Apr 18, 2010

Sunday Brunch on the Sidewalk. Black Star Pastry, Newtown.

I've been meaning to go to Black Star Pastry (277 Australia Street, Newtown 2045) for months.  First it was Lorraine's review on her blog, Not Quite Nigella and then the final straw, foodwink's incredible photos from her own visit.  Further resistance was futile.  Instead of a fancy weekend in Melbourne, Mr SSG and I decided to stay in Sydney and chill out.  Which, in our book, includes going out for Sunday brunch somewhere.

We got up bright and early, checked the street directory and prayed that the streets of Newtown would be kind and offer us a parking spot.

We were in luck.  Nestled amongst the remnants of the night before, we found a park and took a short walk to the quiet end of Australia street.  Lead by the wafting scent of delicious pies baking.

Like a mirage in the desert.  Sorry, I was quite hungry by this time.  I'm a 'breakfast by 8 am kind of girl'.

We stepped in the door and I didn't know where to look first.  All of Black Star's famous items were ready and waiting.  The ginger ninjas - both naked and modestly dressed in chocolate.  Don't you love the sugar pail, behind?

A little peak into the kitchen where the baking and decorating were already in full swing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the fabled Strawberry, Rose and Watermelon cake.  Even more beautiful in real life.

We were there for brunch but I would have loved to try this Persian Fig And Quince Sponge.  Next time.

A young boy in front of us in the line ordered a ninja and I took the chance to re-shoot them without their protective glass dome.

Yes, there were savoury options and we did have pretty balanced brunch.  Their own breads, pies and quiches.

Sweet pastries are usually as 'dessert' as I go for breakfast but I decided early I'd be having cream filled cake today.

The chalkboard detailing the modestly priced hot items.

Mr SSG's lamb shank pie.  He very generously shared it with me.  There was silence from his side of the little stool that served as our table out on the sidewalk. 

Oh that was good pie.  Generously filled with tender lamb and such flaky pastry. 

My piece of watermelon cake was staring back at me.  As was the ginger ninja.

He proved to be too distracting and I had to put him in the improvised naughty corner whilst I tried to decide if I needed quiche before cake?  And if so, which one?

Our coffees arrived and I has some thinking time.  Mushroom quiche. 

Feeling very 'inner city' and 'not too mainstream' in the photo above.  I'm wearing leggings under a denim  mini whilst balancing my quiche on my lap on a sidewalk in Newtown.  It was very liberating.  I never knew I had it in me.  All under the watchful shadows of the Newtown Court House, across the road.

The quiche was heaven.  Lots of mushroom and the egg mixture was so light.

The cake.  It was G-O-O-D.  Light cream and cake layers with the juicy crunch of fresh watermelon.  Tasted as wonderful as it looked.  Which can be a rare thing in the cream cake department.

Gradually, the locals left their homes to stroll down the road for breakfast.  Including this pair of dogs who look like they've been together for a long time.  There was synchrony in their  movements.  With their eyes on the front door of Black Star, it as almost as if they were imploring me to have just one more pastry, for the road.

It was a sign, back in the door I went and returned with a raspberry pastry.  Which I went halves on with Mr SSG.  We were both sighing by now.  The pastry buttery and flaky and the filling full of freshly prepared raspberries with little added sugar or filler stuff.  Clean flavours.

The famous gnome on the sidewalk.  I can't show you his face for profressional reasons.

The staff at the local Court House, police station and fire station have many great reasons to go to work each day - great coffee, cake and pies.  That would definitely put a bit of a spring in your step at work and a smile on your dial.

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  1. LOL at the gnome from the back photo. It's great there isn't it! Oh what I would do for a square of that watermelon cake again *sigh*

  2. Hi Sweety:)
    Love your photos...could you make them bigger?
    Just a suggestion:)

    That red Chanel bag was awesome as well...i really would like one...so if you could send me one:)
    Just kidding:)

    Have a nice evening - i guess it is evening time in Sydney now:)

  3. Glad that you've made it to Black Star! And I really like your naughty corner :D

  4. I've struggled to find a decent breakfast place in Sydney, might give this a try next time I'm in town :))


  5. Awesome! Just fabulous! I am in awe of your amazing capacity for eating wonderful things. I wish my metabolism (and penchant for exercise) were as good as yours!

  6. THE DIVINITUS: thank you for stopping by.

    SSG xxx


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