Apr 10, 2010

Saturday mornings are always good. The world through the eyes of my Dreamy Diana 38.

It doesn't matter how much drama there may have been during the week, Saturday mornings always arrive like a huge sigh of relief.

You may be up at the crack of dawn by choice, but it's on your terms.  By the way, the Tip Top date scone bread was most definitely Tip Top.  To summarize the front page of the SMH  - Russell  'Rusty' Crowe is getting his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and someone called Tiger Woods played some good golf.

Then I went to yoga.  I think it's a bit against Mr Iyengar's teaching to have eaten breakfast before yoga but I was starving from my run.  Again, I don't think I was meant to do that.  Luckily, I think Mr Iyengar is a forgiving and flexible soul and would be willing to overlook these indiscretions.  Class was great.  Got to work on my dodgy shoulders and meet my teacher's 11 month old son.  He didn't stay for class but went home with his mum who was doing the class before ours.

Outside, the skies were bright with just a little cloud.  Perfect conditions for testing out my Diana 38+ lomo lens with the Nikon D5000.

The look is dreamy and the lens is best in full light conditions.  It is very light weight and easy to use.  The Nikon mount is easy to attach and detach from Nikon bodies.  However, I think I will be keeping the adaptor on the lens as I can't seem to separate them now.

Because the lens is plastic, it is actually very light.  I barely noticed its weight in comparison to how much the body weighs and also how much my regular lenses weigh.  Isn't it a cute look?  Sort of retro.  Makes it look as if my camera has gone vintage for a day.

Blue skies are always dreamy.  Would the Diana dream-ify more commonplace subjects too?  I set out to find out.

Took a few shots of the garden.  The colour balance was a bit odd in this photo, I had a preset of my own going on.

I tried again with normal white balance, the full sun one.

Indoor natural light seems a bit dark for the lens.  Again, I had a blueish custom white balance in this shot of the kitchen window.  It actually was very bright when the shot was taken.

In full sun, the contrast of a shady area really does come out.

Be warned, your shots may not look like much on the display of your DSLR.  Do not panic or delete them.  When you upload to your computer, there may be more depth and contrast than you would have assumed from that initial preview of your photo.  The lens doesn't work in the evening sun too well, unfortunately.

A hazy plane in the blue sky above this afternoon.

Tomorrow is dim sum day!  Will try and get to the beach too.

I'm waiting for Chinese home delivery and watching An Education on DVD.  It is looking very promising so far.  I love watching British films on Saturday evenings, they transport me to back to my uni days and the 'art house' cinemas we'd go to. 

Have a lovely evening, people.


  1. An education was one of the best films I have seen in a very very long time. Carey Mulligan is fantastic and I love Rosamund Pike. Enjoy your home delivery and your dim sum tomorrow!

  2. I want one of those cameras... Do you love it? Am about a month off buying a new camera. Would love your opinion.

    Speaking of want one, that toast looks awesome!

  3. Kitty - you are right, An Education was the best film I've seen this year.

    Melissa - I love my Nikon. Very easy to use.

    SSG xxx

  4. An education is seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, I saw it last month and LOVED IT!

  5. what awesome photos!
    love your blog :D
    great posts
    stop by some time xx
    (and hey! fellow sydney sider)

  6. Just finished An Education as well....Peter S. is rather nice dont you think? :)

  7. Hi Australian girl:)

    Wonderful pictures...and i am a follower:)

    Have a good weekend...

  8. She Wore It Well = I agree.

    Margaret - love your blog.

    christine - agree about Peter S.

    Princess of many sorts - following you too!

    SSG xxx


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