May 9, 2010

80s Decor Is Forgiven, But Not the 'Fashion'. Resort Living. The Big O and the Skinny HB.

I've just been downloading all my photos from the trip.  It's the best part of unpacking after a trip away, in my humble opinion.

I'm going to start from the very beginning and see how we go.

Mr SSG and the boys from work were stoked to find beers both at Sydney airport (nothing like a few casual beers at 3pm on a Tuesday) and also at Brisbane airport - in the cool drink fridge, just above the salads and nudie juices.  We had to fill in the time somehow.  Our booked shuttle bus to Coolum was half an hour away, time enough for a round of beers.  I was appointed person responsible fairly early on in the piece, they were in safe hands.

We got into the Hyatt rather late on Tuesday night.  Yes, the decor is very 80s but the staff were so friendly and the facilities so good, I don't think anyone should hold the decor against the resort.  The 80s are back, aren't they?

We settled in for the night and slept like babies.  There's something about Queensland that is so relaxing.  The weather, the people, the space, the smooth roads, the lack of traffic.  Even the kookaburras were leisurely with their morning cackle.  The kookas back in Sydney always sounded a little distressed as they delivered their brief and to the point express morning call.

Day One went by quickly.  Not too many photos on account of stress over my presentation.  Thankfully, I presented my paper on the first day.  Which translates into "I can wear jeans and thongs for the rest of the conference and ditch the suit".  It was actually a bit of a buzz seeing my abstract in print, the culmination of a fair bit of stress and sleepless nights.

Which meant that by the evening, I really didn't have any energy of functioning brain cells left.

The perfect time to open the latest Australian Harper's Bazaar.  It was a rather thin issue for $10.95 (would have hoped that the cover price would have bought some heavy hitting advertorials).  Especially as it was the Australian Fashion Week Issue.  Other than the free T-shirt - designed by Collette Dinnigan, I am struggling to remember what the issue was actually about.  I  have decided that there is more value to be had in the weekly gossips - at least there's something to read and a certain reliability in the photographic content.

One of my workmates bought the same issue at the airport for the same reason - a spare T to take to Coolum.  She got the grey.  We wore our Ts on the same day, without prior co-ordination.  I wore mine over a white tank, she wore hers under a white smock T.  We both went with skinnies.  It was inspired styling, I have to say.  We also shared the same verdict regarding the actual magazine. 

A real person wearing the T.  Note the marble and pine of the bathroom.  I was probably in primary school when this resort was built.  I do have a great love for marble.  It is very cooling in summer.  When my brothers and I visited relatives in Singapore as children, I distinctly remember lying on the marble floors and making 'marble angels' (as opposed to snow angels that children of the ski slopes make) to cool down during afternoon nap time.

Luckily, I didn't stop at the magazine on my travels through the airport newsagency.  I bought the Kitty Kelley biography on Oprah.  The novel is seen here in the company of my phone in resort mode, courtesy of a tokidoki gelaskin iPhone cover and my orange handbag.  Because we're in Queensland and I had to embrace colour in at least one aspect of my wardrobe whilst I was here.

In other exciting developments, I can vouch for the supplied hairdryer.  It's not Parlux but it's pretty powerful for a hotel room hair appliance.  The tropical resort holiday was also as good a reason as any to become reacquainted with my Nars bronzer.  We have been strangers to each other for too long.  The blush is allegedly a dead set duplicate of Nars' orgasm blusher.  That's two big O's covered in one hotel room.  Not bad.

For some strange reason, I pack heaps of make up on holidays.  The logic being that all that spare time and those large well lit bathrooms will somehow induce me to wear makeup daily.  It's always more hope than reality.  There were 3 foundations on this trip - a shu nobara, mac studiofix and mac mineralize skin finish.  All excellent.

It all sounded a bit like hard work.  So before getting ready for dinner, I stepped out onto the back porch of our room and had a look around.  Porches are very useful for airing things and I was grateful for its inclusion in our room.  There was great logic in 80s architecture.  May not look great but it is functional.

I fell in love with the endless greenery and the easy walking paths.  The path in this photo leads directly to Village Square - which featured practically all the dining options at the resort.  More details to follow.

Some people may unpack candles to make their hotel rooms feel a little more homely - I decorated with my book and my package of snack pack prunes.  As regular readers will know, interiors are not my forte.

Briefly on Oprah the biography.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I had very negative preconceptions of Kitty Kelley.  I remember all the hype over her previous biographies but hadn't actually read any of them.  I found her work well researched and though she does delve into the negatives of Oprah's life, Kelley did give credit where it was due.  It was a page turner, I found myself awake at odd hours, picking it up and reading feverishly.  A great holiday read.

There were many firsts on this little getaway.  It was the first time I'd bought a beer for Mr SSG (we rehearsed what to say to the barman at the airport for around 15 minutes, and then I forgot which beer he wanted) and I got a room service coke zero.  I was desperate and the corner shop on the resort was as expensive.  I savoured every drop.

I've decided to run with a few 'real time' paragraphs in between holiday flashbacks.  That way, those of us aren't on holiday don't feel too  out of place.  Hope this suits.

Below we have random items from the SSG kitchen that survived whilst we were away.  There was also some Coles 5 Star beef mince (5 Stars for quality, I presume, as opposed to hotel ratings) which was defrosting in the microwave.  Don't do it, readers, defrosting meat in the microwave.  The edges turn grey and rubbery and the only salvation is to brown it and place into the slow cooker and hope for the best.  Which is what we're doing here at The Manor.  We have eaten far too well for far too many days to order takeaway tonight.

I can't quite remember which of the jars got shaken in with the mince, but rest assured, most of them were.  In an ideal world, 4 hours in the slow cooker on high with the pictured ingredients would result in a beef and cabbage soup.

Here it is.


Which we ate whilst catching up on Glee and The Good Wife.  I forgot to record the Glee does Madonna episode!  Just as well I caught the tail end of it while we were away.  Made me crave a bit more Madge on my iTunes.

Have to go  now, I need all my concentration to follow The Good Wife.  It's the diction and the plots conspiring against me.  Masterchef is starting to look more attractive.

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  1. You can buy the Glee ep on iTunes for $2.99

    Thanks for sharing your getaway with us. How funny about the matching tees!

    And hope your presentation went well :)


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