Apr 25, 2010

Scheduled Maintenance at SSG Manor.

How often have you read that phrase on your work computer?  Scheduled maintenance of our system usually occurs between the hours of 0430 and 0630 on a Sunday.  Here I am at roughly that hour, jubilant in now having the rest of the long weekend free (with the benefit of extra pay earned but not yet paid), embarking on scheduled maintenance at the Manor.

As the skies darken and the weather looks like it's finally going to cool down a bit, I start looking for richer food - whether that be in colour or texture.  My current obsession is dried cranberries or craisins.  I love eating them on their own.  Cranberry juice may well be fine for a summer drink but in winter, it's craisins for me.

I use them in my mix and go muesli.

Which, for the cooler months also featured dried apricots as well as the usual.  I love winter colours.

Because the SSG Manor kitchen isn't all clean wholesome living, the drinks inventory of the fridge had to be restocked.  In case of emergency.

Somehow that bottle of champagne looks so right healthy nestled in between sparkling water and skim milk.

The emergency supplies of coke zero and bubbly.

You know how Mr SSG walked home with a bottle of champagne the other day?  The one that matched the lounge room furnishings?  Well, courtesy of his post drinks largesse, he'd actually bought a dozen.  We went back to pick them up yesterday.  He tells me champagne 'keeps'.  If it lasts, that is.

Then it was on to unpacking my haul from Cotton On.  This was all from the Groundhog Day that was Friday.  I had to retrace my steps from Thursday, my day of lathering indecision.  These were the items I tried on and liked but dithered so much I walked out of the store on Thursday empty handed.

For a person who hasn't seen her teenaged years for decades, I now find myself in the possession of 4 pairs of relatively inexpensive skinny jeans.  Two from ICE and another couple from Cotton On.  I've justified each purchase based on an index derived from cost, leg length (no alterations necessary, dollars saved there) and denim shade (all a little different from each other).

The grey V-neck sweater was bought in the vain hope that wearing it with skinnies would be channeling Alexa Chung, she of the amazing manicure shades and wonderful accent who doesn't seem to take this whole fashion icon thing too seriously.   I know, I know, I should be investment dressing at my age - I should be investing in cashmere, trading in futures for Hermes (that just sounded good, I have no idea if that's even legal these days or possible) etc etc.  Fear not, the greatness of mixing it designer and chain store will prevail.  The ron rons will be debuted with the ensemble. 

Oh and the hoodie, that's my favourite.  $20 and just the right length, going down to the mid thigh.  It will be the key piece for my outfit tomorrow.  The 'watching Justin Bieber and those crazed young girls in Martin Place from the comfort of my lounge' outfit.


  1. SSG, I learned on my champagne tour in Reims that champagne is made to be consumed soon after purchase and is not designed to be kept, like red wine.

    So drink drink drink :)

  2. Hi Polly
    Of course! Thank you for reminding me. We were in Eperney doing champagne tour(s) - plural intended :-P

    Your command is my desire.

    Have a lovely day.

    SSG xxx

  3. I do like the sound of the Craisins. So it seems that as we slip into Spring you are in Autumn, we share the same planet but different seasons, how freaky x

  4. Early bird for scheduled maintenance - I am impressed - I do not often see that hour in the morning - after 6.45 am for me!! Love cranberries and craisins too and champagne well that would be too much of a temptation for me all cold and ready in the fridge! Love your new purchases and Cotton On - half the fun is the mix of clothing - high and low is GOOD ... And 3 cheers for Alexa too !! x

  5. Wow, 4:30 am!

    I think I will need to get up at that time tomorrow because I have not done my essay at all. Stupid laptop and sleep beckoning me. I figure it's too late to start now.

    Cotton On has some great things at the moment. I really love their hoodies. I have a big one that I wear with leggings.

  6. Hi Carly,

    Totally agree about Cotton On. They have picked up a bit. I think they are an international brand now.

    Perhaps their mission statement is to be our H&M?

    SSG xxx


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