May 25, 2010

The Stockpiling Of Chocolate Bars. A Kitchen Without Sweet Toothed Ants.

Sometimes, you need the bring in the big guns when you're on the late shift on a Monday night.

Mon dieu, indeed!  The above was my effort to use my meal voucher at the cafe at work last night.  I am usually sensible and go to the staff cafeteria and get a drink and a hot meal but I was feeling reckless yesterday and cashed in my coupon for a coffee.  Except the lady at the cafe wasn't going to let me walk away until I'd spent the full $12.  So she helpfully let me have my pick of the chocolate bars ('to take home') and cakes as well.

Don't worry, I'm not in a diabetic coma - yet.  I had my cake and coffee and have stashed away my other goodies for Future Emergencies.  If a person can survive on a Mars Bar or two whilst lost on a mountain, I am sure I can now survive anything that work throws at me.

For dinner, I googled 'baked fish, tomato and paremesan' (just because) and found this tomato and basil baked fish recipe.

In more 'just because' behaviour, I took off my Red Phoenix Emporium Coco necklace and placed it next to the vegetables.  Ditto the movement of the Arnhem salt and pepper mill.  Then I went off to do the ironing.  In hindsight, I should have kept my necklace on for the ironing.  A little glamour at the ironing board never goes astray. Just had a look at my link for the necklace.  I've finally figured out how to convert the necklace to choker length with the silvery whatsit.  Good stuff.

Then I got back to dinner and well, here it is before getting baked.  The white powder in the background is nothing more exciting than borax and icing sugar.  The SSG kitchen is now officially eradicated of ants thanks to this frugal combination.  Apparently we have ants with a sweet tooth (wonder where they got that from).  An alternate combination is to use finely grated paremsan instead of the icing sugar on top of the borax as some ants prefer salt.

Right, there's dinner.  Looking rather healthy and far removed from the subject of Terry's restauarant review today.  We were taken to the Boca Argentinian Grill, a great place to meat and where both chewing and drinking are encouraged.

I don't know why I just thought of this, but I used to work with a lovely boss who had a wonderful turn of phrase.  We'd be on a round and he'd have a chat to our patients and talk about 'frisky spark plugs' as an analogy for their heart problems.  My spark plugs are completely de-frisked today.  I'm off to recharge them and will write again when they are back to maximum charge.

Good night, sleep well, stay warm.


  1. Happy re-charging!
    PS. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. My world seems so removed from your world, and yet there you are, following along :)

  2. Love the necklace love the food. How is Sydney?


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