Mar 27, 2010

Worshipping at the Temple Of Shu at David Jones, Sydney CBD.

How I got my groove back and discovered the allure and power of false eyelashes, in response to the blog this challenge, number 38.

Just a reminder that it's going to be Earth Hour tonight, from 8.30pm.  Wherever you are, dim or turn of your lights and do your bit for our planet. Rack up your carbon credits as if your planet depends on it - because it does.

Mr SSG and I will be at Becasse and will be observing the hour in partial darkness only, due to occupational health and safety issues.   Not long to go.  Better get dressed soon....  Can you tell I don't get out much at the weekend?  Anywhere fancy, I mean. 

At least I won't have to worry about me eye makeup.  This is freaky.  After  months of being in self imposed cosmetic exile - I find myself making my second cosmetic purchase in as many days.  As luck would have it, DJs were offering 10% off cosmetic purchases over $75 storewide today.  I love it when David Jones and I are on the same page.  It's been happening an awful lot recently. 

Never one to let decorum get in the way of a good story, I took the Nikon with me to my eyelash appointment.  The things I do for myself this blog :-P

That's me and my shu uemura bib (so minimalist chic), killing some time before I get my lashes augmented.

This is my Max Brenner dark chocolate mocha (regular size as a concession to the large dinner tonight).  I rarely venture into DJs without one.  If one hand is holding a hot beverage, it gets awfully hard to try things like shoes, lipsticks and handbags on.

So many choices.  Who am I going to be today?  Some of the pairs I have photographed actually have a winged eyeliner 'spine'.  So that's how to achieve both a perfect winged eyeline and lashes.  You learn something everyday on this blog.

I love the white pearlescent pair, the rainbow and the feathery pairs!  From a distance, it's a wall of sleeping eyelids.  Or Twiggy-like 1960's dollybirds batting their collective eyelashes at you from the stately wall of David Jones, Sydney CBD.

This is the Miracle Chair, labelled just in case one should get lost in the shu corner - there is a brow area and also general makeup.  I've unofficially christened it Miracle because it is truly amazing what a good pair of false eyelashes can do for a tired, drawn face.  Am I one step away from botox and the slippery slide to surgical interventions?

I took this photo because it's a study of contrasts if you're local and know the background.  The David Jones cosmetic hall in the Sydney store is legendary.  It's an oasis of marble and old world charm.  There is a live pianist most days, and they always give me a friendly (or possibly bemused or even conspirational) smile whenever I smile at them. 

Dotted around the perimeter of the big gun cosmetic houses are the handbag concessions - Fendi, Dior, Burberry, Coach and also exclusives such as Mulberry et all.  I  know it's not New York City or Singapore but it's Sydney, the staff are friendly to everyone and I like shopping there.  Miranda Kerr, if you ever get stuck for things to say about DJs as a store ambassador - please read my blog.  Should I twitter follow her just in case she doesn't think to google 'Sydney Shop Girl'? 

Sorry, where was I?  Ah yes, the photo.  So we have the old world lighting fixtures of David Jones and then we have Napolean Perdis makeup.  It's like backstage at the theatre.  The sales assistants and make up artists flit around in black clothes and fantastic make-up (a lady at MAC was working arched hot pink eyebrows).  And then there's the rest of us in regulation Sydney weekend gear - short shorts (I'm not going to be this side of 40 forever, so I am working gladiators and short shorts simultaneously today) and havianas with anything from casual casual to smart casual.

And then it was down to business.  My lovely lash technician arrived (I sound so maghag - can we just entertain my delusion and let me use phrases like 'lash technician'?) and the transformation began. 

I couldn't stop fluttering my eyelids on the walk to the bus.  I suddenly found my eyes rather bewitching.  I was no longer a thirty-something married lady in an unglamorous (but rewarding and challenging) career, I became a fashion forward twenty-something.  A girl who could walk into Supre or Kookai and walk out again with an outfit to wear to hit the clubs tonight with my boy and his souped up Japanese import.  I felt Fast and Furious.

Except, I'm  not that girl.  I'm confident in who I am right now and what I've achieved in those mercurial years between twenty-something single to thirty-something married.  I don't sweat the small things but I cherish the seemingly small and insignificant minutiae of everyday married and working life.

I got on my bus and got home to have an afternoon drink with my husband.

And marvel at the ingenuity and innovation of the shu uemura Institute Of Cosmetic Technology, Research and Development.

There's such a thing as a false eyelash applicator?


  1. I concur Sydney Shop Girl! False eyelashes are miracle workers. (Although the last time I got mine done, just a few lashes on the edges so I could try and pull off the I-am-just-naturally-blessed-with-lovely-lashes-look, the beautician did a shocking job and they were sticking out at all kinds of weird and wonderful angles. huff!)

    I am a new blogger and just found you on Blog This. Look forward to following your blog. :)

  2. Thank you, Emma.

    Looking forward to reading your blog.

    SSG xxx

  3. These look great and so cheap but I'm always scared they'll fall off aha! eyelashes, makeup


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