Apr 12, 2010

Reflections on Sunday, from the perspective of Monday.

Sunday morning was unusually subdued down at my local pool.  Usually, the pool opens for business at 0800 sharp.  The carpark is usually full and dads are doing deals with toddlers stipulating that they not climb the stairs themselves and 'let Daddy carry you because we have a lot to do this morning'.  Dads seldom win and together we all climb the stairs at toddler pace.  I  hang a few steps behind because I'm terrified that I might deck a child with my bag and see them tumble down the stairs.

Sunday is also water slide day.  It gets inflated and the Olympic sized 50m pool gets split into two 25m pools with a moving central wall.  One day, I will forget my age and get a wrist band from the life guards stating that yes I can swim on my own thereby enabling me to try my luck on the slide.

There's usually no space to swing your goggles.  The background of this photo (where the water slide and paddling pool are) would usually be full of people.  Lap swimmers, swimming lessons, families in the wading pools.

I took advantage of the tranquility and got some laps in.  It really is the best feeling when you gracefully step out of the water haul your trunk over the edge of the pool. My whole body feels so relaxed.  It's a less intense form of apres yoga body.  I just made that up then.  I wonder if Christy Turlington thought of it before me.  More about that later.

In a proactive frame of mind, it was time to get home and tackle the big issues.

The all important AAA batteries

After our swim, I went for a coffee down the road and to buy the all important AAA batteries.  They're for the TV remote and Mr SSG was getting a little testy without a functioning remote.  With 8 AFL matches to review plus several thousand sport channels on pay, watching TV without the remote would somehow lessen the whole experience.  I'm being facetious, I am remote dependent myself too.  It's just easy to get on a high horse when the material on TV isn't of great interest to you.

The engrossing DVDs

Capitalism, A Love Story
I'm amazed that Paramount allowed Michael Moore to make this documentary.  To me, it filled in some of the back story to the thoughts and feelings of some Americans with regard to Hurricane Katrina, the subprime crisis and the George Bush years.  For someone with no background in economics or American history, I found Michael Moore's account easy to understand but also shocking and confronting.  Which was the aim, I guess.

As a tourist and selective consumer of the US media, the documentary exposed me to aspects of American life and working culture that I have never really understood. 

I am grateful for the life I have in Australia and on the surface everything looks rosy and hopeful to me.  I just wonder what the Michael Moores of the world would find if they started to research the Australian version of this film.  It's easy to hold a positive view of the world when you haven't been exposed to misfortunes that you are powerless to overcome.

An Education
The best film I've seen in a long time.  It's a coming of age story.  It's intelligent.  It's surprising.  The acting and casting were perfect.

I won't spoil the film for those who haven't seen it. 

What I liked most was the fullness of all the characters and the story lines.  It's often easy for this kind of story to focus fully on the person who is 'coming of age' and for everyone else to blend in with the furniture.  Nothing wrong with this but to me, finding maturity and inner strength occurs in the context of the people and the events that shape your life.  Watching this film, I had a good idea of what drove Jenny and her parents and allowed them all to be 'taken in' by David.  I still don't fully understand David's intentions but the film reveals alot about his secret life and shady dealings.

The film was written by Lynn Barber and Nick Hornby and is based on Barber's memoirs of her life.  I'm going to find the book and read it.

Re-reading a book with a new perspective

This is Mr SSG's copy of The Christy Turlington Yoga Opus, Living Yoga.  I first read it when I began practicing yoga, which was when the whole Mr & Mrs SSG Love Story began.  Admittedly, it really didn't mean as much to me back then as it will now.  I've rediscovered the book and am reading it at the moment.  Yoga's done a lot of good things to my life.  It will be interesting to read Christy's own journey with this new perspective.

The tricky camera stuff

What a drongo.  It finally clicked.  You can alter the shutter speed on your camera with the lomo lens attached.  It was a huge moment and in my excitement, I had to take a photo of the stair well out the front and through the clothesline out the back.


Witness the evolution of adventures in lomography.  Doesn't that second photo look so... tactile?  If you take several steps away from your lap top and sip some more of your coffee, do you not see a powerful message about suburban stuctures and their imposition on plants?  It was worth a try.

AFL - yes, you read correctly

I didn't quite make it to the beach with my lomo lens today.  Something about getting home for  the historic Dockers V Geelong AFL match got in the way.  Readers from overseas, AFL is treated with same reverence and arm chair fanatacism as perhaps grid iron, soccer or rugby is in your country.  However, AFL is notas huge in Sydney as say Melbourne or Perth.  Oh, and the off field antics, girlfriends and lifestyles are comparatively sedate and less polished glamour and fashion when observed with reference to the American and European professional teams.

I'm not usually an AFL obsessive but the shifting fortunes of the Dockers is something of great interest to me.  The team have been a source of frustration to diehard fans.  Getting to the Grand Final in Melbourne has been a pie in the sky dream for the first 15 years of the team's existence.  Which is perhaps why Mr SSG mad the 'idle' promise of us going to Melbourne for the weekend if the Dockers make the Grand Final.

Go The Dockers......  Talking about the AFL on this blog, that's new territory.

A walk in the evening

I like going out for a walk in the evening.  The setting sun and gentle breeze are a bit like a warm mug of milk before bed.  It's almost as if watching the suburb wind down for the day is reassurance for me to get home and relax myself.  The antidote to Sunday evening-itis.  If everyone else is doing it, why can't you.  To paraphrase The Cranberries. 


These were taken on my iPhone using Hipstamatic or else the standard camera and edited with Swanko Labs.  I like the unexpected warm glows and blobs that are thrown across the images and the green tones of the final photo.


  1. I have yet to see An Education, it's on my list.
    You have had a very busy Sunday...looks like beautiful weather...ours has been very sunny too, makes that evening walk so much more enjoyable.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Hi! I've been meaning to come over and thank you for your comment on my blog, it's just been a couple of hectic days.

    But with this post I just had to, as you struck a special cord in me with this line:

    "It's easy to hold a positive view of the world when you haven't been exposed to misfortunes that you are powerless to overcome."

    That is so true! I did that, until something terrible happened to myself and I realized how sadly mistaken I had been.

  3. God you get a lot done in a day! :P Oh and I'm remote dependent too, although I don't think our tv works without it so that may be why! :P


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