Apr 23, 2010

Friday was somewhat better. My salary is in no danger of breaching the salary cap.

Well, Fridays really can only be better than Thursdays.

For most of us, I guess.  Unless you happen to be a member of the Melbourne Storm.  I feel sorry for the players in that they have no reason to play well this season and may not have been full aware for their pay conditions.  I think it was really harsh to also strip them of their previous winning titles. 

It was starting to look a whole lot like Groundhog day at breakfast, I managed to eat the same cereal as I did for dinner last night.  There really wasn't alot else in the paper beyond the salary cap fiasco which gave me extra time to read my new drugs journal which was more exciting than I had anticipated.  Small mercies, small mercies.

Work was eventful, but not as dramatic as yesterday.  I was pre-medicated with those lovely paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets which helped.  I do believe these are the Becks of our generation.  As in the headache powder.  Becks may well be a beer of our generation too.  I am not a beer drinker so this may not be fact.

Groundhogging continued when, after work, I realized that I had forgotten half the shopping list on my first attempt at Coles yesterday.  So, I revisited Rhodes and picked up the missing items.

Including these bottles of water.

They may come in handy should I ever get stuck in a 12 hour traffic jam which, unfortunately, does  happen in metropolitan Sydney.  Must remember to pop them in the car tomorrow.

Mr SSG has been a tower of strength.  He walked home this evening with this.

Which was an excellent choice, I felt, on account of the box matching our lounge room colour scheme rather nicely.  Mr SSG really does have an eye for colours.

Going to have  restful evening on account of having work tomorrow.  I've decided it is much easier to work more than spend less.

Salmon and champagne.  Perfect.

I have plans for the rest of the long weekend and promise to be more fun around Sunday.  Not long to go!

Have a good one.


  1. Yum....bubbly, lovely!
    I think you are very fortunate to have a thoughtful Mr. SSG!

  2. I feel sorry for the Storm players and the fans too, but am thankful it means my team won't get the wooden spoon this year (they were in with a good chance haha)

    Hope that the long weekend gives you some much needed R&R!

    M x

  3. Aww, what happened? I hope that whatever happened at work has been resolved and things are better now. I can't ever imagine driving, and especially parking, in Sydney city center..the parking fees are so expensive, from what I remembered the last time I was there.

    And yes feel free to use the term "drop crotch"..though I think your original phrase is somewhat cooler! :D

  4. Yes he's a keeper! A man that walks in the door with a bottle of that is definitely keeping material. I hope Groundhog Day didn't continue the next day SSG! xxx

  5. PrincessImp. :it's all okay now. Just really busy and stressful. Will work 'drop crotch' into my fashion vocab :-)

    Lorraine: Mr SSG is very flattered.

    SSG xxx


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