Apr 5, 2010

Easter Monday and a style/lifestyle preview for A/W 2010 for the girl pre-schooler in your life.

It's all far too soon, but the Easter long weekend is drawing to a close.  Time to bid a fond farewell to Easter chocolate eggs and animals, hot cross buns and European specialty Easter foods.

The weather here in Sydney has been getting cooler, the skies a little more overcast.  Daylight saving has ended and we won't be starting our morning routines with pitch black skies.

It's been a perfect weekend for pottering and exploring with long periods of doing not much at all interspersed between.

Today was pretty much true to this formula.

I wandered into Chatswood this morning.  Primarily to get my fix of Bread Top - I had a savoury bread roll topped with a sheet of nori and filled with ham and egg but remaining open to anything that caught my eye.  Oh that Bread Top link is setting off some major cravings.  Highly refined flour based baked goods must be the crack of all carbohydrates.

When I first arrived in Sydney, Chatswood reminded me of Singapore.  There is a large Chinese population here and many of the high rises have an Asian influence.  Plus - all the Chinese foods and grocery stores.  There are street names like Orchard Road too, that added further to the similarity.

The train station has recently been upgraded and I took a walk through it on the way to the shopping centres.

I find the Westfield overwhelming in terms of its size and the circuitous maze of shops (and I'm a marathon shopper) and have to come up for air on the main street every once in a while.  I usually limit myself to 3 shops per visit - max.  It makes things less stressful this way.

Unfortunately, my ginger nut surveying expedition was not too fruitful.  Aldi don't stock them and DJs didn't have a food hall.

Undeterred, I window shopped instead.  I figured I would be least likely to buy anything if I looked around where my size would definitely not be in stock.  Childrenswear.

Country Road seemed the best place to start. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that kids these days don't dress in kids clothes anymore.  They just wear down sized versions of what their parents do.  I amused myself trying to think of how the average toddler would work season A/W 2010 into their hectic schedule.

Red ballet flats and moto style denim jeans are so right now for pre schoolers.  I just wonder if they are any better at running in those shoes than I am.  Not too sure about where they'd work the moto jeans.  I've only previously seen them on models 'backstage or out and about being sylph like on the streets of a fashion capital'.  Maybe the line is for pre school aged models. 

Jeans and knits just in for the new season.  Forgot to check what cut the jeans are.  Possibly the boyfriend or a nice flattering and easy to wear bootleg.  Skinny legs are not too practical if you're toilet training.

There's the staple wool skivvy in red for pre-school and kumon.  The pastel chunky knit cardigans would work for the weekend when you get hauled off to a cafe for brekky with mum and dad.

Then there followed a long period of not doing too much at all.  Went for a swim to make myself feel more virtuous about the smorgasboard of food that the weekend became.

Before making a batch of garlic butter.  This is a great idea from Jamie Oliver.  Very easy and handy.  As I may have mentioned previously, I was very upset when Lurpak and Western Star both decided to discontinue their flavoured butter lines.

Jamie is pretty flexible for what he puts in his butter, using all manner of herbs.  I just stick to garlic and seasoning.  Be warned, 2 -3 cloves of freshly minced garlic is all you need for a 250g block.  You could find yourself very alone in the bedroom or at work if you go overboard.

Leave the butter to soften at room temperature before placing it in the bowl of your food processor.  Add freshly milled pepper and salt as well as your garlic.

Blitz until well combined.

I like to store  my butter in little pats.  Here's some baking paper I've prepared for the 'patting'.

It's quite satisfying wrapping the little butter pats.  They almost look like squares of caramel or salt water toffee.  Getting a bit off topic there.

For some reason, my little Easter chicks were still out, so they cast an eye over proceedings.

Don't worry, I remembered to rescue the chicks from the zip lock bag before freezing the butter pats.  I freeze mine because I get through them pretty slowly and things go off in the fridge.  I've been through a fair few zip lock bags this weekend.  I've been using enviro bags at the supermarket and green grocers though.  Perhaps this approximately balances out in the carbon offset and non bio-degradable plastic consumption stakes.

Use the butter anytime you need butter with a bit of oomph - baked potatoes, steamed vegies, on top of fish for baking, in the fry pan for mushrooms.

Jeeze. Do we really have to go back to work tomorrow?  I'm getting apprehensive already.

Better engage in some positive visualization in anticpation of jumping back on the treadmill tomorrow.

Have a good one and we'll talk again.


  1. Wow - I love the Hisptamatic action! How very cool.
    I need more lenses for mine.

    Sad news - my iphone screen smashed today :(

    Lurpak butter is great.

    Childrenswear is awesome. But so expensive!

    Glad you had a nice Easter weekend. It felt far too short.

  2. Carly,
    Devastation re iPhone screen.

    Will you be in line for the iPad when it comes out?

    SSG xxx

  3. No iPad as I bought the MacBook.
    I love my iPod touch but have a tenuous relationship with the iPhone. Some things i love, others not so.

  4. Wow, you certainly covered some territory there. Makes me homesick for The Big Smoke. And I'm tracking down those flats (yes, my style is preschool, what can I say?)

  5. How did we get into this 2 day weekend business? A 4 day weekend is much more civilised! :P love your Easter chicks!

  6. mmm garlic butter and lol love the easter chicks!


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