Apr 9, 2010

Roster Angst and Rotisserie Chickens.

I was such a cranky pants today.  It's not like I even have a good reason for this in a literal sense.  I wore leggings to work under an arrangement of other equally stretchy clothing.  I started the day with chocolate cereal, a free large skinny cap and got lots of book time in at work.

The reason for my crankiness is quite trivial and my reaction way out of proportion to the initial problem.  But aren't they often the sources of major mood meltdowns?  The pride at being calm and rational with the 'big issues' crumbles when that one little thing that gets under your skin - Gets Under Your Skin.

I'm a bit sheepish to say what it is now. 

Oh, okay.  The after hours roster for the next 15 weeks came out today and I felt very, very, very hard done by.  So hard in fact that the boys at work were taken aback about my 'passion' at the perceived injustice.

The thing is, we have to plan our lives outside normal working with this roster.  No plan for the weekend or any other day can be made with certainty until the email comes out.  Weekends and Friday nights and lots of other stuff come with the job but usually these are spaced out over the 4 months, say only one weekend shift every 2-3 weeks.  We cope with it.

So, I lucked out and got the whole of June working either a Friday night or a whole Saturday for every single weekend of the month.  I spent half a meeting tabulating how many weekends we each got and it was not an equal distribution.

I'm looking back now, with the hindsight of a few hours away from work and having taken a Good Hard Look At Myself and gotten some perspective back.  Being completely honest with myself, I've had a lucky run at work of late.  I haven't been as busy as some, I've had the long weekends.  I also have to start saving more and it's easier to work more hours (and have less time to be out spending) than it is to cut spending.  So, I'll take the challenge and see just how much I save in June.

The venting just stopped there.  Let's move on.

I credit the moving on and new clarity to my purchasing of a rotisserie barbecue chicken from Coles this afternoon.  It was a decision inspired by Lorraine of Not Quite Nigella.  Specifically her Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe of today.

Some might prefer chicken soup for the soul, but today I was feeling a whole rotisserie chicken.  The key ingredient for chicken pasta bake.  I've mentioned in the past, my passion for a Coles chicken - the inbuilt oil, salt and flavour.  This evening seemed like a good night to harness all those flavours for a greater purpose.

Yes, those babushka cups again.

Snuck in a few vegies with the pasta, frozen peas and par boiled carrot.  Plus a few shakes of garlic granules because I wasn't up to using my garlic press. 

I stirred in some parsley with the shredded chicken.  2 cups worth of chicken.  It was very therapeutic ripping shredding the chicken.  Apologies if you are vegetarian or a chicken lover or both.  Finally, just tip that jar of pasta bake sauce in and stir.

Top with your cheese of choice.  I just wanted to share the above photo because I was reading the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow the other day and she shared her family mac'n'cheese recipe.  I was struck by the different colour that American cheeses are to the common Australian cheeses.  Is it the cows and what they are fed?  The weather? 

Out of the oven and ready to eat.  Mr SSG put me onto Tabasco sauce.  It really is the perfect hit of heat for the dish.

Our fruit and veg service have just started delivering fruit and nut mixes as well.  We got a sample with this week's delivery.  Ahh chocolate, fruit & nut and fruit.  You need a bit of them all in your life.

Don't tell Mr SSG - but we have more plastic containers at SSG Manor.  The Decor store and pour 5 piece set.  Which I had to buy because it was 'on offer' and it was the only way to buy the cereal pourer Decor that I needed.

It was all in aid of research.  I'm trying to de-weevil our pantry and heard that a bay leaf or two in with your rice or pasta does help keep them at bay.  The SSG Laboratories will report back on this in a few weeks.

In the background sits the rest of my chicken - ready for lunchtime sandwiches tomorrow.

I'm now off for a quiet evening of reading and restfulness.


  1. Everyone has a cranky pants moment every now and then -I have them often! :) I have a plastic container fetish too-I love lock n locks and you can't beat the Ikea 17 piece pack for value! How was your chicken? :D

  2. Ooh that chicken pasta bake looks scrumptious!

  3. Yummy looking casserole!
    I hope that you found immense comfort eating it after your stress filled day...may I be so bold as to suggest an hour of Yoga? It works wonders for me.
    Hugs from the Hostess,
    and thanks for the mention on your post!

  4. Hi SSG. Have tagged you on my blog as well. By the way your blog is great. I am laughing at some of the things you write about as I can definitely relate. In my last job (before I started my business) I had to wait for rosters to come out as well. Made planning ahead for holidays etc a nightmare. My friends hated it as I could never give anyone a definite answer for nights out etc. We also had our holidays balloted which I hated. (I worked in the financial sector so they didn't just close down over the holidays). If I didn't get the holidays off I was pretty annoyed. So I feel for you. Love the M Cups (Russian Cups). Very cute!

  5. Haha, I spent a good 2 mins deciding whether or not to buy the same set of Decor containers at my local supermarket. I managed to walk away.

    And just between you and me, I don't mind rotisserie chickens. One is enough for dinner and lunch next day. Plus, Jolly loves the leftovers!

    Have a good weekend :D

  6. Oh we've had Weevil's as well! I saw that set of containers on sale at Woolworths on Wednesday and tossed up if I should buy them or not.

    Because I have to buy so many different types of flours and grains now I need to get some additional containers myself.

    I'm going to a Tupperware party tomorrow so I'll need to hold back from spending too much.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Kirsty :)

  7. Bay leaves do on weevils - but you have to throw everything out and start again. And disinfect your cupboards. Tis a shame but we had to do it all 5 years ago and have been using bay leaves ever since and no sign of weevils since.

    I understand your frustration with the roster system - but I think you did the right thing to try and look at the silver lining!

  8. love the babushka cups! and bay leaves are magical

  9. Hello all,
    Thank you for the kind words and advice. Dinner was good :-)

    SSG xxx


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