Apr 26, 2010

I Watched All 3 Hours of Sunrise While Cooking Slow Cooker Chicken Soup. Justin Bieber is Such A Nice Boy.

The weather is simply glorious this long weekend Monday.  It started of a little cool but the sun is out and the skies are now clear.

Wasn't it so much fun staying up late last night knowing that sleeping in today would be perfectly acceptable?

Caught up with The Good Wife last night.  I think I'm starting to get the legal plots.  I think it must just be me, but earlier in the series, I found it really hard to follow the legal storylines.  I'm a bit of a crime series fan and usually don't have this trouble, but I've had to pay  more attention with The Good Wife. 

Besides a day of television and movie going, I started prep for my slow cooker chicken soup last night.

Which is great for using up any stray vegetables in the fridge.

As well as giving my collection of masterfood herbs and spices a bit of a shake.

Oh yes, and I printed out my Bieber poster in anticipation of the Sunrise concert scheduled for 7am this morning. 

As any married woman in her mid 30s would have done.  I drew the line at downloading a screensaver and reading the Twitter feed.  If that redeems the situation at all.

Ah yes, the soup....

All the vegies ready to go.

Then it's just a matter of placing all the veiges in the base of your slowcooker with some garlic cloves, crushed peppercorns, chopped onion and a bay leaf.  With regard to the chicken, I read somewhere that it's best to trim as much fat from your meat as possible for slow cooking.  So I skinned my drumsticks and used skinless chicken breasts.  I coated these in a mix of random herbs including - lemon pepper, celery salt, paprika, thyme, parsley - use whatever takes your fancy.

Then add your stock.  4 cups at least.  I used a mix of chicken and vegetable.  Cook on low for 8 hours or so.  Then take the chicken out and shred the meat.  Return to the soup and heat for a further hour.

This makes at least 6 serves and freezes well for later.  I had some for lunch today with a crusty white bread roll.  Refined carbs were so right for today.

Ah yes, Bieber-gate.  I was all ready to roll with my IQ'd recording of sunrise when I got a facebook message that the Martin Place event was cancelled!!

Indeed, the above screen shot says it all. 

I just couldn't tear myself away from Sunrise.  I watched the entire 3 hours.  It was pandemonium and the poor presenters had a constant background of screaming teenage girls to contedn with.

The girls finally left Circular Quay and descended upon Martin Place, where Channel 7's HQ is.  The whole bottom floor has glass panels and the girls just wouldn't keep back.  The riot police and crowd control police had to be called in addition to the employed security.  Personally, I was most concerned for the  adults - who were all at risk of high frequency hearing loss.  It sounded bad enough from the telecast.

But finally, it happened - He Is Performing Next!

The police were beyond pleased - not.  The girls were going nuts and there was nothing they could do but link arms, make sure their ear plugs were in position and think of a happy place....

Justin seems like such a nice boy.  Even Kochie and Melissa were impressed.  It was such a cute interview.

And then it was all over.  Time for us all to get on with our lives. 

More Cotton On fun - long grey cardi and black skinnies.  White Supre ls T.  Chanel bag as per yesterday.  Black mini monogram LV neck scarf.


  1. I was awoken at 2am to the sound of my younger sister and two friends giggling like crazy whilst getting ready to go to Circular Quay and see Justin. I then went back to sleep for a few more hours and when I woke up, I found out it was cancelled.
    Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't leave my warm bed at 2am :P

  2. Who is this Bieber boy?? I've just watched an entire segment on the telly about him and I still have no clue... Anyhoo - love the skinnies on you - and you seriously need to teach me how to tie a scarf!

  3. Bieber poster? You are too funny! I had no idea who he was until yesterday. It must be a sign of age :(

  4. wow you have superior chopping skills.
    my vegetables are never the same shape/size.

    i just saw the beiber thing on the 7pm project!
    that is crazy!
    i dont get the whole thing but he does have nice hair.

  5. Yes I must agree with Foodwink - I would never have expected SSG to be posting about Bieber!

    But, more importantly, was this slowcooker blog just for me? :) Huff and once again you've put me to shame. I just use 'slow cooker' sachets! ha ha!

  6. SSG you are too funny about your Bieber love. I must have something quite wrong with me as I don't quite get it! Love the last line :P


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