Apr 4, 2010

Let there be fish.

It's Easter and I've just realized how much seafood I've eaten already this long weekend.  So, rather than eat it today, I thought I'd just look at some pretty pictures and  write about seafood instead.  We're really luck to live so close to the market and usually get out there every couple of months for a big stock up.

This is my tour, in no particular order.  So, let's get going.

Oysters.  Sydney Rock Oysters are my favouite.

My favourite way of eating them is with Tetsuya's oyster dressing - and bubbly, of course.

The Black Wattle Deli does mean coffees and has all manner of gourmet delicacies.

The bakery next door does delicious French Sticks.

The fruit stall man outside always has a steady sales patter going - and great fruit.  Best strawberries, cherries, figs etc of the season.  He always encourages you to buy in bulk.

I'm a creature of habit and tend to go to De Costi's most of the time.

I often buy sashimi to take home for lunch that day.

Haven't been too game to venture into the whole fish area yet.  At Easter and Christmas, the aquarium on ice multiplies.

I'm more comfortable at the fillet bar side of things.

My favourite fish ever - salmon.

I do get confused sometimes.  The names of the fish got changed recently for reasons beyond me.  So some of the tags actually name the fish as .... 'formerly named' ......

Live crabs.

I struggle with crabs.  I love the taste of the flesh but lack the skills to encourage the flesh out of the shell.  I did try some super expensive pre packed crab meant once, but it was not the same.  Will try harder next time I am faced with  crab.

Fresh swordfish fillets.  I actually really like these.  They are good for grilling.

Prawns - they need no introduction and form the centrepiece of many a fish market lunch.

Squid and scallops live in this corner of the store.

Most of the seafood is Australian.  The country of origin of each product is clearly marked on the price tags. 

Once home with my fish, I like to keep things simple.

Salmon tastes great just baked with rosemary and lemon.

Sorry, this piece of salmon was overdone.  

My other secret weapon is from those 4 Ingredients ladies.  Moroccan spice mix.  Just coat a salmon fillet with some olive oil and then cover with a liberal shake of this mix and some fresh lemon juice.  Bake, wrapped in foil, to taste.

Mr SSG made this recipe with our swordfish fillets.   A simple marinade of lime juice, coriander, seasoning and olive oil.  Then served with a green salad and any other vegetables of your choice.

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  1. Mmmm lovely - thank you for the wonderful seafood market photographs and for the moroccan spice tip for the salmon too... Hope you are having a lovely Easter day.x


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