Apr 17, 2010

A Ritzy Rummage Sale At The Hilton. A Stroll to the Rocks.

It's Saturday, it's Saturday.

I was a woman on a mission today.  The mission I had chosen to accept was to get to Luisa's sale at the Hilton, Sydney.  Mr SSG was up with me this morning helping me train for intensive sale action (walking through crowds with heavy and awkwardly shaped bags) by doing some interval runs at the soccer fields down the road.  Then we got home and I carb loaded with a couple of my frozen hot cross buns - original fruit and a mocha for the caffeine.  I was pumped, I was ready. 

I just needed an outfit.  What to wear to a ritzy rummage sale?  Comfortable basics with a neck scarf for interest.  Actually, I am looking rather like a tourist out for a spot of shopping. This could work to my advantage later on......

Luisa is a store from Melbourne that I browse whenever I'm in town.  I only found out about the sale by chance - through an ad in the paper and decided to go out of curiosity.  The sale was open to the public yesterday, but there was a VIP preview on Thursday evening.   The lovely SA who helped me told me that the sale comes to Sydney twice a year - April and October.

They stock a wide range of European label shoes, belts and other accessories for men and women.  Labels I saw: Gucci, Prada, Costume National, Hogan, Tods, Car Shoe, Bally, Miu Miu, Chloe, Marc Jacobs.

It was all very civilized.  The sale was held in one of the function rooms of the hotel.

I was there on the dot of 10 and there were probably 40 people there.  The staff seemed keen to not let the area get too crowded at any one time.  It was very pleasant.

The bulk of the stock on the floor was shoes.  Mainly ladies'.  Organized by brand and it was easy to pick your size and take a seat on a comfy sofa and try them on.  Plenty of long mirrors were available.  The girls on the floor were very helpful and prompt in tidying up discarded shoes.

I was really surprised at the large range of boots on offer.  I was expecting there to be 'end of season' stuff from summer in odd sizes and colours only.  How many clearance sales have you been to with such pretty views on both sides of the windows?

Most shoes were priced at 50% off or more.  Prices seemed to range from $260 or so to the $700s plus for shoes.  I didn't really look at the bags, belts or wallets.

After the outnet disappointment, I did find some bargains.  2 pairs of flat Bally boots that will get me through many winters to come.

I got chatting with the SA as I paid for my boots.  She invited me to put my name on their mailing list and whispered "If you put VIP next to your name, you'll get invited to the preview evening for the next Sydney sale".  Sweet.

After attending to all the necessities that come up on expeditions such as this, it was time to go.

I had a chance to explore the hotel on my way out.  I love the use of glass, light and greenery in the hotel.  It really does feel spacious and like an oasis of calm in the middle of the shopping end of the CBD.

I have yet to dine at Glass.  It has a great view of George St and the QVB.

A view of the cafe in the lobby, as I descended the stairs and headed out into all the colour and activity of a typical Saturday in the city.

I made my way to The Rocks, in search of another event I read about in the SMH.  Some kind of fashion event featuring some parades and stalls.

It was a perfect day to test out my Diana lens on interesting subjects.  There is a difference to my Nikon lenses.  The above photo looks so vivid and not as 'perfect' as it would if it were taken with a glass lens.

This is a dreamier photo - mucking around with the shutter speeds.

I gave up on the fashion event, changed my lens back to glass and did what I often do when I wander - find the food outlets.  Brasserie Bread is a great bakery in Banksmeadow where you can participate in baking classes, buy breads to take home or if both of those activities are just too much - eat in.  Well worth the drive.

I talk about Priceline a fair bit on my blog.  It's up there with Ikea, Cotton On and Coles as one of my favourite places for well priced buys.  It's goodie bag time at the moment.  A $50 spend on featured barnds gets you this tote.

Which was filled with some rather good things.

Full sized products, generous re-usable samples (as in not the single use pouches) and only a couple of those pouch samples.

Oh yes, my boots.

There was many a lady toting large Luisa bags around the city this morning.

The brown boots.

The black boots.

Both are flats and go reach the knee.  I'm too old for this thigh high boot palava.  Yes to skinny jeans, no to thigh high boots.

That was quite an adventure.  Going to have quiet afternoon.  I'm slow roasting a pork shoulder for Donna Hay's (surprise, surprise) pulled pork tacos tonight.


  1. Ooooooooh dreamy boots, dreamy boots! I love it.
    My, my, my.
    Tell me, did you whip out the dSLR in the sale? You are a brave woman. You really make me want to just bite the bullet and buy one. For the longest time I wanted to buy the D5000 and I often see pretty good deals on it. I think I'll do it prior to my August trip to Melbourne.

    Gosh, I love it all!

  2. Hello Su
    Yes, I did. I'm such a rebel. No, I actually waited until things were quiet where I was sitting.

    It's my Japanese tourist get up, it works every time.

    I think DSLRs are worth the plunge. Keep an eye out as prices seem to be falling.

    SSG xxx

  3. Fab boots - great buys - sounds as if you had a wonderful day too .... love the sound of your dinner in the evening too - perfect day! x

  4. Great buys, SSG. Love your style!

  5. Well clearly you are a VIP:).

  6. Sounds like an adventure...nice boots BTW!
    I have not cooked Donna Hay recipes but I like her approach and enjoy the magazine. The Hilton looks very posh...love the use of the glass.

  7. Thank you, ladies.

    LPC: :-)

    Hostess: wow, I had no idea the magazine was available overseas!

    SSG xxx


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