May 30, 2010

The Colours Of Sport. Topics Of National Interest.

As winter makes its mark on Sydney, change is in the air as its citizens begin to adapt and stop being in denial about the shorter periods of daylight and cooler mornings.

The wearing of hats that could be tea cosies with scarves that are at least twice your body length is obligatory.  Bonus points if the scarves have a point of difference such as texture or large sections of open weave.  Hat and scarf from Country Road as part of their current 30% off knitwear sale.

I was off to yoga this morning so it went without saying that I wore birkis as well - but my winter ones.  If I can adapt, perhaps the youngsters that insist on wearing havs in the rain with jeans or leggings (as pants) can wear shoes or boots this winter?  Idle thought.

Fortunately, the studio was fully heated when I got there with Mr SSG.  Today's class was deceptive in its use of props.  It looked like we weren't doing much with the door frames, walls and belts over our shoulders and legs but I left the class fully aware of my lower back and hips.

I missed out on the Socceroo's car flag with the paper this weekend (why does home delivery always exclude you from the freebies?) and was unable to find a green and gold Socceroo supporter's jumper on our shopping expedition yesterday.  Which is crazy because the matches will all be on at night (local time), in the middle of winter and it'll be cold work standing outside in the Darling Harbour Fan Fest area watching the live telecast.

I got my green and gold in anyway by making a Socceroo supporter soup.  I think there'll be enough in there to get us through the Cup season.  According to Jamie Oliver, celery hearts are full of flavour - which is why we have one in the soup.  I also put in a few chicken pieces for lean protein.  It is not only the players that need nutrionally balanced meals in this demanding time of year.  Australia needs a lean, mean supporting team.

This is the top I was hoping to find yesterday.

Image courtesy of

Pim Verbeek's personalized blue jumper.  I'm especially enamoured of the yellow lettering.  Pretty neutral about the Qantas logo.  Too late to ask Pim if I can borrow one of his jumpers, the team is already in South Africa acclimatizing.  Might have to email Nike and ask if there are any small sample sized versions around at the moment. 

Lunch time rolled around all too soon.  Here we are witnessing a classic winter ritual in the SSG Manor kitchen - waiting for the kettle to boil, sushi and extra wasabi ready, piece of chocolate selected and the slow cooker on for dinner.

It's all very calming and conducive to thinking about the world and who Kerry O'Brien could potentially interview and play mind games with this week.
Top kill has tanked and that BP has decided to move on with a lower marine riser package cap.  It has been said that this is Obama's Katrina.  However this disaster ends, one thing is for certain - developments will be conveyed eloquently by The President in effective yet simple prose.

Which brings us to the  unrelated matter of that topic close to every Sandgroper's heart - Fremantle's current form in the AFL the Super Tax.  The conclusion to which will be neither eloquent or concise.  There's a whole lot of ambiguous negotiation going on involving tax percentages and the urgent need for an advertising campaign funded by taxpayers to avert what the Government perceives will be a 'compelling reason' of 'misinformation' on the part of the mining companies' ad campaigns and 'a national disaster' should the tax not eventuate.

Perhaps the ad campaign should reference other issues of national interest, since we are paying for it: the iPad, the Socceroos chances in South Afric and SATC2.  In two minds about the SATC2.  The reviews have not been overly positive and for me, the first film stood on its own and was a natural and gracious point to end the journey.  On the other hand - the fashion and the chance to see what being in the domestic doldrums with Mr Big is like (is this not a contradiction in terms?). 

Kerry, I know you probably won't be able to interview Chris Noth for me  but I await your efforts regarding the Super Tax.

It's hungry work blogging about the world in winter.  Arnotts  now have Nacho Cheese flavoured Shapes.  They are a more restrained and crisp version of corn chips of the same flavour.  I am describing the colour of the box as Pim Verbeek blue.


  1. So I regret to tell you that I declined the Socceroos flag that was offered to me with The Age this morning.
    However, I have a crush on the newsagent guy. I once gave him a valentine. He calls me Carls. I think it's unrequited love. I could go see him and ask him for one and bring it when I'm in Sydney mid-June?

  2. Sounds like a plan, Carly :-)

    SSG xxx

  3. Love that the Soceroos need a lean, mean supporting team!! And love the look of your soup - very colourful... Wrap up warm and cosy... looks like Wednesday night here in Melbourne is going to go down to 4 degrees! x


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