Apr 15, 2010

Unpacking The Shopping At SSG Manor. Only I Could Blog About That.

Thursday afternoon began like any other.  Armed with my illegible shopping list, I got to Coles and got to work.  I definitely needed that afternoon cup of Moccona (link for my especially lovely overseas readers, I love you Australian ones too but my feedjit map is growing by the day).  Leave comments, I love them.  Except if they're spam.

Steady hands and keen eyes are needed to spot bargains like these.

Shoppers, a once in a blue moon Price Cut.  For some strange reason, canned blueberries never go on sale.  I went nuts and stocked up.

The planets must be aligned to emit energies encouraging us all to get more fibre into our diets because, heck, medium sized Weetbix was also at bargain basement prices.

Stop right there.  Coles-Myer, I am so onto you.  Is this all in response to the announcement that...  SYDNEY IS GOING TO GET A COSTCO?????  The Wall Street Journal does not lie.  Are you trying to prevent the cosy Woolworths/Coles supermarket duopoly from being busted in New South Wales with your seductive pricing of brand name cereal and American imported tinned fruit?   You're going to have to do better that.

How about pretty floral arrangements (foreground) and free curry samples given out by non pushy nice sales people (in the background).

Because, it's kind of working.  That Beef Madras tasted too good to be heat and eat.  It was actually a flavoursome sauce full of tender beef pieces.  If I was so inclined, removing the sticky labels and passing the lot off as 'takeaway from down the road' would fool no one in SSG Manor.  Not that deception of that level is ever needed around here.

The financials - 2 curries and a basmati rice for $17.  The curries usually retail for $8.50 each.  There were also chutneys, naan and single serve rice/curry combo packs.  Alas, no butter chicken.  A bit of a find, readers.  Might have to call my mum and give her the heads up.  Her local Coles is a bit fancy on account of the CEO of Coles/Myer's mum living in the area.  I reckon they'd probably have butter chicken plus Thai curry options at Coles Claremont, WA.

Well.  Could grocery shopping get any better?

Yes, it could.  I hunted down the red rock potato chips of my dreams.  Every morning at 5.59am, I run past the JC Decaux adverts on the walls of the bus stops on Ryde Road.  These chips are currently on the ads.  They replaced the other thing I really, really wanted - Bonds poo catcher harem track pants.  I have a short attention span.  For most things.  I still remember the black Hermes Kelly in this morning's paper.  Shame, I forgot the price, though.  I still want it though.

Somehow, I got over all the excitement and got home with the groceries.

From my dream potato chip, to my embarrassing dream crush.... Justin Bieber.  It's that Baby, Baby song....   VH1, shame on you for playing it while would be cougars are home unpacking their shopping. 

Clearly, one photograph is not big enough for both Red Rock Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion Potato Chips and Justin Bieber to be in focus and adequately exposed.

My, he does look very young in that shot.  Right, sorted.  Purely platonic feelings is all.

Justin himself will be in Sydney on April 26.  That's a public holiday Monday, at 7am, in Martin Place.  I'm sorry, but 7am is just too early for the cougar crowd.  By the time you factor in morning exercise, hair and makeup, reading the paper, checking facebook and making sure husbands and children are fed and watered for the morning, well, it's already around 8.45am, isn't it?  It takes a heck of a lot of work for cougars to get to where they are, let me tell you.  I'm also including MILFs in my discussion.  I was getting a little rowdy on facebook the other night about the Bieber news and we're just not would be cougars nowadays, we're also MILFs.

Which sort of dovetails into my best purchase of the evening...... my present for a dear friend's first child. 

Aren't they adorable.  I've been walking past them on the coffee table all evening. 

It's always hard buying gifts for other people's babies.  Especially clothes.  I think that new parents should have first dibs on how they wish to dress their baby - mini me, cutesy or special gifts from the grandparents and immediate family.

Which is why one can never go wrong with ballet flats.  Ballet flats are classic.  You can dress them up, you can dress them down.

The back heel strap is stretchy and they are leather lined with a little pad for arch support.  Made in Brazil.  Unfortunately, they are for 3 months up.  It was the smallest size available.  Baby C will grow into them.

The slipper and sole are pink patent and the trim is a paler non patent leather. There were only 3 colourways (this, flat pink and a Chanel white with black trim) but it took me around 15 minutes to decide.  I hope baby C loves them as much as I do.  I promise not to ask to borrow them.

Mr SSG just got home, I'm sure he's dying to see the shoes.

Gotta scoot.


  1. Hey you!
    Thanks for the heads up about the tinned berries. I love these and make a breakfast of berries, oats, plain yoghurt and juice. It's yummy purple goodness.
    Who is Justin Bieber??
    And you're a MILF? ... without incriminating you, or insinuating... :) :) ???
    Add me to Facebook. I want to join in on the cougar action now I'm 28.
    Ok, so you don't have to, and I aint crushing on a toyboy...

  2. Love the cute baby shoes! So cute. When my little girl was small I adored the cute little ballet slippers. Even though I have a boy too, I love all the girlie stuff and can't resist it. Makes me get all clucky again. LOL
    You are right about Coles. They are trying to be more competitive. Right now it is trying to compete with Aldi but they do know Costco isn't far away and so are upping the ante. Their generic lines are changing every day. I am actually on their food tasting panel and do surveys/product tests for them. And there are some great things coming. I am pretty honest and still think they have a way to go, but they are pretty much on par with Aldi now. Some of their products are fantastic now. And I feel chuffed to have had some input.

  3. Random comment... I have never seen canned blueberries before!!! I've only seen frozen and fresh. I guess that's one of the many blessings of living in Southern California...

  4. Carly: I will track you down in FB land. I'm not in MILF territory. Good to see that I'm not the only one that loves canned berries for breakfast. Thanks for heads up re chips.

    Metropolis_Girl: good for you on taking an active and constructive role for Aldi.

    SSG xxx

  5. Just love those shoes. Too cute for words. Can I admit though that I've never used canned blueberries? Didn't know they existed. But now that I do, I'm off to Coles to get me some - a lot cheaper than fresh for the next batch of muffins. Thanks!

  6. Hi Came here through FYBF and i am here to stay....

    Check out my blog sometime.... Have a great day.

  7. allison: the only tricky thing with canned blueberries is that they can 'bleed' into your batter. So don't overbeat them.

    Have fun.

    SSG xxx

  8. Oh yummy, I love blueberries! Were they in syrup, though? I can't have all the sugar. My favourite berry bargains are at CostCo - $9 for a kilo of frozen berries. Can you say bargain? 

    As for Big W, Target and K-Mart clothing, the reason they last is that they have better quality control than brands like Witchery, SABA, Country Road etc. It is unfortunate, but true. My cheap clothing so often lasts so much longer than the midrange stuff. Cue always lasts - except for their knits, which I have never had luck with. Target in particular has the most stringent quality control in Australia. It's pretty impressive, actually. 

    Those ballet flats are adorbs. We just bought some stuff for Mr BB's goddaughter in Israel. She's turning two in August and we bought her tiny leather converse sneakers, a gorgeous ruffled RL white blouse and a tiny cream RL cable knit. So sweet, my ovaries hurt!


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