May 10, 2010

Strong Dark Chocolate For Trying Times. A Resort Yoga Studio. New Shoes In Times Of Austerity.

I could possibly be the only person on earth who can have a worse day on leave than at work.  I had great plans for today - reading for work, doing all the laundry from while we were away, getting the car serviced...

Then the unpredictability of real life got in the way.  The kitchen got infested by ants, with no visible focus of them that would tell me where the nest was or if I'd left something out by mistake.  Undeterred, I sprinkled borax and icing sugar in a corner of the bench top and hoped for the best, whilst re-washing  everything the ants had crawled over.  It would have to be the chopping boards....

Getting the car to the garage was an epic journey.  Forgot that peak hour(s) is well and truly started by 7.30am, even up Atarmon way (I usually head west or into the city for work).  Then it took an hour to get a taxi home and the taxi driver had just started that day.  So the drive home took half an hour more than usual (he did pause the meter while trying to find the way and I did get my iPhone and its blue dot out too).

Finally got home and put on my best face (a slick of Rimmel 'tease' lip gloss) and a coffee from down the road.  Almost believed that hanging up the laundry as time out in the sun and thus good for my Vitamin D levels.  Got back inside, started my reading and felt good at my progress.  Only to find printer issues....  I've just got back on track now and the printer still lives.

Suprisingly, I didn't reach for the pre-chilled bottle of bubbly in the fridge (yes, I'm really, really giving it up), I needed extra endorphins and anti-oxidants.  Enter my last bar of strong dark chocolate, green tea and sushi for lunch.

It is clearly time to go back to a happy place.

Seems like only yesterday that I was at The Spa.

The best day spa ever.  I didn't have time to take advantage of the treatments but the facilities were gorgeous.  There are separate ladies' and mens' wings to the treatment areas.  The ladies area has an indoor spa in addition to all the usual treatment rooms, saunas and luxe changerooms.

To the right as you enter these doors is a little shop selling fitness gear and some pretty impressive cosmetic brands - Jane Iredale and Nature Bisse if you are fans.  In the background of the photo is a 25m lap pool and several outdoor spas.

This bronze statue is directly in front of the entrance.

As one of the few land-lubbers on the resort (in case you are wondering, my stitches come out this week - I hit the pool this weekend), I got to know the land based facilities very well.

My favourite room - the yoga studio.  In which I got to practice in complete privacy as classes aren't that frequent.  The eye bags/weights were filled with lavender.

There were beautiful large windows to gaze out of as well as full length mirrors with which to realize just how bad your aligment really is, even if you feel differently.

And aromatherapy oils burning.

Because we can't rely on any one thing to make ourselves happy - I am revisiting my DHL box from the lovely people at Net-A-Porter.  Henceforth to be known as "purveyors of shoes at a price that look better than DJ's mainly because it's in pounds and the AUD is going great guns at the moment".  It's not really as catchy is it?  With the bail out of Greece, could the GBP and EURO potentially devalue?  Making purchases at NAP an austerity measure?  The SSG School Of Economics thinks possibly - but one must act fast to avoid the effect of inflation.

Anyway - the box.  I love that red sticker on the side for two reasons:
  1. there was no delivery duty paid
  2. my friends at DHL have this excellent arrangement with me where they don't leave the shipment by the door (as the label kindly discourages), but instead find a sneaky hidy hole for it instead (bypassing that signature thing or rescheduled delivery option).

Got the white balance right here - the tissue paper looks black!

One of the NAP conditions of service is that shoes are tried on over a carpetted surface until the buyer is sure that the shoes are right because exchanges will not be accepted on shoes with scuffed soles.  That's the one sentence summary of the note in the photo below.

Which is why I haven't photographed the shoes out of the box yet.  They are the decolletes in beige calf.  I know, not that nude patent shade all the hip people own.  They're going to be my next pair should the currency situation work more to my favour.

It's only early afternoon here and I am exhausted.  I blame all that reading I did this morning.  To compensate, I'm taking the rest of the day off - yoga tonight, mindless magazine reading and Foxtel.


  1. Oh I am so happy your day got better with the arrival of those gorgeous shoes! And dont net a porter package everything in such a luxurious way too! Lovely spa - could imagine relaxing there very easily too. Am having sushi withdrawal symptoms too now - time to come back to Australia!! Thanks for your M.Day wishes too. x

  2. Lavender eyebags, chocolate and spa stuff sounds divine.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Louboutins! I hope you keep them and show us them on SSG! :D

  4. Another pair of louboutins? I'm super jealous.

  5. Tres chic shoes!...sushi and green tea, the spa and yoga...faves of mine too! Hope that today is much better for you.


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