May 3, 2010

A pupil of the school of disparate images.

Disparate images.  I'm sure I've heard that phrase a few times.  Possibly in relation to Shakespeare?  After googling, apparently not.   'Disparate images' seems to be the catch cry of photographic artists all over the world.  Not that I could put myself in the same class as they.  But perhaps it's a school of photography?  Like the different movements of painting and other art forms over the centuries.  In which case, I could be a pupil of the school of disparate images.

I've been winding down from the day by going though my photos from the weekend.  It's more fun than packing for the trip tomorrow.  All I have to do is put things from my list into my suitcase and then tick the item off the list but gee, I'm dragging my feet.  The good news is, I only have to work a half day tomorrow, so I can come home and finish packing. 

Until them, some more of my photos from the photography class on Saturday.  In no particular order.

Catching the colours of the sunset from the back of the ferry.

Finding an arc formed by a building's railings that makes your eyes travel into the picture.

A beautiful silhouette against the sunset.

The lights in a bar on the wharf.

Contrasting textures and colours at Cockatoo Island.  It has this industrial edge to it and the shapes and structures are just begging to be photographed.

And then there's the peaceful shades of the doors and limestone walled factories.

Rays of sun bursting through the clouds and the foaming waters beneath.

A star burst off the Bridge.

Gone fishin' - with million dollar views.

The woodfire at The Waterloo Pub.

Those flames are making me sleepy. 

Good night, all.


  1. Care to share details of the photography class? Gone fishin' is just fantastic. As is the the first pic - haven't seen such gorgeous sunset colours for a long time.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Great work. =)

  3. foodwink: focus 10 photography, google and there are many classes available :-) This was a one day course.

    Cliare Marie: thank you!

    SSG xxx

  4. That million dollar fishing shot would win awards! Not that I know anything about photography (or awards) but that is a seriously awesome shot! Nice work.


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