Apr 23, 2010

Thursday was traumatic.

Just to prove that my life is not all glamorous adventures and power shopping (!!), things went pretty pear shaped at work on Thursday.  It must be some unwritten law of the universe that really fun days must be balanced by (more than) equal numbers of days that were sent to test you.

Work was pretty hectic and left me with a headache and both physically and mentally drained.  In my weakened state, I blindly drifted through the supermarket, without a shopping list.  I couldn't even bring myself to make an impulse purchase of more cheap skinny jeans and a fleece hoodie.

The high culinary standards of SSG Manor also suffered.  I had cereal for dinner and the only bubbly in the house was sparkling mineral water.

It took most of my remaining energy and concentration to assemble my dinner.  For the record, that really is cereal - and not pet food pellets.  It's Kellogs All Bran Dual.  Two kinds of fibre plus apple flakes.  The problem with fibre cereal is that it often tastes like the cardboard it came in.  Hence the generous sift of cinnamon over the top.  Chocolate powder would have been better, in hindsight.

In case you were worrying about Mr SSG, it's all okay.  He found something out of the freezer labelled 'Pasta Bake - Chicken' and blitzed it in the microwave.  That anyone could starve in the Manor with the options in our freezer would be impossible.

After the dinner that actually resembled breakfast, I could do nothing but lie on the couch and focus on one thing only.  In this case, MasterChef Australia: Season 2. Donna Hay is a guest advisor on the website.  Will have to explore this.

It was strangely hypnotic watching eggs being separated, oysters being shucked and salmon being filleted to the precise weight of 180g.  Even more impressive was watching Gary Mehigan do all of the above and more in a suit jacket.  I am inspired, will one day cook a meal in full evening dress complete with manicure, Louboutins and false eyelashes (how I love my Shus).  That would be a good blog post.


  1. Agreed. Nothing is more compelling than seeing Gary from Masterchef (can't spell his surname!) in a suit shucking oysters. He must have a lot of movement in his jacket, because suit sleeves can be restrictive.

    As for mindless shopping after a hellish time - I did some of that tonight. Hellish on Saturday, the rest of my week was great. Just making up for Saturday really. Hello Temt, Target, Sportsgirl and Diva! Probably could have bought something from Cue instead.

    Hope you are feeling better today :)

  2. Cocoon today and restore and recharge...we all have days where we hit the wall...and it's back on the upswing now!
    Have a fun weekend.

  3. Carly: lots to be said for mindless shopping.

    Hostess: thank you. I am on the upswing.

    SSG xxx

  4. Donna Hay was a guest on the show on Monday (?). The contestants had to make her pav for a pressure test... Oh how I wish I was her!


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