May 13, 2010

Sun, Sand and Prawns in Noosa.

Blue skies, the warmth of the sun, the calm of the river.  What more could you possibly ask for on a holiday?

These are my last holiday snaps, folks.  Thanks for bearing them with good grace, especially if you're stuck in your office having one of those days...  I will be back with you next week.

For our last day on the Sunshine Coast, Mr SSG and I decided to venture from the resort and go explore Noosa.

We started with a ferry ride up the Noosa River.  We started at the Sheraton Resort Jetty and these are a couple of photos from around the jetty.  I just love the colours.  They are so uplifting. 

I really enjoyed the ferry ride.  Our ferry master was a great tour guide as well.  His commentary was interesting and witty.

We sailed at a serene pace in our flat bottomed ferry that was built in the 80s to look like something from the 30s.

The peak in the above photo is not Mount Coolum but an inactive volcano.  The combination of mountains and volcanoes surrounding the water added to the tropical getaway feel.

There are height restrictions on the river front properties in Noosa.  Which the developers keep taking the council to court over.  I think the current restriction is 3 storeys.  For the projects that the council lost the legal tussle over, the buildings got up to 6 storeys.  The  ground level units are the priciest and some houses here are valued at $6 million AUD.

A little activity on the waters to break things up a little.  This jet ski-er is being towed by a boat for some reason only he knows.

For cheaper real estate, consider a houseboat.  There is a flat fee for docking your houseboat in the river and then fees only for clearing your waste.  Apparently, it's too expensive for the council to get rid of abandoned houseboats and they can't force the owners to remove them either.  In the words of our guide, "after you've been up and down the river a few times, the whole houseboat thing gets a bit stale".

The children on board were delighted to be involved with proceedings.  They were each invited to pull the whistle to signify the next stop.

It was indeed a very hot whistle.

We took a stroll through Noosa.  It's very lively, lots of shops and places to eat.

We found our way to the beach.  There's nothing like a strand of wooden beads to give an outfit a beach / tropical vibe.  Even if you are wearing shades of camouflage.

The shorts were from Sportsgirl.  Back in the day when you could walk out of the store with some cheapish weekend clothes.  Before they started charging $200 for a jacket and filled their stores with a quick succession of boho, muslin, boho, vintage inspired, boho by guest designers, 80s by guest designers and then plain boho again.  By the way, I've just checked out their website.  I think every decade post the 60's has been referenced for the current collections.  I might just have to have a look.

The T is from Jay-Jays.  Another one of my cheap and cheerful haunts.

For lunch, we found ourselved at the Noosa Heads Surf Club.  It was packed but we managed to find a table on the deck and got a view out onto the beach below.

This close to the water, we had to have seafood (and bubbles) for lunch.

A kilo of prawns and a plate of calamari and chips.

The plate of greens was my idea, of course.

The hours slipped by in companionable silence as Mr SSG and I made our way through the seafood.  Afterward, we took a walk along the beach.

Discovering a walkway that lead up from the beach to the main street.

It was so hard to leave.

But sadly, all good things come to an end and we boarded this plane back to Sydney.  It's a Quiksilver surfie plane, how apt.

Goodbye, Sunshine Coast!  Until next time.

PS: it was the first time we flew Jetstar and it was great.


  1. looks like you had such an amazing time! i love your pictures

    Anna Katrina

  2. Beautiful and delicious!!! Looks like a great trip. =)

  3. im a sunshine coaster. i was raised there ( now live in brisbane) the height restriction is for the whole of the sunshine coast. the 3 major councils recently amalgamated.
    i like it, keeps everything nice and stops it looking trashy like the gold coast.

    loving the photos btw

  4. Hi SSG! You have just been to visit my most FAVOURITE place in the whole world: NOOSA! I "haunt" Noosa as much as possible :) - it's such a lovely relaxing paradise...isn't it?!!! Next time you visit, let me know and I'll send you a list of some great local Noosa drop-ins that are so fab to visit...only a select few know about them...and I'm talking food, fashion and awesome little hideaway places! Cheers, Michallee (Treasures from Moira's Armoire)

  5. Oooh look at that bucket of prawns! I think I sighed out loud in lust! Looks like you had a great time. I flew Jetstar for the first time last week. It was ok although I don't know if I'd choose it again.

  6. What a great invention, this internet. I get to see places, I never knew existed, places I know, I will never visit. I like to travel in a way like this. Thank you for sharing your trip with us !

  7. Hi:)
    Nice photos...
    Have a great day - SP


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