May 26, 2010

SSG's Got the Blues.

I don't think anyone in Sydney today got through the day without mentioning the following: the rain, the State Of Origin, the rain and the Blues.  I'm not even a local and even I had trouble progressing the topics of conversation.  It was a relief to get to yoga and be silent for an hour and half.

Are these the blues everyone is talking about? 

I come from Perth which was pretty much a one sport town - AFL.  Rugby is a mystery to me.  So is soccer.  Which gives me licence to buy a Wallabies rugby jumper (because it looks nicer than the Socceroo jerseys) and wear it whilst watching the Socceroos do their thing at The World Cup this year. 

Okay, I think I've got the wrong blues. 

I have decided that I perform poorly at VIP clothing sales preview events.  I am hoping that the above photograph will reinforce this observation upon the impulse shopping area of my brain and keep me away from the Ralph Lauren store this weekend.  It looks like a cute jacket, it was heavily discounted, it fit but I have not worn it outside the house.  It is proving to be very difficult to match - I had visions of Gossip Girl and the Upper East Side but everything I've tried it on with makes me look like an overstuffed sofa (possibly from the Upper East Side though).  I am hoping that the fascination with double denim (aka The Canadian Tuxedo) will inspire me and help me find a some jeans to wear with it.  Preferrably from within my wardrobe.

So far, the negative visual association seems to be effective.  The OutNet is updating me constantly about bargain basement priced Pucci, Marchesa and Grecian but I have not bought a single item.  It helps that my size doesn't seem to exist and I am jittery about the currency.  Mr Swan and Mr Henry, the super tax sucks.  Can we please find something else to revenue raise from?  Like Channel 9 for every series they produce that relates to Underbelly and for being responsible for A Current Affair?


  1. I've been too busy to attend yoga classes this week - Sigh, another week of wasted gym membership fees.

    The Canadian Tuxedo site is hillarious! I reckon you'll rock the double denim look :D

  2. Love that RL jacket - agree with FF re the jeans or perhaps short navy skirt with opaque tights and crisp white shirt to embrace the prepiness! x

  3. foodwink: maybe next week.

    SemiExpat & FF: will try jeans. White shirt is a great idea. Thank you.

    SSG xxx

  4. I will VERY GLADLY take that amazing blazer off your hands if you come to a dead end trying to style it...!

    It was so nice to meet you the other night - though there were so many people there, I missed saying goodbye to you! I'm looking forward to the next blogger meet-up :)



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