Apr 3, 2010

A lazy Saturday lunch, Berowra Waters Inn.

The lazing and relaxing integral to a 4 day weekend continue.  Day 2 and the living is still very much easy.

Which translates to my spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out What To Wear.  There were Words from Mr SSG when I decided to whip out my leopard print stole and a black tailored jacket for lunch.  They were along the lines of "We're going out for lunch.  To an Inn.  I'm just wearing a T shirt and jeans."  I tried to do Rachel Zoe's 'look' but Mr SSG was not in for playing Rodger to my Rachel and wanted to hit the road pronto.

Compromises were made and I ended up wearing my Kate Moss for Top Shop distressed biker jacket.  Kate would wear either gum boots or heels to Saturday lunch, with a ciggy clamped between her teeth and some form of outerwear the rest of use will see the sense and style of 5 years from now.  I thought of her and pulled on some black booties with an improbable heel that I am just coming to terms with.  Just the thing to wear to board a ferry.

There was also plenty of time for the application of a modest maquillage.  An update on the maybelline lipstick.  Strong colour pay off, best applied straight from the tube as opposed to with a lip brush.  Long lasting but red does bleed, even over MAC red lip liner.  The shu eyelash glue and applicator duo helped make my first attempt at false eyelashes less of a disaster than I had anticipated.

Today, Mr SSG and I made the pilgrimage to Berowra, an hour or so out of Sydney.  We risked holiday traffic on the Pacific Highway and double demerit points all for the sake of a languid 5 hour lunch on the river.

Any place that has their own private ferry is a place worth going to for lunch on a fine and coolish Saturday.  Fortunate that I found that sign and read it, because Mr SSG was eyeing this car ferry with some interest.  It takes you off to another bit of the river's edge though.

It was so peaceful down by the boats.  The hills and trees seemed to stretch forward in front of us forever.

It was a short ferry ride across the way to Berowra Waters Inn.  Access by water only, as you will see shortly.

Never fear, I made it up those stair in my improbable wedge heels.  And no, I didn't accidentally find myself in the walk in drinks cabinet.

The amuse bouche of ocean trout and caviar.  On the first bite, I knew we were going to be in for a special afternoon.  Dietmar Sawyere and his team have transformed the inn into a welcoming and spacious dining room.  The inn was extensively refurbished in 2007.  I love the limestone, the wooden floorboards and the slatted glass windows of the dining space.  It's hard to imagine how the food and wine make it across the Hawkesbury for lunch and dinner daily - but it does, along with the relaxed and friendly staff.

I think the bread dough is the one thing not made on site and the French butter.  The bread is from Sonoma and is a lovely sour dough.

We were both prepared for a big meal so decided on the degustation menu - 5 courses.  This was the perfect amount for lunch and I think the meal wasn't over the top in the price stakes.  Considering the quality of the produce and the complexity of what was presented to us.  The menu is decidedly French in style but with an Australian sensibility and much of the produce is sourced locally.

First course - chilled Vichyssoise, Oscietta and Salmon caviars with Beignets of Hawkesbury oysters.  Local oysters!!

Guests arriving by the Inn's private ferry.  Others sail in on their own boats too.

First we have Mr SSG's crab custard with yabby tails and then my scallops and risotto.  I'm not usually a risotto person but this was perfect with the oysters and I like that the risotto didn't overpower them.

Also accessible by sea plane too.  People fly in from Rose Bay.  The scenery outside our window was ever changing.  The slow pace of the dishes was very welcome.  It added to the relaxed and unhurried atmosphere of the location.

Definitely getting our fish fix this weekend.  Mr SSG had John Dory and I had the slow cooked Ocean Trout with calamari.  The most tender Calimari I've eaten in my life.

We managed to get beyond seafood and hit the ground running with our meat dishes.  Mr SSG had the lamb with mushrooms and I had wagyu beef.

Time to sit back and relax again.

Our pre dessert featuring two of my favourite flavours - pineapple and coconut.

Before the Dessert Variations on a Theme, code for a little slice of all 4 desserts.  Bonus.

My favourites were the chocolate tart and the real honey comb topped cheesecake.

At this point, was there any reason to say no to petit fours?  Chocolates, pecan tarts and currant pastilles.

With coffee and sugar lumps.  Couldn't resist dunking a couple in my coffee.

Sigh.  What an amazing meal.

Our ferry back to the mainland was waiting.  It was time to go home.  Luckily, we beat the ever darkening skies and ominous rain clouds home.

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  1. Thank you for this review. Berowra Waters Inn is on my to-eat list, and you've convinced me that it should stay there :)

  2. Great post! Berowra Waters Inn sounds divine. I was almost drooling looking at your pics. I love your outfit too. I wish I could bring myself to wear a leather biker jacket but I think I'd just feel odd hehe.

  3. Hey Mel
    You only live once, as they say.

    I have photographic evidence that yes, once upon a time, a long, long time ago - I did wear a biker jacket out to lunch.

    Hope you've had a lovely Easter.

    SSG xxx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Loved the jacket, and the entire outfit girl:)
    You look very nice...

    It is raining in Oslo at the moment, and their goes the summer:)


  6. i'm looking forward to trying this place for the first time today for my birthday. everything looks so yummy! :-)

  7. Simon: thanks for stopping by! My photos are yet to reach your standards :-) Happy Birthday and look forward to seeing how your photos capture that Berowra magic.

    SSG xxx


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