Apr 8, 2010

Awards and Admissions.

I'd like to thank the lovely Claire Marie for these awards.  Her blog is Spontaneous Delight and it's a wonderful read.  We 'met' through Brenda's Flog Yo Blog Friday a little while back.

There are two parts to the awards and I will do my best to comply.  First 7 things you may not know about me and secondly - to tag some of my favourite blogs.  I picked 10 - a number between 7 and 15 which is the number of tags each award requires.  Happy reading and clicking.

So, I'm going to open the door on some little known facts about me.

  1. The reason my hair is glossy black and pin straight is because of the meticulous attention of my lovely Korean hairdresser and her fondness for Japanese hair products. Silvery fox at the roots suits George Clooney but does not wash well with me.
  2. My first car was a Volvo. It came to an untimely end when my dad rear ended it into the front verandah where my car replaced a pillar and held up the front roof for a week or so. It is a testament to the intestinal fortitude of Swedish cars.
  3. I first skiied at the age of 33.
  4. I can't dive properly, despite swimming 2.4km every Sunday.  I can't tumble turn either.
  5. I can't parallel park.  My next car must have a parking camera, even better if it parks itself.
  6. I am so bad with names.  The harder I try to remember them, the quicker I forget them.
  7. The hardest thing I've had to do was resit my post graduate exams.  The sense of failure and lack of progress was crippling at the time.  The journey my life took since this time has been far better than anything I could have planned for myself.  I am proud of myself for dusting myself off and getting back on that horse.
So that was a bit warts and all from me...

    Over to you, ladies!

    I'd like to pass these awards on to:

    1. Melissa at Suger Coat It - for her honesty and humour.  I love the way she embraces colour.
    2. Mrs P at A Study In Contradictions - for thoughtful commentary and beautiful photographs.  A new visual inpsiration each day.
    3. Leanne at Deep Fried Fruit - always brings a smile to my face.  I love how Leanne can see the humour and value from seemingly frustrating experiences and turn the event around to become a learning experience.
    4. Emma at The Wannabe Work At Home Mum  - I wish her every success in her new business.
    5. Erica and Co at Girl With A Satchel - for the best coverage of fashion and beauty media from a Australian perspective.  Her faith and values are inspiring too.
    6. Kelly at Kellyansapansa - Kelly has the most amazing amount of energy which she has chanelled into writing, establishing her own web forum and generally articulating ideas, thoughts and memories that I can relate to.
    7. The Stylish Shoe Girl - a keen observer of food, fashion and gorgeous gardens in Brisbane.
    8. Metropolis Girl - a lady who appreciates beauty in so many things and shares them with her readers.
    9. Mel at Mel's 365 Day Photo Journey - for all your updates on my favourite TV shows and spilling about your latest purchases.
    10. That Unreliable Girl - for posting the best collection of beautiful things and images.

    Thank you all for being such great reads.


    1. Congrats on the awards SSG - your blog always brings a smile to my face. Ditto on nos 5, 6 and 7 (I'm still traumatised by it). And thank for giving me more reasons to procrastinate at work :D

    2. Oh wow! A linky love friendship. Squeee!

      And hey, would you mind giving me the name of your hairdresser. I want glossy black and pin straight hair too.=)

    3. foodwink - thank you and glad to know I'm not procrastinating on my own :-)

      Brenda - I go to Kim Sun Young on Pitt St, ask for Vera.

      SSG xxx

    4. Congrats on your awards. Plural! Two wow. Go you. I do love your blog. I visit often on my iPhone and I find it a pain in the backside to comment on it. So know it is loved.

      Plus..! Yaaay! And Thanks. Which one do I take? Whichever I prefer or both... Wooooo. So much fun.

    5. :) thank you so much SSG!! I enjoy your blog and I love seeing you visit mine. I will definitely do this 7 things bit in the next few days.


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