May 13, 2010

Lounging As Lounge Music Plays Through Foxtel. Window Shopping. Lunch At Cafe Sydney.

May I just say that the pure music channels on through Foxtel are awesome.  Not the video hits channels, the radio you get through surfing on the music channel tab.  Channel "Lounge" is a mix of Hotel Costes amongst others. It's a pleasant change from news, sport and lifestyle  (how is plastic surgery addiction "lifestyle"?).

It was another glorious sunny day today.  A bit chilly to start with but I had an extra hot shower, defrosted my feet on the front verandah, had a few cups of tea and was on my way. 

I'm holding onto the warmth any way I can.  Looking for colour wherever I could.

The Bodum bike taxis.  I like the slogan, "make taste, not waste" - I can relate.  The cauliflower soup from last night was a great success, using up all the dying cauliflower, carrots and onions in our fridge with the bonus of having enough for another 4 serves.

I love the Sportsgirl window at the moment.  The colour coded shelves of knick knacks that match the trademark rainbow stripes of the Sportsgirl logo.

Good news - it's not all boho or Madonna 'Boy Toy' lace.

The Ellery collaboration.  From memory - the pink print dress is around $199.  Couldn't find the Arnsdorff collection.  Which I was really hoping to see.

This is a view of the Neuron 2010, a sculpture by Roxy Paine that was installed on the lawns of the MCA for The 17th Sydney Biennale.  It's a sculpture of stainless steel, about 1097 cm high.

Mr SSG works in one of these buildings - either the reflected one or the one doing the reflecting.  I can't tell which but he saw the photo and mentioned 'that's my building'.

Using my navigating skills (my iPhone) - I found my way to Cafe Sydney, where I was meeting Mr SSG for a lunch date.  Cafe Sydney is on the 5th floor of Customs House, 21 Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000.

The front deck of the restaurant is just visible in my photo, above.

There's a library in Customs House, where you can read the paper (editions from all over the world are available), use the internet or look at a below ground map of the Rocks area.

I took the lift up and waited for Mr SSG.

It got busy pretty quickly, but I managed to sneak in a photo of the view from where we were sitting out on the deck.  It's a mainly corporate crowd, but more on the hip and relaxed side than the formal.  Besides the menus, the wait staff enquire about any time constraints on the meal.  I think it's code for "what time do you have to get back to work? (or is it going to be a loooong lunch)".

For the print and textile fans, recognition of Florence Broadhurst is made on the front page of the drinks menu.  The menus were the only place I could find prints.  Might have to look harder next time.  This is so not a gratuitous handbag shot... Florence was a vibrant Australian who created 'vigorous designs for modern living'.  She was an accomplished singer, went to Shanghai and then on to London where she had a Bond St dress salon.  In my mind, she is the Australian Coco Chanel.  In my mind this photo is portraying this connection, nothing less(!?).

Mr SSG providing a suitbaly corporate backdrop to the sourdough bread rolls and errr petite champagne flutes.  I hope it's not just me and my champange flute dysmorphic syndrome.

In business lunch form, we went straight to mains with no sides.  Actually, I was keen to have room for dessert.

My tandoori oven roasted ocean trout with lentils.  Strangely, not orange or tanned.  But delicious.

Mr SSG's whole snapper.   He was pleased with it.

Yes!!  Room for dessert.  Baked coconut cheesecake with cherries.

Given the corporate feel, it wasn't really the place for me to hop around and snap away.  I can only push my tourist disguise so far....

Nevertheless, whilst waiting for the lift - I snuck in a few.  The dining room has a very spacious feel.  In part bcause of the definite changes in decor from one area to the next.

I think this is where you'd be able to sit for drinks.  The walls on the right are floor length wine fridges.  I think the walls need their own security judging by some of the shelves I walked past.  Should have taken a photo.....  The ladies' is another Advocate Of Aesop toiletries, I am happy to confirm.

There is a very impressive menu of cocktails - both alcoholic and non.

I like the sound of the local Iced Tea, aplogies, Long Island.

This is probably another drinks area.  Or maybe the 'High Tea or good old mug of instant coffee and a twin pack of Arnotts' biccies (courtesy of the tea trolley lady) at 4pm' lounge.  Does corporate Australia observe High Tea or even afternoon snack time as religiously as I do? 

I didn't have time to ask.  We were on our way out.  Mr SSG back to work and me... an artistic journey.  Will tell you about that tomorrow.

Okay, I think I've found the Broadhurst.  I have a feeling that the wallpaper in the front reading room is from the hand of Florence (well her mind at least, she died in 1977).

Those beautful old world light fixtures, the carpet runner on top of a marble floor.  An oasis of calm and order in the heart of the banker end of town.  They really should have their afternoon snacks here.  It would do wonders for the mind.

I will catch up with you all tomorrow.  Italian Food Safari, Glee and... Tony Abbott's response to the budget are all beckoning.

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  1. I really must make it back to Cafe Sydney some time soon. First time I went, Daddy BuBbles and I had a fantastic, romantic dinner together but the second time we took a friend visiting from overseas and sadly the service was very poor. But... in the interests of research, I'm willing to give it another go :)

  2. It wasn't just you, they did appear rather squat champagne glasses :)

  3. PS. I am being interviewed for another blog about the design of my babies' nurseries and obviously they want pictures to go with this... as I tried to, unsuccessfully, capture the sanctuary of their rooms I thought to myself 'If only I had SSG here... she'd get the perfect snap!' Alas...

  4. BuBbles: service was friendly. Good luck.

    Emma: thanks for agreeing. BTW - AWESOME news about the blog interview. You must post a link when it's all up and running. Can't wait.

    SSG xxx


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