Apr 4, 2010

Hipstamatic - looking at the world through lo-fi 80's tinted glasses. Around SSG Manor Blair Witch style.

By the way, have you discovered hipstamatic for iphone?  It rocks.  I was curious to explore this app when I read about it here, on photojojo.  I had heard about it from other bloggers too but somehow, when it's on photojojo, I find it so hard to resist.  Here's some of the story behind hipstamatic.

I've gone the whole hog and bought the extra 'lenses', 'film' and 'flash' options.  It's really opened up alot of possibilities with the very humble camera on iPhone.  I'm really happy with the images.  It offers a taste of lomography without the complexities of real film and lenses to contend with.  Speaking of which, my Diana lens with adaptor for DSLRs is on its way - can't wait to play.

Doesn't looking at these photos bring you back to the 80s?  If not your direct experience of the 80s then perhaps memories of the photos your mum and dad have tucked away in yellowing albums (or loose in boxes after you and your brothers decided that removing the photos from their albums was  a productive way of keeping entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon).

The only downside is that for some reason, the photos don't upload directly from my iPhone to facebook for iPhone.  Grrrrr.  Which means I have to download to my laptop before uploading again to facebook.  Never mind.  It's such a fun app, I am willing to do this.

It's been the kind of day for lounging around in ancient track pants and pottering.  I think it's the weather.  The rain and grey clouds were begging me to eat a packet of Kettle salt and vinegar chips (shared with Mr SSG) whilst watching college basketball on ESPN and swilling coke zero.  I think I burped too.

In more constructive news, I have managed to solve one aspect of the eternal problem of freezer storage.  Don't you hate trying to store opened puff pastry in the freezer?  It always gets burned, waterlogged, cracked or just plain old.  I try to keep it in plastic bags, but they are never big enough to get a good seal around the pastry.  And the bags I keep it in seem to collect random bits of ice, green peas and paper on them - far better at this job than actually containing the pastry, I'm afraid.

May I present, the Decor pastry storer.  Less than $10 and the answer to my puff pastry storage prayers.

Hey Presto!  Freezer calamity be gone.  Unfortunately, the containers aren't big enough for filo pastry storage.  Might just have to buy smaller filo pastry packets!

Onwards to other happenings at SSG Manor.  So mundane yet strangely compelling when captured by the magic lens of my hipsmaticated iPhone.  It's a cross between Blair Witch Home Hints time and photos a like minded blogster would have taken in the 80s - if blogs were around back then.  I think back then it would have been the real photos pasted into a scrap book or exercise book.  We are dwelling in the realm of Vivid Imagination today.

I declutter in fits and starts.  Even then, it's one corner of one room at a time.  This is one corner of the back room / store room.  A quick trip to Ikea produced 4 more sortera opaque, hinge lidded stackable containers.  Sortera - damn straight. 

I have cunningly concealed spare bits and pieces from around the house that were previously stacked on some dodgy plastic shelves.  Mr SSG's golf sticks are keeping the assemblage company.


It was then time to test a hypothesis in a case control manner.  Does anyone else remember reading about the versatility of the humble make up face wipe?  Speficically their miraculous stain and deodorant removing properties?  Well, we can reject the null hypothesis for silky clothing but not for black cotton tops.  By which I mean to say - they work on silky/polyester fabrics.

It's been a while since I've done a beauty product blog entry.  I should get around to it soon.  I am in a beauty editor frame of mind at the moment.  I think we've exhausted the interesting elements of my wardrobe too.

After scoffing down all those chips, there really was nothing else to do but explore other new foods.  I know I'm a Ginger Nut lover from way back but I have never tried Coles Smart Buy Ginger Nuts.  Arnotts must have a category killer on their hands because the only other brand of Ginger Nut I could find at Coles was their own brand.  Must try Aldi or Woolworths.  Will report back.

They were disappointing if you ate them with the expectations of Arnott's Ginger Nuts.  However, if you eat the just as a biscuit, they weren't too bad.  A' low on the butter' shortbread with some ginger flavouring is as accurate a description as I can come up with.  Not too much of a crunch and they do not survive the dunk test well at all.

Afternoon snack time at work is going to be interesting then.  The satisfying crunch of a ginger nut does wonders on a day where everything else is less crisp.  Just as well I've got a few portions of Arnott's Afternoon Coffee biscuits in the mix.

Ready to go in my lunch bag. This is actually a very flattering photo of it.  Makes it look more interesting than it is in real life.  I think it's the bone structure.


  1. I've seen the iphone applications and how cool they make pictures. Love the ones you've taken.

  2. Love the blair witch 80's style photos ...!! yes, think somewhere I have photographs which look exactly like those do! Seems you have had a very relaxing day together (don't you just LOVE Kettle chips - I met the Managing Director of Kettle CHips in UK (they started there) and said to him - why on earth don't you start Kettle chips in Australia ? - there's nothing like them there!) Hey presto a few years later I see Kettles on the shelves here in Oz.. Tres exciting!

  3. That iphone application is fantastic! It makes me want to get an iphone! :o

  4. Grrr - now I'm craving salt and vinegar chips!

  5. Semi Expat - that was very forward thinking. Hope the trip is going okay.

    Lorraine - do it.

    Kelly - sorry :-P

    SSG xxx


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