May 28, 2010

Five years On A Friday.

Written in response to a meme from the fabulous She Wore It Well - thank you for mentioning me and passing the on the challenge.  I love reading your blog and suggest you click on the link yourself.

Where were you five years ago?

When I thought about this question, I had a laugh because I wasn't confident that I'd be able to find any photographs that old on my laptop that would tell a story about my life in 2005.  Prior to the arrival of facebook and blogger to into my life, the only photos I really took were photos of friends and family.  These days, thanks to the immediacy of camera phones, I have photos of practically every pivotal moment of my life and if I were to write about my life a year ago, I'd have plenty of photos to illustrate the post.

The photo above is the one of the oldest I have on my laptop.  It was taken in 2007, when I was in Malaysia with my mum and aunty.  It was the last holiday I took as an 'unmarried daughter' and the trip was all about last minute wedding preparations.  I had just passed some harrowing exams and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, to be replaced with the challenges of organizing a Perth wedding from Sydney.

It was a special time because, for my mum and aunty, there was the feeling that their relationship with me would change after the trip and the wedding in 2008.  In some ways I would be closer to them in terms of the shared experience of being married and  having my own household to run and at the same time there would be distance created in my being someone's wife.  I think parents and their sacrifices are wasted on their non adult children.  It is only now as I'm married myself and have seen a little more of the 'real world' through university and work life that I am beginning to understand what it means to try and raise a child responsibly and with love.

However, back to 2005.  I was back in my home town of Perth, living with my parents.  Life was predictable and governed by my work schedule.  It was the life version of a favourite set of well worn flannel pyjamas (as I thought, at the time).  I'd found my groove in the record player of life and was happy for it to stay on play for the forseeable future.

I was single and pretty happy with how I was dealing with it (being single, getting close to 30, female and Chinese exposes a person to considerable scrutiny in Perth).  I was enjoying all the benefits of 'being on my own', realizing that I could get through the failures and disappointments with my own inner strength and resilience and not thinking too hard about 'finding Mr Big'.  This all sounds incredibly self absorbed, but if you're reading this and you've been through your late 20s single, you may well know where I'm coming from and the mind shifts this paragraph summarizes.

I know I say this with the benefit of the retrospectoscope (and the suppression of memoried of difficult and painful events) but life really was very simple for me in Perth.

Mr SSG arrived on the scene in 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history.  For work reasons, moving to Sydney seemed like a good idea, We got engaged in 2007.  I moved over in January and Mr SSG came across for his job later that year. 

Where would you like to be five years from now?

I love Sydney but am not sure if we will still be here in 5 years.  Both our families are in Perth and we are close to both sets of parents.  I think family has a big say in where people eventually 'settle down'.

Work and personal life wise?  I'd like to be doing a bit more research and non clinical stuff for a while.  I've started writing papers and find the process just as rewarding as it is frustrating.  There's also the reality of there perhaps not being enough consultant positions in the city and how best to spend the time waiting for a position.  The realities of life post training.  Things you never think too hard about whilst trying to pass exams and fulfil College requirements.  Real Life in other words.

Applications for research scholarships are opening soon for next year and I'm going to apply.  I hope to have my letters by next year (at last!!) and am relishing the idea of being a student again....  We're also hoping to start that elusive family in the near future.  Mentally, I like to think I'm ready for this but I appreciate that just because a girl can survive a 9 months straight of shift work (4 days, 4 nights, 4 days off - continuously) doesn't necessarily mean that one can look after a newborn.  You can actually find out the problem at work whereas cries are a lot harder to decipher.

What is on your to do list today?

  1. Go for a run in the morning even though it's dark and cold and it's more warm and comfy in bed.  I did it - the threat of wild weather keeping me indoors all weekend did it.
  2. Observe One Woman (that would be me) Casual Friday by wearing black skinny jeans.  Skinnies and black top - Cotton On.  Woollen wrap top - Target.  Necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.
  3. Get to doctor's appointment and then to work.  Everything went to plan and to schedule.  I love days like that.
  4. Eat something different for lunch.  Had a prawn and pasta salad.  That counts as breaking new culinary ground in my book.
  5. Get my resident home early since he has held the fort at work whilst I've been running around Sydney sorting out my foot.  He was car pooling with his girlfriend so couldn't leave early but at least he had half an hour to surf the net and have a chat about iPhones and iPads with me.
  6. Do the grocery shopping.  What is going on with the price of lamb forequarter chops at Coles these days?  $15 for a half dozen?
  7. Catch up on last night's Glee.   Didn't get to Lost because the AFL is on and I had to surrender the remote.
  8. Take a break from cooking and get Mr SSG to order Thai home delivery.  Iyara on Cowell St, Gladesville, 02 9879 4788.

I love the brown paper bags.  I took photos of the two dishes I ordered - fresh spring rolls and pad see ew.  Things got messy by the time we got to Mr SSG's duck and the tofu dish.  My fingers were too sticky to take photos.

What five snacks do you enjoy?
  1. Ginger nut biscuits
  2. Prunes
  3. Fruit and nut mix
  4. Lindor balls - I aim for the singular though
  5. Rice crackers

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

I've never really wanted to be a billionaire.  I've read about the things people do with their money with reactions that range from awe at the altruistic and bemusement at the reckless acts of extravagance but I've never felt envy for any of them.  The money often comes at some cost (personal or otherwise) and with no guarantee of lasting happiness.

If I were a billionaire though, the first thing I'd do would be to provide financial security and goodwill for all the people and institutions that have helped me get to where I am with my life right now.  My parents, brothers and extended family.  My teachers at school.  My lecturers at uni.  The clinicians who have inspired, taught and believed in me.

Now, I'd like to pass on this meme to 5 bloggers I love:

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Hope you're all having a lovely Friday evening.


  1. Hmmm... a few things:
    1. 'snaps' for your dedication of cold-winter-morning jogging.
    2. I agree, parental sacrifices are lost on nonadult children. Particularly since I have had my own children, I have had a huge appreciation for the childhood my parents provided me (which of course at the time, I completely took for granted!)
    3. Ditto on Coles! Completely out of control! (Do you watch Masterchef? I have to laugh that Coles is their sponsor, with the tagline of 'where masterchefs shop'. AS IF they actually do! The other week there was a challenge involving duck and lavender. LOL - have you ever seen these ingredients at Coles? I can struggle to get a leek sometimes. hehehehe. But enough of my off-topic ranting...

  2. Hi girl:)
    Thanks for the mention, and i will post my answer tomorrow:)

    Have a great day - SP

  3. Hello SSG,

    Thanks for the tag. I have done your meme ^_^

    Omg my mum chucks a tantrum at the Coles advertising. She's like "OMG HAVE YOU SEEN OUR LOCAL COLES? ITS A DISGRACE! rant rant rant"
    And it's absolutely true. Coles is disgusting and disturbing at the best of times.

    I hope you wear earmuffs when jogging in the cold ^_^

    I like how you're being nice to your resident. I follow this amusing blog about med school...

    Have a lovely weekend full of GOOD weather!

  4. Hi SSG... i will definitely do it girl... honestly i haven't read this post yet but i will read it by this Sunday.. promise :-) and thanks for tagging me

  5. Nice to learn more about you SSG:).


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