Apr 7, 2010

Free Rawwwwwr! Things that come in the post.

Let's just say I survived today.  In parts nerve wracking, in parts frustrating.  Presentations are fine - it's just the discussion and constructive criticism that kills me.  On the bright side, this was the dress rehearsal so the real day can only be better.  I'm just happy that I got out and reached a goal I'd set myself.

All the jitters about today coupled with work yesterday = one tired and overwrought SSG.  Bailed out of the late class of yoga today and instead went for a power run up some steel hills and picked up my parcels from the post office.

The suburb is a different world early in the afternoon.  There are kids playing on the street and sidewalks.  The grandparents of the area are out mingling and taking grandchildren out for their constitutional.  The supermarket had a live petting zoo and the place was wall to wall toddlers.

Home yoga practice and a can of coke zero later and I'm sort of feeling human.

Here's my haul from today.  I got the latest Country Road lookbook and was more fascinated by the photographic than the clothes.  They are on location in New Zealand and the crew are in hard core ski gear whilst the poor models are in urban weight woolens and leather boots. 


That being said, I did get a spend and save coupon.  How's that for a contradictory concept. Will I succumb to arm warmers, sleeveless woolen vests, wet look skinny jeans and thigh high flat boots?  I've taken that much notice, I think I very well could.

I love my photojojo receipt - I got free Rawwwwwr!!

A close up of the receipt, FYI :-)  That's my lucky Swiss army knife for opening parcels at the front door....

My Diana lens.  It really is plastic, lo-fi, fully manual and best for bright sunlight.  Will have to test it out another day.  It's too bleak and grey here in Sydney today.


My red soles arrived as well.  From trusty Ebay land.  Those heels are now really going to be made for walking.  I've worn away the original red leather soles after one half of a short trot down Clarence St (had to go barefoot for a bit for speed).

The backgrounds of the photos are all from the CR lookbook.  I think I've turned the pages of the womens' bit with each photo so you can all have a bit of a squizz and make up your own minds about the season.

The free Rawwwwwr found its way into our spare bedroom.  This is our croco-saurus, an animal I think would Rawwwwwr with great effect.  Mr SSG won him for me at a local school fair a few years ago.  He hasn't got great balance and tends to keel over at random moments.

I'm in a 'serious' outfit which is part work apropriate and part one woman photographic petition to get Banana Republic to Sydney ASAP.  I hear we are slated for Gap and BR in 2012, a year after Melbourne.  I bought the dress in NYC a year ago.  It's black, stretchy, comfy yet still holds its shape.  I like that BR isn't all improbable trend driven and there are reliable pieces for work each season.

I'm now ready for a loud Rawwwwwr!!!!!!! myself and an early night, I think.

Before I forget, those trippy Hipstamatic people are at it again.  With a new iPhone app - Swanko Lab.  They were giving out free codes for iTunes this am (AEST) but valid only for the US.  I'm just too much of a hipsta junkie.  I bought the app this evening and will have a bit of a go with it and post the results later.  

These are exciting times in my photographic existence.


  1. SSG - you haven't blocked out our addy in a few of the pics!

  2. My goodness, you are just TINY and therefore make your crocosaurus look huge. :)

  3. Emma, I assure you it is just a matter of perspective and the slimming properties of a good black shift dress.

    The croc is huge.

    SSG xxx

  4. Anon - thank you so much!


    SSG xxx


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