May 20, 2010

SSG Faces A Challenging Fourth Quarter Of the Financial Year.

The Australian dollar has had such a bad day today (crashing to an 8 month low of 85 cents at one point), I felt that there was only one way to cheer it up - with a spot of retail therapy.  With nothing at the OutNet in my size (it's all summer, flowers and metallics there at the moment - I just can't shop out of season, just can't) and no word from NAP about the status of their Louboutin supplies, my thoughts turned to more practical purchases.

The other big news story (to me at least) in the financial world today were Mark McInnes' uplifting words about David Jones vowing to price match Myer in the challenging fourth quarter.  He also advised that women will continue to buy shoes in trying economic times.  Mark, we hear you.  It's just that we're buying them off NAP instead of on the Designer Ladies Shoe floor at DJs in the city.  We're willing to negotiate.  If you can price match NAP, it's a deal.

In the mean time, those downtrodden Australian dollars need to shop somewhere.  And that somewhere was Target, it's been a while since I've had a look at their clothes, I've missed all the Designers for Target ranges both here and from the US.  30% off knits and coats was the perfect excuse to go.  The mission was to find non black knit wear for work and possibly a coat that was both warm and able to stand being folded origami style at work (no coat rack or hooks in our office).  For  first time shopper for work clothes at Target, I had great success.

Found!  3 cardigans for work.  Not one of them are black or grey!  They are mostly wool blends.  I like that they go down to about hip length and feel 'solid'.  I have a hard time wearing cardigans that hit the high waist at work, they look strange with work pants and skirts.  After the discount, they were between $34 and $38 AUD each.  There is a large range of knit dresses and longer line cardis too.  The 30% off promotion is on for a week and the coats were selling well today (the first day of the promotion).

The coats worked out to be $55 - $59 each.

The Target red coat is synthetic and fully lined.  The hood is detachable.  Single breasted, so looks fine even if buttons aren't done up.

The black toggle coat is a wool blend.

There is a row of concealed buttons under the row of toggles.  No hood.

So, if you're like me and feeling a little left out on the OutNet - perhaps Target will tide you over until the Myer/DJs price war starts.


  1. Such cute purchases SSG - especially the little toggle button coat. x

  2. Target is my fashion emporium. Their stuff is always surprisingly fantastic.

    Great coats :)

  3. I love that red coat!!! Totally classy, I bet you'll stand out in that one.

  4. All good buys, SSG :) I like the red coat.

    Not happy about the crash of AUD as I'm about to head overseas!

  5. Got to love Target! I personally swear by their straight leg jeans. Fit me perfectly (both in size and budget).

  6. Hi sweety:)
    I thought i was a follower from way back, but i guess not.
    That is why i took action, and now get to read all your wonderful posts - everyday - yes i am now a follower - and loving it:)
    Have a great day sweet girl:)

  7. SP: thanks hun, love your manicure skills.

    Hello all the Target lovers.

    SSG xxx

  8. Loving the red riding hood ensemble. A fitting purchase from the red circle boutique...

    Your farmer's wife friend who may have finally worked out how to comment.

  9. I've gotten some great things at Target. Love that red coat. Their tees are my favorites.

  10. Anonymous: excellent news! Looking forward to hearing more from you :-)

    LPC: yes, the Ts are great.

    SSG xxx


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