May 29, 2010

The Soundtrack Of Suburban Sydney. Mr SSG Strategizes. The Junger Enters The Sydney Urban Lexicon.

There is a certain soundtrack to my posts at the moment - that of the steady, heavy droplets of rain as they pound our roof.  If there were lyrics, they would be evoking practical ideas such as staying warm indoors with tea, toast, blankets and ugg boots (I need a snuggie, they are easier to walk around in than blankets) and the hotter than hot gas water heating system we have.  The chorus would be congratulating me for having had the foresight to have had the gutters cleaned early this year, installing that super efficient bathroom heater from New Zealand and forfeiting a mortgage repayment for the car to get the once over before winter (at least you get a free tin of sugarless mints at the garage, which I never get from the CBA - Mr Norris, I am looking at you and I know you're reading).

No where in those lyrics would the following line have arisen.  To quote Mr SSG, "Why don't we go to Chatswood on Saturday.  I need to buy a new pair of grey Bonds track pants."  Long time readers of this blog will no doubt appreciated the significance of this statement.  Mr SSG and recreational shopping are not natural bedfellows.

As I digested his words, Mr SSG quickly followed with a strategy:
  •  A short, sharp mission with no distractions.  
  • 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 and a quarter hours from car to trackpants and back.  No hostages, no distractions.  Chatswood being chosen over Bondi Junction for the critical factors of distance, 5 less distracting shops than BJ and the presence of Bread Talk (I'll go anywhere that Bread Talk leads).
  • A list of shops visited to be agreed upon prior to departure (what kind of a shopping trip involves only buying one pair of grey trackpants??).  VIP sales notice postcards will be accepted.  By the way, does anyone know what the free gift with the latest issue of donna hay magazine actually is?

  • 5 minutes hands on time with the apple iPad.
  • Side trip to Bread Top.
No fine print, no late submissions accepted.  We shook hands.

I heard an amusing story on the radio this week by the breakfast team on Nova about the Junction.  It's East, it's high end - the only Westfield in Australia I've been to with LV, Chanel and others. There is a dress code - nothing less than Victoria Beckham's interpretation of casual.  It's true, you have to dress up to do your weekly shop there.  There's none of that dropping in after work, a swim or yoga - preparation and grooming is key to your experience of The Junger.

Just thought I'd thrown in The Junger.  Apparently, it's the name those  of us not living East are allowed to call it.  It's a bit casual and a bit colloquial.   But does it make BJ more accessible?  Mr SSG saw through it and declined.

I tried googling The Junger and came up with lots of European artists.  Perhaps this blog entry will the first formal documentation of The Junger being a colloquialism for Westfield Bondi Junction.  The action 'going Junger style' being defined as the act of finding things of a standard appropriate to wear to go to Westfield BJ.

After a rain related delay, we hit the road.  This is Mr SSG applying a terse hand grip to the wheel.

Mr SSG is not a man who waits to enter a shopping centre car park.  His eye was on the clock.

The offer of valet parking did not amuse.

Tension was relieved by the number of parking spaces still available at 9.37 am, Saturday.

While dress standards are high at The Junger, regulations are somewhat more relaxed at Chatswood Chase (calling it The Chatter just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid).  It is enough to seek inspiration from those candid paparazzi shots of celebrities 'off duty' - but still conscious that their every action will be captured by a telephoto lens.  Think InStyle for The Junger and Who Weekly / NW for Chatswood and you will be fine.

Fulfilling the minimum dress standard, I managed to gain entry to the CR change room dressed in dark skinnies from Cotton On, a Top Shop striped T, Zara black cardi and sensible Diana Ferrari supersoft shoes.  Lady Melbourne necklace from RPE, red H clic clac.  I was actually there to find more skivvies for winter.  Kookai were rather short in this department this year - everything seemed to be variations on long sleeved T shirts.  Cute but not utilitarian enough for my needs.

True to his word, Mr SSG and I went to the apple store where I was allowed to read The NY Times on an iPad, bleat "I want one" for about 2 minutes and then leave.

