Apr 21, 2010

SSG and The City. A Milestone Reached.

Hello loyal readers. 

Whoever you are and however you may have found my blog, thank you!  Thanks to your googling, blogger friending, following and general curiosity, the blog is 10 000 clicks old!  It's just ticked over to 10 077 this evening.

It's a cause for celebration.  Emboldened by a few coats of Rimmel Full Volume liquid lipcolour in the shade 'tease', I went to town and paid a one woman tribute to SATC and Kim Kardashian, who I think is in town.  

It's not as sad a story as it may sound.  I was actually in The Hilton for a work dinner but somehow the traffic was perfect and I got in with an hour to spare.  There was no place to window shop and spending an hour in Woolies was going to drive me bananas so what more of an excuse did I need to go explore the hotel?

I asked the man at the cafe where I could go for a quiet drink and a sit down.  He suggested Zeta but there was also a downstairs pub.  I tried the pub first but was a bit conspicuous in my single female-ness, shift dress with a high neckline and ballet flats.  Did a quick about turn and took the lift up to Zeta bar on the 4th floor of the hotel.  Had second thoughts when I shared the lift with a girl whose main grooming step when looking in the lift mirror was to tidy up her cleavage but I puckered my volumized lips and got out of the lift with her.

I needn't have worried.  The lady at the door was very kind and helped me find a place to sit.  She then arranged my beverage of choice and it got to me pretty quick.

That's my glass of celebratory vintage Chandon resting on the glass railing around the open air area of Zeta.   Only had my iPhone on hand so pics are less than optimal.  Having a glass of bubbly on your own in the meat meet market end of suit city is a pretty brave thing to do but accessorized with a wedding band and my iPhone, it was actually rather liberating.  I pretended to be Helena Bonham Carter portraying an EM Forster heroine but with a glass of champagne rather than cigarettes or racy men.

It really was magical sitting out on a clear evening because the bar faces the QVB and I was a the right level to be facing the sculptured dome.


I caught up on my social networking commitments and my text messages.  One of my friends was actually on the same bus as I on the way into town.  She couldn't say hello because she was sandwiched between a burly man and a window.  So she sent me a lovely text message instead.  Which was such a lovely thing to do :-)

The hour ticked by and it was time to get to dinner.

A pit stop at the bathroom. 

You can tell it's Sydney because of the zen communal hand basins, or should that be hand granite installations.

Which are next to the very Sydney powder room.  I think these are communal too.

Because someone had tilted one mirror down to the ground and very few ladies need that kind of an angle to do their faces.

And then there were the artfully aged mirrors.  Which instantly makes your reflection (at least) look very A-list.  That's me in attire inappropriate for basement pub attending.  Grey shift from Zara, black Burberry trench, black Robert Robert flats and yellow plastic bangle from Forever 21.

This is my work dinner.  It was a pharma sponsored event but due to the party pooping talents of Medicines Australia, the tables were sadly lacking in logo laden freebies.  Our speaker was excellent because he has Barack Obama diction and delivery. 

As is procedure with our dinners, courses were alternate drop.  This is half of my terrine of red and orange vegetables.  And my second large glass of water.  When there is a chance you need to maintain a coherent and tasteful conversation with ex-mentors and bosses, Moderation Is Key.  We all got along famously.  It was a sea of moderate drinkers of red, tidy checked shirts, black or tortoise half rimmed specs and very technical sotto voce comments over dinner.

This is my chicken main.  I swapped the lamb rack I originally got with my friend.  He comes from a vegeterian home but is  not a vegetarian himself.  As it was a rare night out on the meat for him, the only decent thing to do was to give him my lamb for his chicken.  

Until next we meet via this blog.  Thanks again to you all for stopping by.


  1. 10,000 clicks! WOW, cheering from here!

  2. Congratulations on the milestone!

    I love sipping on a cocktail at the outside area at Zeta and just looking across at QVB and all the pretty lights. Must go back soon. :)

  3. Congratulations SSG! :) Maybe there be thousands and thousands more click! You're very brave sitting in a meat market all by yourself I agree! :D

  4. Congrats! I just found your blog while blog-hopping and I love the way you write :)

  5. What a terribly glamorous evening you've had - and a very Sydney way to notch up your 10,000. Congratulations - and we all look forward to 10,000 more.

  6. Sounds like you had a great evening, and the Zeta Bar seems like a place I would love!

    Congratulations on 10k + clicks!

  7. Hello ladies,
    Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

    PrincessImp. - nice of you to stop by and thank you for lovely comment.

    Work was C-R-A-Z-Y yesterday and left me brain dead an un-blogable. That's how bad things were. Better today.

    Will catch up with you all later.

    Have a good one.

    SSG xxx

  8. Congrats on the (now >) 10k clicks!


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