Apr 13, 2010

Warm feet are conducive to good writing. Plum sauce does not lend itself to alliteration.

One of the many rewarding things I do at work is visiting patients on home visits.  This morning I visited a pair of octogenerian sisters with the most amazing collection of pot plants, chocolate, biscuit tins, cats and newspapers.  I was not allowed to leave without a bunch of flowers from the garden.  It was a great privelege to be allowed into their world and have them share memories of their past lives together and their hopes for the future.  All I had to do in return was to do everything in my power to try and keep them in their house for as long as possible.  Between the nurse and I, I think we've got a good plan to achieve this.

The only downside is that the sisters are advocates of fresh air and its widespread circulation through their house.  It was so cold.  It's been several hours, hot cups of tea and a cardi or two later and I am still feeling as if I've got a touch of Bronte lung - that pulmonary affliction that seems to affect so many Bronte heroines and renders a wild flush to their faces and their spirits. So be warned - I'm feeling flushed.  Plus I took those fancy panadols with ibuprofen.  Who knows where it's all going to lead on this post.

On the path of endless alliteration, it seems.

First it was that bunch of blooms.

Now we move on to flannel and fleece.

The first cold snap of the year has arrived in Sydney.  So it was flannel pyjamas to bed last night and a fleece vest over my running clothes this morning.  These are first signs of the SSG winter survival warodrobe.  In coming weeks, stay tuned for Explorer Socks, fake uggs, my Kathmandu fleece gloves and my beanies. 

I tell a lie.  I actually can't wait any longer.  It's getting really cold here and I have had to interrupt my train of thought to find my socks.....  That match my PJ bottoms.

And my uggs.  Warm feet are more conducive to good writing.  If not this post then possibly in a future one?  I'm sorry if I'm not making too much sense tonight but we are in a time of Excitement.  I have a few planned excursions that I managed to book today (the freedom of having my roster for the next few months) plus some interesting developments to explore.  These should then be sources of inspiration for different kinds of posts for this blog.

This week Terry combines Italian high fashion with Vietnamese comfort food.  The flavours are Vietnamese, the budget cheapish and the metaphors fashionista.  Xage, 333 Crown Street, Surry Hills, tel 9332 3344.  We begin with a confession that I can identify with - insisting on "going to any restaurant I can't get into".  And end with a favourable reference to Moschino,  pronouncing Xage, "cheap and chic".  I so want to go too.  Xage, out of curiousity, is actually pronounced Sage.  There is also a great emphasis on sauces and the magic they work.

In other Good Living news, the Iron Chef 6 course degustation is coming to Sydney.  I was so tempted to go, what cool photos would there be?  There would be heaps of fellow bloggers there too so I wouldn't feel completely odd pointing and shooting.  The only thing(s) not quite selling the experince to me - $385 per head and the show itself puts me to sleep.

Does referencing a multitude of Australian food identities before you've even cooked dinner somehow imbue whatever you're going to cook with deliciousness?

I only ask because in addition to Terry and Donna, I also have Huey tonight!!  He's done a Paul Newman and has his own range of sauces out.  Berenberg also makes my favourite tomato chutney.

I'm making the Donna Hay plum sauce chicken with Huey's own No1 Asian Sauce.  I am hoping that the label does not lie.  Very easy.  Marinade your chicken breasts in 1/2 cup plum sauce, 1/2 cup or so vegetable oil and 2 tsp grated ginger.  I added some crushed garlic and chopped spring onion to an oiled pan before frying.  Serve with rice and bok choy.

I am so behind the times.  Still haven't caught up with The Good Wife from Sunday.  Will leave you then as I catch up with the suits and the scandal.


  1. how cool to be able to do home visits!!

  2. SSG, it's always a great pleasure to read about your day. Especially in the witty style it is written. And, I would love to catch up with Sakai, but not at the cost of almost 2 x anniversary meals at Tetsuya's.

  3. Your plum sauce chicken looks very pretty!

  4. That looks tasty, hope that you have warmed up...I dislike being cold as well...a hot water bottle helps!

  5. Ohhhh - the Good Wife was a brilliant episode!! Made me want to come back for more. Loved it. And thanks for the recipe - that's a keeper.
    Am sitting here (in Canberra in 2 degree temp) in my uggs, flannel and sipping tea.
    Go to DFF Day 188 for yet another award :)

  6. L - thank you, thank you!! Enjoy Noosa.

    Hostess - I think you are right, I need a hot water bottle.

    foodwink - sigh, 'tis very pricy indeed.

    Cathy - thank you :-)

    christine - it is nice to get out into the community.

    SSG xxx

  7. It has definitely turned a chill and I was in my JC fleece yesterday. As of yesterday I am full caught up with The Good Wife-love that show! :D

  8. Ditto to Foodwink - SSG, your blog makes for resplendent reading (o what's this? my own dimunitive dabble in alliteration?... sans ibuprofen :)
    And also ditto to Cathy - your dinner is plated to perfection!

  9. Lorraine - I am craving JC too myself now :-) Re The Good Wife, 2 week break again....

    Emma - thank you, you alliterate well even without the ibuprofen :-)

  10. I wore socks to bed this week for the first time this year. Summer is a distant memory.


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