When shopping with Mr SSG in charge, a one shopping bag per person limit applies.  Snacks excluded.

You will be happy to know that Mr SSG found his grey bonds trackpants at DJs.  He felt that $60 was a bit rich, and Gwen, the DJs sales lady in menswear agreed.  They also expressed a mutual dismay at the price of boardshorts these days.  This is an issue I will leave until Summer 2010/2011 to pursue.

We got home just in time for the start of the NBL coverage on ESPN, one of the secondary KPIs for today's task.  I had brunch featuring my favourites from Bread Top and Mr SSG had left over Thai takeaway.  Mission Accomplished.


  1. Hi SSG:)
    I really loved reading that, and i think most men are like this...
    I will be writing the post today :)

    Have a great day - SP

  2. So I went near Bondi Junction yesterday but feared I had no time to shop, so ended up wandering around the city thinking the only shops I can afford to shop at are the ones I frequent in Melbourne, and the shops I can find interesting and quirky are too expensive for me to shop at. Conundrum.

    I bought a pair of Bonds track pants today. The Pant. From Myer. They were $35. The stuffy sales assistant queried why I wanted to layby them and a $170 Cue skirt when there's a $6.50 fee. Well, in the scheme of things, $6.50 is not that much when I'm forking out more than $200 on two items of clothes. She also told me that the darker version of Bonds The Pant are not on sale, but she gave it to me anyway adding that she hopes she does not lose her job. The darker version was more flattering.

    Your shopping trip adventures made me laugh :)
    Thanks for the kind words about my Toby.

  3. SP: you are right about most men and shopping.

    Carly: we should have gone to Myer.... Hope things are okay re Toby.

    SSG xxx

  4. Bondi is ridiculous and swank.
    I have bought a camera, a dress, tea and that's about it from there. Mr Maus' sister pretty much lived in Gj's (at Bj's) during her HSC year. I think I've been there about 50 times all up since dating Mr Maus. Because we are poor students we would borrow his mum's car, and race around beating the timed pay parking.

    As for Chatty, I have visited it a grand total of once. Good on you and your Mister for finding a parking on a Saturday in the wet though!

    Enjoyed this post because boys are always scared of what can be had/in-debted by shopping.
    Awesome handbag btw.

  5. SSG

    very nice meeting u today... love ur sense of style!

    i will try and find tan boots nommmm


  6. Hi! Lovely to meet you yesterday! Look forward to the next catch up :-)

  7. Oooh - next time stop at New Shanghai Dumpling... It's worth the additional 45 minutes!

    I need new tracksuit pants too. I usually go to K-Mart for my bonds but will also check out Myer today. We are off to the Chase (Chatter - eww) today for some dumpling goodness and to view Robin Hood. Should be fun!

    S xx

  8. Very informative as usual! I would totally have turned up to the Jungers in my cheerleading trackie if I hadn't read this post first. Nice heads up! Not that I live anywhere near the Jungers, but it's still nice to get the heads up.

  9. I very much like the look of your handbag! Seems just like something I would get for myself.

  10. very strategic shopping trip! I can't stand shopping with a boy so if my boyfriend ever needs anything I just get it for him - he's happy to just hand over some money and stay home!

  11. I love the Chase but my credit card doesn't! I do too much damage there. The Karen Millen store is fantastic. I can only imagine the carpark traffic during wet weather. It seems everyone goes there when the weather is bad. $10 for valet is good but I get it. My husband is the same. He'll drive around and around and around and I lose it. I'd rather pay $10 for Valet! It is like that episode on Seinfeld when George keeps driving around the block to get a spot. He becomes obsessed. What is it with men?! LOL

  12. Kitty: Duh, knew I forgot something when we were there, the dumplings!

    Langdowns: no worries, as they say :-)

    Sniff: thank you. Hope you're doing fine.

    Metropolis Girl: must remember to call it The Chase from now on.

    SSG xxx

  13. Love Mr SSG's shopping strategy !

  14. I love your Top-Shop striped T.


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