Apr 1, 2010

Gordon's Ten. 10 blogs that make me smile and 10 things that do the same.

I recently recived this award from Carly Findlay at Tune Into Radio Carly.  It is a great honour and couldn't have come at a better time for me in my blogging life.  It happens to everyone, I am sure, but there are times when blogging is a chore and anxiety sets in.  "How can I possibly write about this without putting myself to sleep, let alone my readers?"  "Am I going over the same old same old in the same old way?"  Life can get a bit like that so it stands to reason that bloggers can feel the same way. 

Blogging has opened my eyes and mind and allowed them both to view my world in a way I previously would not.  I had forgotten how much I love writing.  As readers, I sincerely hope you've had fun reading so far. If nothing else, I hope this post inspires people thinking of starting a blog to get clicking and begin their journey.

Part of receiving the ward requires me to list 10 blogs that make me smile and 10 things that make me smile.  In bingo lingo, the number 10 is called with a rhyme or word play based on 10 Downing Street and the current British PM and hence resident of Number 10.  Making 10 'Gordon's Ten' - for now.

Without further ado.

10 blogs that make me smile, besides Carly's, of course.  Click away.  I wish it wasn't only 10...  These are the blogs I would like to pass this award on to.
  1. The Little Feet - one of the first blogs I followed.  The little feet of the title are the cutest children ever and P is a wonderful mum.
  2. Semi-Expat - for her photos of life in Melbourne and taking my eye to decor and interior designs I normally wouldn't appreciate.
  3. Privelege - for LPC's wit and wry observations of life.
  4. Not Quite Nigella - a mix of recipes, restaurant reviews and enviable foodie holiday posts.  I read daily and dream.
  5. Just Travelin' Through  - fascinating and thought provoking photos, poetry and prose of London in all her facets.
  6. MummyTime - I'm a new follower but I love Brenda's take on life and the Flog Yo Blog Fridays!
  7. Hostess Of the Humble Bungalow - for our shared love of scarves.
  8. Faux Fuchsia - no introductions necessary.  Thank you for your support, FF.
  9. foodwink - stunning food porn :-)
  10. Miss Kitty-Cat Goes to Town - for her presentation of life and fashion in a way I can identify with.  We're from the same era and I can relate.  Again, thanks for the support.
10 things that make me smile, again - only 10?
  1. Waking up next to Mr SSG.  Especially if I managed to steal the doona, sheets and 2/3 of the bed overnight.  It pays to look a little apologetic with the smile.  Must remember this.
  2. Good health - the ability to jump out of bed the second before your first alarm goes off in the morning, go for a run and drive to work and use your brain for 9 hours or so should never be underestimated.
  3. My family and dear friends - for so many reasons, especially putting up with me.
  4. Yoga - see previous posts.
  5. God, faith and hope - smiles of thanks and smiles of 'keep on carrying on'.
  6. Things Apple - transporting me to new places, teaching me new things, connecting, working, browsing, finding inspiration, communicate.
  7. Feeling the sun on  my face on weekends.
  8. How I feel after a swim or a run and mostly during.  I've found concentrating on what my body can do and make me feel has been more beneficial than obsessing over what it looks like or should look like.
  9. Anticipation - of the weekend, a holiday, a new experiece, anything really.
  10. Reflection - on the good, the bad, the impossible and the inevitable.  Wry smiles here, but smiles all the same.


  1. Awww. Thanks for the shoutout, SSG. I am loving your blog too.

    I love your list especially #10.XO

  2. Thanks so much SSG! You are too sweet! I adore your blog too.


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