Apr 1, 2010

An April Fool. Provisions for the Easter long weekend.

Do you ever have those mornings where you just drag your feet getting ready for work?  When suddenly things that are normally unamusing suddenly arouse your curiosity?

I was having one of those mornings today.   I was fascinated by this ad in the SMH.  I entirely forgot the date and was amazed that Artline would be able to release a fineliner with inbuilt microchip that could store everything written with it plus have inbuilt GPS -  should someone else decides to make off with your pen.  

I actually got to work and googled Artline.  Found the pen on the website and clicked...  APRIL FOOL 

In a hopeful and excited mood about the prospect of buying said pen, I sat down at breakfast and used  a real pen from the dark ages without GPS and a memory chip (? for the last time)  and paper to write my shopping list for Mr SSG. 

All that writing for a dozen hot cross buns.  It's tough when Baker's Delight have original, choc chip and mocha to choose from these days.  So many ways to create a dozen.

Then spent a fai amount of time trying to decide what to wear.  A new friend in Canada, taught me this scarf tying trick on her blog.  I don't tie it as neatly as she but thank you Hostess :-)

I am definitely showing my age.  This is a navy silk 'dress' from Country Road.  Except it barely covers my bottom.  I have taken to wearing it with grey leggings from Supre.  Better than wearing leggings as pants, I guess.

By some stroke of luck, I managed to beat the holiday traffic on the drive home.  But not the agression.  Jeeze there are some painful people on the roads at the moment. Rudeness is even more draining than being stuck in the traffic sometimes.

Finally made it home.  Mr SSG did me proud.

6 Original Hot Cross Buns.

And the girl at Gladesville Baker's Delight made him a special half dozen - 3 chocolate and 3 mocha.

Oh and I caved.  It's been at least a year since I last bought a gossip magazine.

4 day long weekend - time to kick back with some easy reading and escapism.  I'm going to head out to my 'book cellar' in the garage and select a few of my vintage Irish Chick Lit friends too.

Always one who buys possibly more than I can eat, some of my beloved buns had to get frozen.

And stahsed on the middle chocolate and baked goods shelf.  Note the new box of Ecuador (no less) dark chocolate coated magnums.  We are fancy at SSG Manor.

The Manor lights have dimmed for movie night - 2012 in surround sound.  It is schlocktastic and strangely dated for a film released in 2009.  The special effects are so over the top.  For once, I am actually relieved that tonight's AFL match interrupted our screening.

May you all have good traffic for wherever you need to go this weekend.  Drive carefully, stay safe and relax.


  1. Happy Easter SSG! Love the scarf trick and leggings as pants are definitely a nono (although that means I'm probably showing my age too :P )

  2. Artiline = Meanies! I want that pen too.

    Mmmm Hot Crossed Buns. Mmmm. Yay for Easter I say.

  3. Thank you for the mention!
    BTW the scarf looks great, you get an A...have a fun weekend, Happy Easter.
    Hugs from the Hostess

  4. Anything is better than leggings as pants! ;) That scarf is beautiful, and those hot cross buns look delicious...

    Have a happy Easter!

  5. Mmmm, Bakers Delight hot cross buns are great. Your past post about hot cross buns inspired me to get a dozen for the long weekend. I was tempted to get the chocolate ones but ended up getting the originals instead.

    I love your scarf, btw. Just gorgeous!

    Happy Easter!!


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