May 11, 2010

An Outstandingly Orange Day. Bouncing the Budget Back To Black. Bruschetta at Bruschetta.

Well, I've had a lovely day today.  The sun is shining, it's warm but cool enough to layer. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year, even if it's darker on the way to work and when you leave to go home.  But... I'm not at work (this week) so I get to enjoy the full benefits of the season.

It's just the time of the year to wear a bit of orange to brighten up a dark coloured outfit.  Which today, is an artful layering of cotton on tops, leggings and a Zara denim skirt. 

Orange further brightened the rest of my day.  Does this make me an Orange Person?  Hope not, that was a nasty part of the 80s that should stay there even if we've managed to allow the fashion to revisit us.

The latest STYD is a very good read.  It's a 'body image' issue but well put together and very informative.  There was a fascinating and well written article from the point of view of  'larger' lady who works in fashion and was very honest about her trials and tribulations clothes shopping.  Plus an interesting make-up tip involving painting mascara on to lashes with an eyeliner brush to replicate that 'false lash' effect.  Might have to give that a go.

There was a lot of 'the usual' - dressing for your body type etc etc but it was well put together and has given me alot of inspiration for the coming season.  There were lots of normal ladies, fashion people and lots of clothes - just what you'd want from a fashion magazine.  Bravo, STYD!

I'm in the process of watching my $2.95 new releases too.  It's Complicated is hilarious.  It's very funny, witty, intelligent and I love the positive and non-patronizing way getting older has been portrayed.  The chemistry between Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin makes the film.  Meryl Streep was born to play culinary geniuses.  She was also born to play fashion editors too.  She was just born to act.

I think The Time Traveller's Wife is going to be hard work though.  I've read the book but reckon the film is going to be more harrowing.  I do have plenty of chocolate on hand, at least.

But  not as hard as delivering the Federal Budget.  Or trying to explain the lack of fire in the Australian markets at the moment.  I love watching the Business Channel - there's so many flashing messages on the screen and everyone speaks so urgently.

This was Wayne Swan  on our  television earlier this morning.  He'd just been for a vigorous walk to Parliament House, addressed some school children who were on a school excursion and was meeting the press to deliver a brief preview of the budget.  Not much was given away but at least the key words were 'consolidation' and 'enduring gains' rather than 'austerity'.  We are on track to bounce back to black earlier than anticipated, it seems.  Not too sure of the other details - there's a different issue and policy each week at the moment.  I know it's the era of instant information and multi-tasking but it's tough keeping up with this government with regard to what is actually happening as opposed to the numerous ideas that are being proposed and debated.

On to more concrete concepts.  More holiday snaps.  Art work at the resort studio.

Stop, in the name of love!

Colourful ceramics from local artists.

After a pleasant stroll through the trees, we arrived at Bruschetta for dinner.

 Ciabatta with olive oil, pesto and an olive dip.

Mushroom, potato and rosemary soup.

Token glassware, candle and handbag photo.  Because where would this blog be without gratuitous accessory photographs?

Tomato and basil bruschetta.

Broccolini with toasted almonds.  I love my greens and need to have them for dinner every night.

Penne with prawns.

Prosecco because we were having pasta and it was appropriate to keep to the Italian theme.

Crab linguini.

There was no room for dessert, sadly.   The food was fanstastic.  I can be no more descriptive than that.

Colour, film, fashion, food, travel and politics.  Is there anything else I need to discuss today?

How could I forget - the Terry Durack segment.   This week we visit Al Aseel in Surry Hills, tel: 9690 1099.  Lebanese for 'the original', this restaurant is the sister of the original Al Aseel in Greenacre.  A restuarant I've been meaning to make the drive to for a few years now.  I'm still working on Mr SSG.  Perhaps he will agree to visiting the Surry Hills one?

Back to Terry.  There's bellydancing (or as Terry writes, "I'm more the belly.  But it's that sort of place.") and a wonderful crowd of "twentysomethings and forty-anythings".  Which is fitting for me and the afternoon I spent laughing out loud at the forty-anythings of It's Complicated.

We also learn an ordering strategy for Lebanese eating.  Look beyond the mixed platter and you will be pleasantly rewarded. 


  1. The food looks great SSG but I'm liking the orange bag A LOT! ;)

  2. Love the gratuitous glass and accessory photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the first bag, the orange one!!!!

    And the food looks delikcious.

    Follow you since now ;)


  4. Lorraine: thank you :-) I loved the Maze post. It's on my list now.

    FF: :-)

    B.M.H: thank you for stopping by and following. Off to check out your blog now.

    SSG xxx


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