May 9, 2010

6 & 10. I'm back!


After a long break, I'm back.  Just got off the plane an am unpacking.  It was lovely to be away but I am glad to be home, a further week off beckons. 

Thanks for all the kind messages whilst I was away.  It's good to be back blogging and I've been trying to keep up with you all on your blogs too.

More about the trip later, S over at Semi Expat In Oz passed on these challenges to me.  We are supposed to reveal the 6th and 10th photos that we posted on our blogs.

6th photo

Chocolate courtesy of Haigh's. where else?  I was still a novice at blogging at this stage and trying to figure out the 'direction' of my blog.  Food, fashion, life?  I've decided that there is no one direction for this blog.  I'm just going to blog about whatever comes up in my life.  It keeps me interested and hopefully interesting and not too predictable.

10th photo
Image courtesy of

Isn't it funny that the iPad (or it's very delayed Australian release) is still news 3 months later?  Perhaps not, apple is the master of marketting.

I've decided to not buy an iPad - at least the first generation.  It's one more thing to carry around and I have to admit, I still think it's basically a large iPhone.

That's all from me for now, folks. 

Hope the mothers and mothers-to-be are having a wonderful day.

I'm off to unpack further (gulp.  6kg overweight with our luggage, and I am at fault) and start up dinner for tonight.  Slow cooker soup!


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  1. Heya welcome home lovely girl :)
    Hope your trip was great and I look forward to hearing about it.
    I've missed you xx
    Thanks for the message on my blog - it was a nice night.


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