May 10, 2010

Eyeliner Demons Conquered. We Celebrate With Dinner At Eliza's, Coolum.

There's only trend from the 80s I've  been game enough to revisit recently.  Body con in body forgiving black heavy weight fabric.  As well as being my cue to lament the absence of Zara on Australian shores - yet again.  This is a Zara dress from KL.

Which era to get eye makeup inspiration from?  Decided to play it safe with black eyeliner.

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to get winged eyeliner.  Not just in theory, but on my very own eyelids.  With some chocolate for Dutch courage, I started with black pencil eye liner (Clinique's cream shaper in Black Diamond, easy to apply and smudges only when you want it to).  Then I went over the line with the Bobbi Brown gel liner.  Finally figured out that Bobbi Brown's eyeliner brush is in fact the best thing to apply it with.  To get the flick, all you need to do is place your index finger at the outer corner of your eyelid and flick it up.  Creating a flick of eyeliner.  Then, all you do is go over the line with a liquid eyeliner to get your desired blackness and thickness of the flick.  It is fool proof and pretty quick.

With perfectly flicked eyeliner and zipped into my dress, Mr SSG and I went to dinner, at Eliza's in Hyatt Regency Coolum 1 Warran Road, Yaroomba, QLD, 4573 phone: (07) 5446 1234.

Some atmospheric shots.

The wood ceilings, rafters and the fire place made the restaurant feel cozy.  As if you were at the holiday home of your boss.  The big plus though, is that there is no onus on you here to make polite and obsequious chit chat.

Your boss possibly may not have this many table settings in their dining room, a tip for young players.  So, go ahead, explore that wine list.

The amuse bouche - tomato and coconut soup.

Such richly flavoured food and outside the tranquility of tropical plants, decking and water features.

Dukkha, olive oil and bread.

Tidying up after a outdoor evening reception, I love the gold coloured decorations, they remind me of Russian castles.  Resorts are such magical places.  So many things going on, people out to relax, celebrate, dine, conference and get fit.

Starting with our entrees.  I had zucchini flowers with chilli jam.  As you will see, I came to love batter and oil the longer I stayed in Coolum.

Mr SSG's ocean trout, potatoes and creme fraiche.

Palate cleanser of lemon, basil and champagne.

Coconut rice and sesame green beans.

Duck with bok choy.

Chowder with prawns and mussels.

Service was friendly and efficient.  I did have time to take a look around though and found the decor restful and conducive to the crucial decision of what to have for dessert.

Praline tart with cherries.

It was truly a fantastic dinner.  Sophisticated flavours, fresh produce and a reassuring substantiality to each course.

I went back to our room and slept for around 10 hours, that's how content I was.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the dress and your mandarin LV in the other entry.
    I use to work for Hyatt Coolum - yes, very 80s especially some of the carpet, but the resort-feel and Eliza's is lovely - did you or Mr SSG play golf?

  2. Hello, TheStylishShoeGirl, yes, Mr SSG played heaps of golf. We loved Eliza's.

    SSG xxx


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