Apr 17, 2010

Okay, so I missed the outnet first birthday sale but I've got cool free stuff to endorse!

The inncocuous beginnings of my first sponsored blog post.

Yes, it's true.  I have been asked to Endorse Free Stuff.  Auspiciously, my press release arrived on the same day as my InStyle subscription.  Hello Gwen, I am glad that you are feeling colour,  This will augur well for the rest of my photos.

There was only one way to celebrate - with fresh bread and jam.  Also a good way to brainstorm and plan my approach.

My good friend's husband V has a really cool website, macstylez .  It is like the outnet for all things mac.  Lots of really quirky and unique accessories for all the apples in your life.  There's a blog about great apps and detailed descriptions of each item.  It's easy to navigate.  Currently, only shipping within Australia.

Except, unlike the outnet,  you don't need an invite to start shopping now.  Yes, I missed out on the $1 sale on the outnet and yes I am peeved.  I don't thing the ritzy rummage sale tomorrow is going to come close but I digress....

Did you know that apple have stopped selling those plastic screen protectors for iPhones?  Well, macstylez still have them

My favourite item though, are the gelaskins iPhone protectors $AUD 24.95 (plus postage).  They adhere directly onto your iPhone and the designs are seriously cool.  This is mine, the Tokidoki Discoteca by the Italian artist Simone Legno.  The designs look so Japanese and Harajuku inspired. 

Which is why I thought of Gwen Stefani and the Louis Vuitton Murakami canvas.

The covers are easy to apply and can be removed completely without leaving residue on your phone and allowing you to still have the full cover intact afterward.  They are too cool to throw away.

From the back, there's a pre-cut hole for iPhone camera.  I found it easiest to align the gelaskin with this and then smoothe down the rest of the cover.

The sides of the gelaskin are cut so that you still have easy access to the side control buttons.

And there is barely any width added to your iPhone.


That's all pretty groovy, but I know you're dying to ask how I know C & V.

Well, get comfy and I'll begin.

C and I were at uni together.  We share a star sign, a love of writing, and in our uni days - Poppy lipsticks and a fascination with Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.  It was the early 90s, matte was the preferred finish for all makeup and supermodels not reality TV stars were the fashion icons.  Now, we share yoga, swimming, running and banter on facebook.  Those cute pink baby ballet flats I posted yesterday are for baby C.

V is C's motorbike riding, snow boarding, mountain bike riding partner in crime.  He was a tower of strength, praticality and water when the three of us went out one night in Melbourne and I discovered absinthe.  He smiled kindly whenever I opened my mouth and has tactfully forgotten anything I may have said or done whilst in pursuit of green fairies that look like Kylie Minogue.

I am so excited about their impending step into parenthood and look forward to getting over to Melbourne soon to give baby C a bit of a cuddle.
Here's to friendship.  Long distance though it may currently be, facebook and impromptu flights help keep it alive.


  1. Oooo a sponsored blog post - so excited for you!

    (Am I the only soul left without an iphone?...)

  2. The outnet sale was pretty awful. Beautiful clothing but dreadful internet service. Servers crashing, the website making you sign in time after time and I think I hesitated too much.. anyway I still don't know my size in clothes. Oh well.

    Lovely Apple skins - I went to Harajuku a few years ago, it is one of my favourite places. I even bought a kooky cat maid costume!

    Cheers. x

  3. Hi Lanelle

    Thanks for the low down, and for stopping by.

    Well, I went to a sale today and did some serious damage anyway :-P

    SSG xxx

  4. Arrrgh, I couldn't get in to the outnet sale either. As soon as a page finally opened, the item was sold out >.<

    I've been eyeing the gelaskins for a while now - must take the plunge and get one.

  5. Hi BuBbles,

    I really love the matching screen savers.

    Very cute indeed.

    SSG xxx

  6. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u
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