May 11, 2010

Getting Dressed For Getting On My Bike. Adressing Critically Low Chocolate Supplies At SSG Manor.

It didn't take long for Mr SSG to issue a challenge to me during our stay at the resort.  To go bike riding around the property, down to the beach.  I haven't ridden a bike in my adult life, am down to my adult (and final) set of real teeth and don't bounce of bitumen as well as I used to - so I was understandably apprehensive.

But row after row of gleaming blue bikes awaited me at the bike shed - either powder blue or the more macho metallic ocean blue.  The looked so liberated and innocuous.  The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze.  How could I say no?

There's possibly only one situation where grown women can wear denim shorts with cuffs and peasant blouses topped off with a quirky brown cap - and that is on a resort.  It's a very situation specific kind of outfit and it's a situation that doesn't come up all that often.  I chose to embrace it and bare my knees with abandon.

Humming various push bike songs and having flashbacks of romantic bike sequences from the movies, Mr SSG and I were on our way around the property.  I found my balance pretty quickly and learned to work with any speed I built up and not brake against it.

It really was as idyllic as these photos suggest.  That vivid blue sky, the fluffy white clours and the lush greenery.

Due to the sun, I think the water lillies got a little sunburned.  They fill a lake that surround the front of the resort.

Lake, driving range, forrest and Mount Coolum in the background.  I remember thinking how benign and 'easy' Mount Coolum looked from here, was that a smooth path carved into the side of it I saw?  Famous last thoughts, as I will explain in a future post.

After an easy bike ride across the golf course, we found ourselves at one of the pools.  It turns out that the back gate of this particular pool area offers direct access to the resort's private area of the beach.

The surf report is updated regularly and is very descriptive, I think.

Given the pessimistic surf conditions, it was pretty quiet on the beach.  There was the life guard sitting in the tower, a beach buggy and most of us on the beach were keeping well away from the surf, it was pretty vicious.


I am yet to master the nuances of beach photography but here we have surf, sand and distant peaks.  We were looking toward the town centre in this photo.  Can you feel the beach air from your laptop?


It was time to head back, but not without a gratuitous photo of my sand crusted Crocs.  The fashion world has a  mostly hate-hate relationship with these plasticy, rubbery, ugly items of footware but they are very practical on the beach.  They are light, wash and dry easily and are 'closed toe' for those moments where you walk off the beach into a surf club for lunch as I am wont to do whilst on  holiday.

Never one to be shy of my love of The Kitty - I found these Hello Kitty Croc ... studs?? in Singapore and had to buy them.

A short bike ride later, we were back at the club house.

I still can't get over the highly manicured lawns.  There seemed to be staff on lawn mower buggies out on the green every day.  I resisted the temptation to run barefoot across it.

I have no idea what the numbers mean on the little rock above but I do appreciate the 'no mobile phone' sign in the background.  I have a feeling this is a very loosely enforced regulation.  How can anyone be expected to close a deal on the 8th hole without the technical back up of a mobile phone?

And who should we discover on the walk home but the resort's pet kangaroos?  They had stopped off for afternoon tea on the shady lawns near the Village Square.  They are a family used to the media glare.  They were all unfazed by my jumping around and snapping away.

Then, it was time to hop along to find some peace and quiet in the bush.

A photo of our room, nestled amongst the trees.

Besides bikes, you can roam the property on the shuttle bus.  They come by every 10 minutes.  It was especially helpful for the older patrons and young families (not to mention those of us that wore out our legs rock climbing and the like).

Mural on a wall of the Town Square.

Back to reality and it was time to restock the pantry after being away for so long.  I think my idea of pantry staples differs to that of the generally accepted understanding of the term.

First item of interest - revamped 'shake and bake' chicken mix (the oven bag is included).  The weather is getting cooler in Sydney and I am feeling the need for more chicken drum sticks in my diet.  Coating meats using the plastic bag method is one of my favourite cooking techniques and when it is followed by cooking in the same bag, well, that's utility isn't it?

Chocolate stores have reached dangerous lows at SSG Manor.  Fortunately, there was favourable pricing at Coles.  Half price Lindor ball gift boxes and chocolate weet-bix.  At least one of those must be at least half healthy.  I got all 3 kinds of Lindor box because I need diversity in my chocolate intake.  Milk, dark chocolate with flavours and the golden 'excellent standby gift' selection (milk, dark and white).

There's something different about eating Lindor balls out of a gift box as opposed to loose from a plastic box.  It suggests excitable ladies in dressing gowns, fluffy bed slippers and tightly permed hair seeking solace in chocolate and romantic videos.....  Which sounds very late 70s, early 80s.  In which case it would have been a box of Cadbury or Red Tulip perhaps?

Speaking of which - it's half price Tuesday at Video Ezy.  I'm on leave, I must remember to take advantage and have a DVD sit-in today.  With the Lindor balls but with uggs, hoodie and leggings as opposed to the fashion of my previous thought.  It's important to be fashionable/current, even in times of wallowing.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Looks like a LOVELY holiday! I had a bouquet of lindor chocolates delivered to my hubby for our anniversary. It looked beautiful!

  2. Looks like you've had a great time. Love the picture of the water lilies - so pretty and calming. Looking forward to your Tuesday Terry segment :D


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