Apr 29, 2010

In stitches. In print. In photojojo heaven.

Every once in a while, unexpected things happen that throw orderly routine into chaos and make you realize what's really important.  The unexpected also sometimes forces you to look at life from a different perspective.

This morning began like any other.  Went for my run, mentally psyched myself up for work (it's been rather busy and draining at the minute) and went off to get breakfast.  Because I was ahead of schedule I thought I'd start putting away the dishes.  In hindsight I should have stopped at the dishes because there was always going to be an element of risk with the food processor blade.  House keeping first thing in the morning.  Don't do it.  It's hazardous to your health.

Yep, I dropped it.  On my foot.  Here we have a trusty clean tea towel worn torniquet style while I tried to calm down and decide what to do next.

I am very embarrassed to say that my brain turned to fluff at that point.  Not so much from pain but the realization that I was going to need stitches.  Was it bad enough to go to ED (and meet my co-workers, as a patient) or should I go to the GP?  I used to have little patience for people who came to ED with what we perceived as 'minor' problems.  I just didn't realize that when something unexpected happens, something called shock and panic sets in and going to ED is the most sensible reaction at the time. Thank goodness the triage nurses and clerical staff at the front desk are far less judgemental than I am.

In my panic I rang Mr SSG who came straight home.

What followed was hilarious, touching, romantic (in an old marrieds kind of way) and humbling.  Mr SSG was in charge of getting me breakfast, finding my clothes ("what are leggings?", "what grey top?"...) and making sure I didn't fall over in the bathroom.

Off to the doctor where the news was good.  Missed a nerve, 3 stitches under a fair bit of tension, day off to rest and no swimming for 10 days.  Which is ironic as I'm off to the Hyatt Coolum in 5 days.  Will just have to sit by the pool all afternoon while I'm there, keeping the top of my left foot dry.

Home with my stitches, there was nothing else to do but sit and read. 

Remember last month's edition of the(sydney)magazine?

I got my free I Heart Sydney badge last night.  Of course, the front of my back pack could not go unadorned.  I found this hello kitty plush toy key ring on ebay.  We're all colour co-ordinated now and there can now be no doubt as to who owns this backpack in the SSG household.

This month's the(sydney)magazine arrived today.  My letter about Sydney got published. The magazine's editor also sent me a lovely email a few weeks back saying she'd read my blog and thought it was great.

The issue was fashion themed and this blog really needs to get back to its fashion and shopping core values (life isn't just all bout food).  Which meant that I had to participate from my sick chair/laptop by visiting Net-A-Porter and  buying-some-shoes (according to the magazine, Kirrily Johnston endorses both this practice and Cotton On - making us fashion twins).  At a considerable saving of $350 from my previous Louboutin supplier *cough cough* Mr David Jones.  Just hoping my parcel doesn't get the equivalent value of what I saved on its way over here. 

The AUD is doing good things against foreign currencies at the moment.  I don't know whose good work this is due to but Mr Costello, I still miss you and your delivery of the budget.  Your country needs you, this current government are having a few commitment issues on practically everything.

The DJs connection continues.  From my understanding of the 'Cool Customers' article, Megan Gale and I could potentially bond over a mutual like of the same shops and shoes.  I wonder if this is sufficient to grant me cool by association?

My crazy cool stuff from photojojo arrived as well.  Just in time for the Coolum adventure next week.  Which reminds me, I'd better rehearse my slides again.

After I do some test shots and play with the free rawwwrrr dinosaur that came with this order too.

The frugal version of a fish eye lens.  This clips on in front of your regular lenses and works best if you're not focussing in too closely on an image.  Here we have the lounge room at SSG Manor looking all cozy and spherical.

The nifty bendy spy lens was  my other purchase.  I need to find more interesting things and people to spy on....

I think that's about as much fun and games as one person can handle whilst resting one of their feet.

Until next time.


  1. Hey SSG. Sorry to hear about your foot. You poor girl :(
    I hope you heal real quick, though take the time to relax with your foot up. Enjoy :)
    Hope you will blog from Coolum.
    Carly xx

  2. i just managed to stab myself with the food processor blade too! thank god i didnt need stitches for i am a chicken and hate pain hoho hope you foot heals fast dude

  3. omg im glad your okay!
    that is horrible!
    especially before you are going away.
    i feel like i have to leave the dishes to my partner now.
    its a matter of safety!

  4. Thankfully you are going to be OK...that was a nasty mishap, I'd say stay off your feet for a while and let those stitches heal...let Mr.SSG wait on you and take care,
    Hugs from the Hostess

  5. Yikes! We need our toes in this world! Not a good idea to chop them off. Glad you still have all of yours...

  6. Hope your foot heals quickly!! What an adventure!

  7. Awww. Dear girl, I hope that you get better soon. Take good rest. xxx

  8. Sorry to hear about your foot, SSG :( Get better soon.

    Some other random thoughts
    - congrats on the publication of your letter. I will read it in detail on the way to work today.
    - for a second, I thought the Sydney Mag gave you a backpack as well :D
    - I should explore photojojo - need more lenses!
    - SSG Manor looks cozy. I can imagine you watching sunrise there

    Take care xxx

  9. Hope yoi=u're feeling ok SSG! What a scary thing to have happened. Oh and will you reprint your letter? I didn't see that issue :) Xxx

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

    It was frightening thinking of what could have been rather than what actually happened.

    I like to think that my experience will serve as a cautionary tale to all women regarding the dangers of putting things away in the kitchen. It's perfectly fine to cook as much or as little as you please but please, draw the line at how much putting away you do in your household. :-)

    SSG xxx

  11. Ouch! But look at all your blog lurkers coming out of the woodworks to wish you well! :) You must feel very loved.

  12. Emma: I'm feeling very loved. It's been a great honour to be read by such kind and good people :-)

    SSG xxx


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