Apr 14, 2010

Good Hair From Mismatched Shampoo and Conditioner Grows.

Hello one and all,

As it turns out, I haven't died of the pleurisy I thought I'd caught yesterday.

After yesterday evening's less than glamorous photos of my feet, I felt it was time to take things up a notch with this photo. To celebrate rudely good health and a return of form.

Which is meant to demonstrate that I do make a bit of effort when I leave the house.  My hair is behaving extremely well these days.  So compliant that I was even able to wrap a scarf around it in the manner of a headband.  I think silk is good for hair.  Shampoos are obsessed with it, we are meant to sleep on silk bed clothes (or was that for wrinkles?) and perhaps it reduces static.  Who knows.  But Monsieur H, duuuuuuude.  I am loving this pink twilly with it's equestrian theme and slightly 70s aesthetic.

Readers, Pantene, bicarb rinses and a bit of L'oreal Elvive are my weapons of choice.  Oh and the Parlux.  And the mysterious Japanese hair chemicals that my hairdresser swears by.

Okay, I am so impressed with my hair I am practicing positive re-inforcement by featuring it in as many photos as possible today.  There it is in the mirror.  I am in the realms of hypothesis here, but perhaps my hair needs both renewal and fortification.  I am using a Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner with a Deep Fortifying Shampoo.  This has happened because of that frustrating situation of having finished a shampoo before the conditioner.  Usually it's the other way round, but my sodium bicarb routine requires plenty of shampoo.

My battle scarred Parlux.  It's a little flaky but it sill has plenty of horsepower.  In the foreground, we have one of my new loves.  Chloe the perfume.  Apparently the beige ribbon is hand tied and the silver bit is silver plated. 

And on old love.  Marks and Spencers Waterlily roll-on deodorant.  Why are all the best things from chainstores that aren't in Australia yet?  This is my last bottle.  KRudd, for Lasting Economic Stimulation we need More Interesting Shops.

Tonight yoga started late, so I had some time to kill.  In an exercise of creative visualisation, I found this chocolate pound cake recipe.  It's from the Joy Of Baking and it will also be the Joy Of Eating when I get around to baking it.  Perhaps this weekend.  I love pound cake.  Does anyone else recall the goodness of Sara Lee Pound Cake?  It was frozen and yes, from Coles (do I shop anywhere else?), and served as afternoon tea when were at school and at the age where you just seemed to metabolize calories before you'd even eaten them.

Perhaps I could get some cocoa at Max Brenner on Sasturday, after I go to that fancy discount sale at The Hilton.  I am not getting my hopes up that the '70% off' applies to Car Shoes and Tods and Choos but all those words in the same ad, it piqued my curiousity.  I get confused by these sales.  Should you dress up because of the labels and location or do you adopt a dress code suitable for the '70% off' bit.  That is, to be prepared for a fight over the good pieces.

With all my dithering, there wasn't much time to rifle through the gym clothes section of the second wardrobe crammed full with my clothes for yoga gear.  This would have to be the day that the only bottoms I could find were some high waisted yet baggy tracky pants.  Every other lucky dip was tops.  Again, in the shoe department, 6 pairs of Birkis and all I could find were my Crocs.  Such an un-yoga outfit.  The shame.

Perhaps the gods were trying to tell me something, it's not about the clothes.  It's about the practice.  Today, I made significant headway with my shoulder stand.  I maintained lift in my shoulders and am holding my bottom half better.

My model below is demonstrating a handy modified shoulder stand that helps give the sensation of where your shoulders should be in the full pose.  I've mentioned his body issues before, he isn't quite anatomically correct.

Christy would have been a much more apropriate model.  However, I think she and Ed (is it Ed Burns?) were having words about which bins were out for collection tomorrow and whether or not the dishwasher was full of clean dishes or rinsed ones waiting for a cycle.  Oopps.  Sorry, that was Mr SSG and I.

Anyway, getting back to the point.  Legs up the wall over a padded chair as shown and then your shoulders need to get down around the bolster.  Arms go through the chair legs from the front and then hands grasp the back legs of the chair.

With all that contortion, is it any wonder I'm still wide awake at 10pm?  I'd better get going.



    'when were at school and at the age where you just seemed to metabolize calories before you'd even eaten them. '


  2. Pantene is my favorite hair product brand! Hope your hair continues to have its bounce :)

    Anna Katrina

  3. Love love love the scarf in your hair! It looks perfect!

    PS Thank you for reminding me to get yoga clothes before my yoga class this summer. ;) Sounds like an adventure!

  4. Isn't it nice when hair behaves and you have a good hair day (or two?) and I love the pink twilley in your hair - just gorgeous! And are parlux hairdryers really the King(or Queen rather) of all dryers? I know that FF also swears by hers too! x

  5. Carly: heh, heh.

    Anna Katrina: thank you for visiting and good hair wishes.

    Claire Marie: enjoy yoga.

    Semi Expat: yes, Parlux are That Good. FF and I can't be wrong :-P

    SSG xxx

  6. Do you remember reading that satin pillowcases are meant to be good for the hair? I tried it and it wasn't particularly amazing. Maybe I should try it with silk!

  7. Lorraine,
    I think you may be right. Satin not silk. But silk sounds so much more glamorous.

    SSG xxx

  8. Helllllooooo. I am going to dinner at Wildfire in Syd tonight and know that you of all people will be able to give me the low down on it. tell me everything.

  9. FF
    Noooo!!! The one restauarant I haven't been to.

    Never fear. I have phoned a friend. The follow is courtesy of Mr SSG.

    - lovely views, it's on the harbour
    - lots of meat on the menu, so go nuts and build your iron stores

    Have fun! Let me know how you find it :-)

    SSG xxx

  10. SSG thankyou so much for your prompt reply! The photos on the net made it look nice and it is deadset close to the 4 seasons. Might go to Bistro Moncur for lunch-thoughts?

  11. FF

    Hear good things. About B Moncur, can't go wrong in Woollhara. In the words of LPC, it is high WASP.

    Baroque in the Rocks good for coffee and macarons or a light breakfast.

    Pendolinos in CBD for Italian.

    Rockpool for steak if you need more or if Mr FF is travellling with.

    I think the Ivy is good for curiousity value. Many kinds of people to observe.

    SSG xxx

    PS - how long are you here for? Balmain is lovely.


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