May 19, 2010

The SSGs Embrace Chunk and Shine. Good Chairs.

There are few things that can bring a smile to my face after a 15 hour shift packed with drama and gore.  In fact I can count them on one hand, with fingers to spare.

I was lucky enough to return home from work last night to find, in order of appearance - Mr SSG tucked up in bed with a present (I was so tempted to fall into bed fully clothed but stopped myself at the last minute), a soggy but intact parcel and relatively ant free parts of the kitchen thanks to my lethal borax with a dusting of icing sugar concoction.

Take my word for it, that is indeed Nicole Kidman 'loving her shape' on the cover of this month's InStyle.  For some reason, all I could think of when I saw this cover was photoshop. Perhaps not unusual for the cover of a glossy.  However, how many times have those clever photoshop people had to superimpose someone's hair from the 90s onto their current day face?  If there's one thing I can do after a long day and night at work, it is to exercise my considerable knowledge the history of Nicole's hair.  As a person born with the hair she didn't deserve, I can identify with the struggle to find the perfect way to wear wavy and thick hair.

The parcel, was of course, my order from the Red Phoenix Emporium

I am a sucker for a pink parcel.  Even with a background of T&Co yellow diamonds (Mr SSG is not a man susceptible to the subliminal messages of an open magazine, automatically shutting the offending journal and placing it on our magazine rack) and celebrities Embracing Colour Stylishly - my eyes are still drawn to the pink.

It is officially black knitwear season in Sydney.  However, season 2010 will be different to all the others that precede it for one very stylish reason - the addition of Chunk and Shine.  In the shape of my very own Faux Fuchsia necklace.  We have seen Chunk and Shine work with impeccable manicures and beautiful clothes but how will it fair at the hands of those of us with terrible nails who favour grey, black and white basics (and are unable to finesse the print)?  Faux Fuchsia - apologies in advance should this experiment in challenging the paradigm go awry.

This was me this morning.  So far, so good.  I was once afraid of shiny chunk but now I know better.  It works best at the neck and not as a design ethos for a Year 12 Ball dress (that's how long ago I was in Year 12, it was a Ball then....).  I fingered my necklace lovingly and felt happier hearing the chunky bits clang against each other and calmer as I felt the quartz, agate and onyx (there's something about 'real' stones that plastic cannot replicate).  These could well be my worry beads. 

This was me in front of my filing cabinet at work after lunch while I was preparing for my presentation.  An essential part of preparation is eating lunch and checking emails whilst simultaneously editing powerpoint slides and using your iPhone to take photos of yourself.  Chunk and Shine enables high level multi-tasking.  Evidence enough that it is essential to work place productivity.

You may remember me writing about the demise of the SSG Manor pepper mill and how this was a clear sign an order to Peters Of Kensington was indicated?  Not quite.  Mr SSG embraced chunk and shine in his own way.  In the American turn of phrase (I have been dying to write or even say this), he gifted me a battery operated salt and pepper mill.

It is a salt and pepper mill graced with large print, which I always find useful and has a nice solid feel to it.  By twisting the black dial, two windows pop out for the salt and pepper to be poured into.  It's genius.  Everytime I need salt or pepper I will remember something called Arnhem Investment Management.  I wonder what they do - are they the financial subsidary of Georg Jensen?  This is a very Jensen-esque design.  I must ask Mr SSG.

It has been a very exciting week in the world of my favourite  craggy faced older men.  Kerry O'Brien has managed to get KRudd into a tantrum and a week later get Tony Abbott to admit to lying.  It's amazing, I don't know how Kerry does it.  His voice gets more and more measured, his questions more and more reasonable and then, bang!  His prey lose it and spout sound bites all sections of the press hyperventilate about for weeks to come.  Kerry is the master of media Chunk and Shine.

Terry Durack had a fabulous meal this week but managed to lose himself in the furniture, specifically the chairs.  A good chair is important when eating out.  Especially if multiple courses, sets of cutlery and glasses of champagne are involved.  A good chair  provides balance and stability as well as a graceful way to 'doze' should the mood so take you.  There also needs to be enough room for a handbag toward the back of the seat.  A useful way for faking good posture.


  1. Love the FF necklace!
    V. Jealous!

    I also love Kerry O'Brien. I have many a journalism friend who have interned for that man (and the 7:30 report).


  2. In Style...FF's all good....and am glad to hear the ants are packing their bags and departing!

  3. Love the pepper mill! These Arnhem people are on to something.

  4. Hi Theo
    I hope the Arnhem people are Amused rather than Disappointed by my portrayal of the Arnhem Investment Management salt and pepper mill.

    SSG xxx

  5. Love that Arnhem Salt and Pepper grinder where can I get one???

  6. Hi Anonymous

    I believe only 100 of them are in circulation at the moment.

    It may have to be Ebay, I'm afraid. Be wary of imitations.

    SSG xxx

  7. The Arnhem people are proud to see their pepper mill on the WWW. If you want to know what we do you can either ask Mr. SSG or look at:


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