Apr 20, 2010

Optimistically named lipgloss shades and the law of strawberrynet. Sort of one pan roast chicken with benefits.

Today I threw caution to the wind and wore lip gloss to work.  I chose to ignore that my hair would stick on my face and track gloss across it everytime I turned my head furiously (which can happen alot in a day's work) and that it would need touching up frequently.  Indeed, of all the things currently wafting through the air (volcanic ash, health reforms, more volcanic ash) caution is really not that bad a thing to be floating in the breeze.

The lipcolour came in my priceline goodie bag so technically it is a cheap thrill to boot.  I quite like it.  It's a strong bronzy orange that looks way better than I describe it.  Plus, it made my lips tingly (which I am getting addicted to).  I think this was meant to replicate the bee stung effect.  Which I couldn't really see.  Maybe it was meant to be more of a 'feel than see' kind of thing.  In summary, a good standby to have in your handbag in case you need a little bit of glam and polish at work.


I am always amused by the names of lip colour shades.  My day was anything but full of 'tease'.  It was more a 'get in there and get the job done' with a touch of 'doing other people's jobs to make things happen'.

Besides random thoughts tonight, I also have this thyme roasted chicken and cauliflower recipe from taste.com.au to share.

Reasons I love this recipe:
  1. it's pretty cheap to make
  2. it uses up stray potatoes that always seem to languish in my potato bag
  3. it brings out the flavour of cauliflower
  4. roast, chicken, potato and wine always equals delicious
  5. needless to say, it's EASY.
There is some prep though but nothing too hectic and pan frying vegtables can be therapy after a long day.  I reversed the order of some steps and increased the roasting time, so play around with it according to your own best experience of roasts.

I have yet to buy a dish that can be used stove top and then into the oven.  So I adapted by using a pan and dish techinque.  So technically, this is no longer a one pan wonder.  Shame.

Although, now that our pepper grinder mysteriously broke, I am in the market for a replacement - at Peter's Of Kensington.  I am leaning towards a red Alessi Anna pepper mil.  But then I'd need to get a matching salt mill.  Of course, the black version.  Genius.

As the prices are so good and you have to pay for postage, well, there's really no reason to just order a pepper mill.  It's the law of strawberrynet.  3 items is always best.

Brown the red onions and cauliflower too.  Place them all in a greased baking dish.

I then started the vegetables off roasting in a 200C oven while I browned my Marylands.   Why are they called Marylands?  Can anyone from Maryland enlighten us?  I'm watching you on feedjit....

Then the assemly of the final dish.  So easy.  Place your browned chicken on top of the par-roasted vegetables.

Top with thyme and the sauce of horseradish (it took some doing but I found it at Coles on Sunday), dijon mustard, white wine, chicken stock and seasoning.


I reckon this is the ultimate roast chicken with benefits.  It's a balanced meal on a roasting dish.  But if you're a vegetable fan like me, you might also enjoy this with steamed green beans.

I'd like to end this post with my regular Tuesday feature, the Terry Durack report.  In which I try to tranpose the key elements of his weekly restaurant review into everyday life.   This week Terry reviewed Cipri Italian, 10 Elizabeth St, Paddington, tel: 9331 3333.  It was a review featuring lots of comfort food.  It turns out that chicken marylands are not the only thing that make a good baked dinner, salt cod works as well.

The best thing about comfort food isn't just the dish but the sentiments behind cooking it - the abilty to provide sustenence for the body with the dish and your loved ones' hearts by your action of sharing a meal that you have cooked for them.  In these weeks leading up to the Sydney winter, I'm really enjoying cooking hearty dinners that just happen to all be really easy recipes.  I need no further justification than this quote from Terry's review, "When a mother cooks, it is to feed people, not to show off what she can do".  Even us non mothers can relate to that.

I'm out for dinner tomorrow.  It's a work thing at The Hilton.  Cross your fingers that the commute into the city won't be too bad.  Being work related, aplogies in advance for lack of photos.


  1. Really enjoying the regular Tuesday Terry feature. I thought of you when I was reading the Good Living section at work today :)

  2. Fantastic recipe. It looks amazing from your photos so I'm going to steal this one too!
    I love chicken and I'm always looking for new recipes. I have no idea why they call those cuts "Maryland" either. Funny how we never question these things. I also now wonder where the name came from. Also agree on the home cooking. In winter I always make up homemade chicken noodle soup and my daughter has it after school. I also tend to make more casseroles stews and slow cooked meals. Have fun at the hilton!

  3. This looks a million/10 dinner wise. I really regret not trying to meet you for a drink in Sydney- next time x

  4. foodwink: very nice of you to do so, thank you for reading faithfully for the TD report :-)

    Metropolis_Girl: it is a crowd pleasing recipe.

    FF: next time, it sounded like a very busy trip as it was.

    SSG xxx

  5. Well what a small e-world SSG, as I have recently made stationery purchases from Peter's of Kensington AND I made cupcakes from a recipe on Taste yesterday!
    Once again, your dinner puts my slow-cooker (LOL) number to great shame. I do wonder though, does your meal get cold as you take the time to photograph it?

  6. Emma: no shame in a slow cooker dinner. They are very, very good. I am easing into slow cooker season myself.

    I am in the contemplating stage of my Peter's purchase. Might action it this week.

    Re food photos, just point and snap then eat. I have a 'food' scene preset on my camera which makes everything look delicious.

    SSG xxx


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