Apr 16, 2010

The Return Of the Louboutins. Veal Mince Finds Its Inner Glam.

There's only one thing to do when you've just been to the dentist on Friday afternoon.  Pretend to be Nigella and head home for comfort food.  Nigella does this in a glorious London taxi, I had to drive myself home.

The news was good at the dentist - no fillings and my gums are fine.  However, the anticipation was rather draining. 

So, channelling Nigella, cooking Donna and finessing by way of Jamie.  Sorted.

Tonight, we had Veal and Olive mince balls.  Donna Hay magazine, Feb/Mar 2010.  Above, we have my massive bunch of basil, a very smily egg, veal mince and chopped olives.

Soak a couple of pieces of white bread in some milk.  I got to Baker's Delight late, so all they had was healthy white with anti-oxidants in it.  It didn't get as mushy as junk food white bread does so it didn't tear up as easily. 

Combine the mince, minced garlic, the bread, an egg yolk, salt, pepper and the chopped olives.

Mr SSG is home!  With gifts.  Be right back.

Oh, I got my heels back.  Remember the other day when I told you about my red soles from ebay?  Well, I took them and my shoes to my shoe repair man.  He was doubtful.  Apparently the soles were pretty thin and 'won't last too long, dear'.  However, he was up for the challenge.

And here they are.  With Mr SSG's gifts.  Baby coke zeros from the ferry.  Seeing as my teeth were fine at the dentist today, I can down these without guilt.

The soles were advertised as being the 'closest' match to the Louboutin red.  Just took this for you to judge.  I was happy.  Doesn't the whole scene look very Lady Gaga in the Raunchy Reshot Telephone video.  I might save the empties to see if I can get a curl in my hair from them.

Making progress with dinner.  Above we have the passata sauce for the final step of this dish.  Nope, I didn't make it from scratch.  It is Italian however and very good.  The balsamic is for my Jamie trick, which I will show you after I fry the meatballs.

Apparently, you can give plain passata an instant lift by spiking with with some balsamic.

I also added some sugar and a splash of white wine.  Give it all a good shake in the bottle to combine.  Don't forget to recap the bottle beforehand.  Otherwise it'll be the blood stained Lady Gaga look for you and your kitchen.

Stand around the kitchen for 5 minutes while the meatballs cook.  Take the time to notice the little things.  Like how the handle of your saucepan has an A for Anolon under the metal loop.

To assemble the final dish, oil spray a baking dish that accommodates the meatballs snugly.  Top with your spiked passata, the whole bottle is good.  Then top with torn mozzarella.  I love tearing up mozzarella.  It's like play dough.

Pop under the griller for 10 minutes to warm the passata and melt the cheese.

Serve topped with fresh basil.

The meatballs are hidden in this photo but believe me, they were good.  It was simple flavours with depth.  It also looks rather glam from this angle too.

We just had par boiled cauliflower with this tonight.  With some deft knife and fork skills, the mozzarella found itself smothering the cauliflower to make a very satisfying instant cauliflower cheese.

I'm off to download the Kerry O'Brien and Barack Obama podcast.  I am in awe of a head of state who can answer a question directly.


  1. Yum - how totally delicious your dinner looks - I love Jamie's balsamic trick too (have you tried to do the recipe that also comes with that trick - the stuffed vegetarian canneloni? - Heaven!)... Also think your red soles look fab and the baby cokes cute (love mini things)!

  2. Kelly - thank you!

    Semi Expat - I have indeed. It is the best recipe for cauliflowers and broccoli. Who knew there was such depth in two vegetables?

    SSG xxx

  3. Reader's special request: Please kindly do a post on your Louboutins collection.

    I've been telling myself that I don't need (expensive) red soled shoes. But I'm open to enlightenment.

    TIA :D

  4. foodwink: that is the collection. But now that I have a reader request and NAP is doing such good prices, I see I need more material for my blog. :-)

    Kitty: great minds!

    SSG xxx

  5. That looks delicious! I'm making it this week.


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