Apr 25, 2010

Date Afternoon Spent Watching Date Night. Ron Rons Rock. Fast Pho.

The Sunday afternoon of a long weekend is the perfect time to be heading to the cinema.  Today we were off to watch Date Night.  It is hilarious.  Steve Carell and Tina Fey are perfectly cast and have a real chemistry which I often find missing in the 'big name' Hollywood rom-coms.  

It was refreshing to watch a comedy featuring an older couple which explored in some depth the trials and tribulations of 2 people in love who have been together for so long and have the realities of children and full time jobs to deal with.  The plot is crazy but the central characters were very believable.  Oh and Mark Wahlberg.  Enough said.  Go watch it and have a belly laugh about elements of your own relationship that have found themselves in Tina and Steve's characters.  Oh and Leighton Meester has a role too!  In very different clothes to her Gossip Girl gig.

Speaking of clothes.  My head to ankles Cotton On & Supre outfit.  Supre contributing the white long sleeved T.

There was a handbag somewhere but it didn't make the photos because I needed my camera remote to shoot me and it together.  I lost  my remote, freaked out and the photographic moment passed.  You know how it is when you've lost something and are desperate to find it?  I think it dropped into the bin my mistake a while back and is thus lost for good.  Ordered back ups on ebay tonight so all is good.  I just need a remote for my night photography outing next weekend.

Anyhow, picture old school Chanel tote.  Not the quilted kind.  

Oh man.  I'm hopeless at describing accessories.  I'm going to get off my bottom and take a photo of it for you.  

Here we are.


The first Chanel I ever bought.  It was in Singapore years ago.  Before the houses all took up that 5% price rise twice a year in keeping with 'currency fluctuations'.  My understanding is that currencies fluctuate downwards with some frequency but the houses are yet to pass on the benefit of these downward adjustments to their paying customers. 

I have great respect for the fashion bloggers out there who photograph themselves in their complete outfits.  It is an impressive achievement to get your outfit, shoes and bag in the same shot whilst looking relaxed about it.  Respect and I love your work and effort.

Then there's me.  3 shots to capture one rather ordinary outfit.

Here we have the shoes.  In honour of it being a long weekend and my previous mention of Alexa Chung, I broke with long held tradition and wore heels during the day.  Oh my, those Ron Rons are the business.  They Rock.  Very comfortable indeed, the red topy sole for extra grip was a wise move as I spent the afternoon traipsing along the slick floors of Rhodes shopping centre.  

Lunch was conveyor belt sushi at Tomodachi in the shopping centre.

Because it's the long weekend - sushi featuring battered fillings and mayonnaise based sauces are mandatory.  A bit like the compulsory nature of having mid morning bubbly in lieu of a cup of tea.


Plus the obligatory tuna and mayo sushi with avocado.

Lunch actually happened before the movie.  I'm all out of kilter today.  Anyway, the shopping centre is very well appointed.  After the movie, it was a quick walk to the Coles there for the last couple of ingredients for my (and Donna's) beef pho from the Feb/Mar 2009 issue.

It's such a fast pho recipe that I don't even have that many photos.

Soak think rice noodles in boiling water until soft, 6 - 8 minutes.  Top with thinly sliced beef fillet (it is easiest to slice the beef if it is slightly frozen) and white onion (these are so good raw!).  Have raw bean sprouts, chopped small red chillis and basil leaves ready to go.

Prepare the soup by heating beef stock (I cheated by using a carton of Campbell's ready made) with 1 star anise, 1 cinnamon quill and 1 cardamon pod.  Simmer for 5 minutes.  Then just pour over the noodle, beef and onions.

Garnish with chilli, bean sprouts and basil leaves.

Serve with lemon wedges and fish sauce on the side.

I was a bit dubious about how the beef would go but it worked!  Hearty but not heavy and very tasty.

Now for the decadent part of Sunday night - I get to stay up and watch The Good Wife!!  From start to finish, without having to retire half way through like I usually would on a school night.


  1. I love Pho and I thank you for giving the recipe of an easy pho here. I once made a stock that took about five hours and required a pig's trotter. I had to ask the butcher department at Coles for a trotter, and I claimed it was for my dog.

    As for your Cotton On/Supre outfit - I love it. You look tres fabulous! I love that top and may just have to get one for myself. I am scared it will lose the heart effect because I am big busted, so I may get one a size up.


  2. Great outfit and love the mix of the cotton on/supre and then topped off with the chanel bag and great shoes too! Thank you for the wonderful recipe too and the photos of sushi - am having a 'I miss sushi' day here NO good sushi readily available in UK sadly....x

  3. Fantastic bag! Thanks for stumbling over to my blog. Glad to meet you :)

  4. I laughed so hard at Date Night (especially "Zip your vagina!) lol :)

  5. Your sweater is SO cute! I want!


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