Apr 8, 2010

Of phone calls to mum, SwankoLabs, scone toast and the second coming of ice washed denim.

Hello, hello, how are we all?

I've just been on the phone to mum in Perth.  There's a lot of excitement about her trip with Dad to Canada and the US to visit my brothers.  We had a chat about visas and visa exemptions for the US and then we tried to find prices for the flights she and dad wanted.  It's all really complicated and needs clockwork precision with the dates because they're only going to be away for 2 weeks (!!)  that's barely enough time to appreciate one country, in my book.  Mum's not keen on the internet, let alone online credit card payments.  We got there in the end.  Mum dutifully took dictation for websites, 1800 numbers and fares - so that she could get dad to look it up tonight after dinner. 

As is the custom when I get home on a Thursday night, we had VH1 playing in the background - Pink V Lilly Allen.  Plus Britney.  All the better for unpacking the week's shop and winding down with.

Then Mr SSG got home and it's a panel discussion of the week in AFL.  My cue to get blogging.

Points of interest:

The great iPhone lo-fi camera app photo upload comparison

It's totally beyond me to get too technical about things but here are my photos and I hope they help.

First up, iPhone camera versus Hipstamatic.

Pardon the dirty coffee mug, I was in dire need of caffeine this afternoon and obviously spilt a bit on the walk from the staff kitchen to my desk.

Behind is my aptly labelled everyday drink bottle.  I think it's free of those toxic molecules that are carcinogenic and made in the USA.  Hence the fancy price.  I'm intrigued by those metal Smegg Sigg bottles.  Might get one at some stage.  Trust me to think of the fridge brand first.  Some Freudian slippage going on there.

Below we have iPhone camera versus SwankoLab, the new app from Hipstamatic.

Photo taken at Coles in Rhodes.  Which was very lively this evening.  There was a roti and curry sampling stand and...... NEW CAFE BREAD FROM TIP TOP.  Australia's number 1 bakery, as the logo is leading me to deduce.

I am a big fan of their cafe sized fruit loaf.  There was some grief when the chocolate sultana version got discontinued and again when the apricot version went AWOL but Tip Top are back this winter, better than ever.  I will not say bigger as the loaves have been shrinking noticeably over the last 2 years, around the same time Cadbury started packaging their blocks in cardboard.... Those were dark times in Australian grocery history - high prices, lots of air in packaging, dodgy additives to the chocolate.  May we learn from those times.

We have scone toast!  Original and Date and Caramel varieties.  My SSG has gotten into the loaf already.  He likes it.  The house smells like toast.  Which is comforting as there are storm clouds brewing outside yet it's a bit warm tonight.  I've had to lose my flannel PJs again.

Gee I digress.  The photos were taken as before - first with iPhone camera and then the second has been SwankoLab-ed.  The big deal with Swanko is that I can upload the Swanko-d images direct from the phone onto facebook for iPhone. 

The app is so cool.  There is trippy music, realistic dark room actions and a whole host of ways to develop your print.  There are pre-mixed formulas and you can make your own too.  I think you get more artiness from the original Hipstamatic but they are both very cool apps. 

In search of cheap skinnies

Always one to be seduced by advertising, I suddenly decided that at age 34, it was time to get myself into some skinny jeans.  Specifically the budget end of the market.  I had 3 stores at my disposal - the golden triangle of budget finds at Rhodes.  Target, Cotton On and Ice.

I also heard about Mischa Barton and her banana pants on the radio this morning.  I was intrigued and googled after I made my purchases this evening.  Intrigued about the look as opposed to intrigued about copying it.  Skinny jeans were thus firmly on my fashion buy-ometer from that point on, at 7.48 am on the Hume Hwy.

$39 - possibly %15 off at the moment.
Have both regular and short leg lengths.
Thick denim.
Quite high at the waist.
Good range of washes.

Also check out the boot-leg lines.  There are also some leather jackets going for around $179. I had to walk away quick smart when I saw those. 

Cotton On
One leg length which was too long for me.
Thin denim with stretch.
Either black or dark denim.
Lower at the waist.

Didn't quite sit right for me.

The winner for me, was Ice.......

Offer of 2 pairs for $50.  With the VIP card, 10% off so $45 or $22.50 a pair.
One leg length, fell past ankle on me, not as long as Cotton On.
Huge range of washes and styles on special.  There are both skinny leg and boot cut, but boot cut was skinny and tight but with ankle room - such is the world of young fashion. 
Thin denim which I reckon is going to stretch at least a size or two.
High enough cut, not as high as Target.

I ended up with a darkish denim and a faded grey, some may call this ice washed.  Technically, I should call it ice washed because I am old enough to remember this crime to denim from the first time round.  I think I think if you promise not to wear scrunchies in your spiral permed hair with the second coming of ice washed denim, then you can own the look this time around too, girlfriend.  

I did try Sportsgirl the other day but they are getting rather exxy.  Denim is quite heavy and to be honest, I thought the Target ones fit better.

And the link to lo-fi, bo-ho and hipsters comes full circle.  Not before time, patient readers.  The lovely Sienna, god mother of boho is on the cover of Shop this month.  She's left boho behind and is rocking black leather and black denim.  That denim is looking suspciciously ice washed.  The crop T under the jacket features Mickey Mouse.  I own a Mickey Mouse top.

Sienna Miller - we are fashion twins.  Let's bicker about who inspired who later.


  1. I only buy my jeans at Target (in the US I buy them at GAP but that's a different story for a different time). They are the best and on the value for money front they can't be beaten. I don't subscribe to the notion that jeans need to be expensive. For me they are practical and functional and Target Bootlegs do the trick. But only in dark denim.

    The cafe scone toast looks like a winner - pity I am trying to limit carbs (specifically wheat) over the next few weeks. I might have to get Mr Kitty to eat some for me and tell me what it's like!

  2. Kitty
    Totally agree with you. Part of the fun of clothes shopping is finding the bargains.

    I am forwarding immense willpower and restraing regarding the going off wheat carbs thing.

    Have a lovely day

    SSG xxx

  3. Hello found you on FYBF @Mummytime. I'm Mena. Cool deals you got on here.


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