thoughts coalesce, alchemy merges with the written word and it somehow all comes together.  With varying degrees of success but it happens.  Though 'success' is a tricky thing to define.  Is it success to have finished a post (are they ever finished, I am forever finding spelling mistakes, better words or better pictures), is it that a post is popular and generates a lot of comment or is that I feel a sense of achievement when I finally press 'Publish Post'?  Sometimes all the excitement is in the planning and setting up of photographs.  Other times it's that I have managed to 'save' a post of almost terminal banality just in time by injecting it with some thought that happened to cross my mind as I typed.  Textual rejuvenation.

Maybe it's because I have to work a massive shift on Saturday but I'm not feeling the end of week euphoria I usually have by Thursday evening.  During particularly trying weeks, the excitement starts on a Wednesday and on twitter before facebook, which is a sign of how bad things have become.  I am not a natural twitterer.  It just isn't a format I find espeically appealing.  Just 140 character phrases being hurled out there without photos, updates on the weird games people play online, the more inviting capacity for followers/friends to make comments under what you've typed.

My ambivalence is being expressed in such activities as feeling the urge to sit around the house trying to get inspired whilst I break in my new heels.  I had a vague hope that the essence of celebrity would enter me by virtue of my feet looking rather Hollywood.  Nicole Richie perhaps (should have checked my twitter to see what she's up to with Joel and the kids) or even Reese Witherspoon (we are not following each other on twitter so are therefore 'non speaks').  Would I rise creakily from the sofa (whilst trying to be kind to my knees) a fashion designer/reformed wild child/mother/ex Bestie of Paris/ex client of Rachel Zoe or would it just be high achieving Hollywood actress/mother/face of Avon?

None of the above.

Time to switch shoes and positions.  A lay down on the sofa can be very restorative to the creative energies.  In yoga, it's all about the inversions.  Wearing Louboutins, it's all about resting in a way that doesn't see you topple head down off the couch, trashing your shoes and bingling the camera in your hands (I am so open to inspiration at the moment, I'm even taking the surname of Lara in vain).  Okay, I am feeling Victoria Beckham.  She would so do this the moment she got in the door.  Before unpacking the shopping, before wacking all the dry cleaning in David's 1/10 th of the wardrobe (because that's where the space is and 2 of the dry cleaned items are his) and before checking the web traffic on her blog.

Why are all my celebrities of reference mothers?  These days, I don't think celebrities have a 'use by date' based on their age.  They seem to be growing up and moving on with the rest of us.  Which is fine by me.  The more these ladies stay in the public eye, the better.  Those Twilight actors are awfully famous right now but I don't know their names, I can't really relate to them and I wouldn't classify myself as obsolete, just yet.  Go the older celebrity.  Bask in those pap zoom lenses for as long as you can, your maturing fans need you.

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