Apr 2, 2010

Good Friday. Donna Hay endorses Hermes. Friday Feel Good Food is Fried.

Hello to one and all. 

Have you had your hot cross bun(s) for today?

As usual, on a day where work isn't awaiting - I was up with the birds.  So while Mr SSG was catching up on sleep and sensibly sleeping in, I was easing into the morning with a hot cross bun and donna hay.  By the way, in this 50th issue - Donna is endorsing the Hermes twilly.

The forecast was for rain and clouds but gee, Sydney, you did us all proud today.  Clear skies and a touch of warmth.  Definitely a day to be tackling the Bay Run

A 7 kilometre round trip.  It was a lovely way to explore Five Dock, Drummoyne and Leichhardt.  I ran all the way.  It was lovely to see people out and about enjoying the morning. 

Then a little sit down to take in the view down by Iron Cove Creek.

There were boats, rowers and some very industrial scenery.  Some duplication of carriageways on the Iron Cove Bridge.  It is still a work in progress.

By this point, Mr SSG and I were starving.  In the spirit of Easter - we needed fish and where better to do this than at the Pyrmont Fish Market?

Where there were parking chaperones, $3 flat rate parking and love bird pelicans enjoying the sun.  It was not the chaos I had feared.  It was a well oiled, efficient stream of people in and out of the market.

For those who loathe fish and crustacea - there were many diversions. 

Easter lillies, cheese boards and lots of other good stuff I caught up with after brunch. 

Speaking of brunch.  Here we have ready to cook or eat at home seafood.

And for the impatient - Doyle's.

On the left is what we ate.  Yes, it was all fried, battered, mornayed or chilli-d.  When viewed in a small little photo like that, it doesn't really seem that much to be eating at 11am.  Does it?  On the right is my only bone on contention with fish and chipperies.  Paying extra for sauce.  As a person who tends to bathe her fried goods in tomato sauce, this can get very expensive.

Which is why I came prepared.  The SSG Manor tomato sauce vessel.  Made with Australian tomatoes and in a handy handbag safe squeeze bottle.

The wet wipes were also necessary.

Chilli crab craws, honey prawn cutlets, mornayed scallops and lobster and the more pedestrian battered fish and chips.  Friday Feel Good Food is Fried.

With the platter reduced to shells and bare claws - what else could be do but sit back and watch the world go by?

Before tackling the serious business of buying our fish, I needed caffeine and chocolate.   Both to be found at the Black Wattle Cafe.  Which was doing a roaring trade.  Again, efficiency prevailed.  Coffee orders were taken on individual sticky notes and called out by name.

Caffeinated, we headed off to shop fish.

Because this is Sydney and because I blog - there has to be a camera crew (not mine) involved somewhere.  It was Peter Harvey at De Costi's.  Because he is so dignified and older (and thus not part of the 'I'm a celebrity, pap me now, humble blogger' brigade) - I didn't iPhone camera him.

Back home, there was little to do but relax with a DVD.

We I'm watching Julie & Julia.  Mr SSG has retired somewhere.  I think it was Julia's love scenes that did it.

I am loving the film.  Blogging, food, Paris - what more can a girl want on a lazy afternoon in?


  1. Loved that movie, but thought Julie was annoying. Thought that when read the book too.

    Happy Easter! Are you planning to whip up a Feast? I have to go early to the markets tomorrow.

  2. Comments seem to be going missing at the moment.

    FF - I have to admit, was watching earnestly for the Julia storylines more than the Julie bits.

    SSG xxx

  3. SSG you were in my neck of the woods! Today I went to the fish markets for lunch, then later I did the bay run in the afternoon before dinner. Great way to spend the day :)

  4. Hi Cathy!
    It was a lovely day, wasn't it.

    Good to be out and about while the weather lasted.

    Happy Easter.

    SSG xxx


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