May 4, 2010

Sydney Shop Girl Will Be Conferencing In Coolum Until Sunday.

Just a quick post to announce that we're going away.  Mr SSG and I are heading to Coolum via Brisbane today.  We're travelling with a couple of my work mates.  I think Mr SSG and the boys have much in common, it will be an interesting little trip.

In between conference commitments, I plan to be on a deckchair.  Can't actually swim on account of my navy blue stitches (they survived yoga and a run today) so I guess all I can do is sit by the pool.

The above photo is in no way representative of The Hyatt Coolum.  It was taken around Walsh Bay at the weekend.   Those deck chairs look so inviting.  It's pretty freaky walking 5 minutes away from the CBD and seeing all these glamorous boats docked beneath some fancy apartments on the wharf.

It goes without saying, but I don't pack light.  Above, we have a small sample of what's going with us for 6 days away.  I am very attached to Colgate toothpaste and Listerine.  The hotel toiletries never taste the same - no matter how fancy they may be.  The prunes don't need any further explanation.  There are many things you can never have too many of whilst away - accessories, scarves and dressings (hospital issue tricky ones with 2 backings and numbers that tell you which to remove first and good old tough fabric band aids in the wide size).

Take care and stay safe whatever you get up to while I'm away.  I may not have much internet access so if I'm late responding to comments - apologies in advance.


  1. Dear SSG,
    Sadky know welcoming blue skies today just lots of rain up here!
    Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow.
    Make sure you go to the Spirit House for lunch or dinner it is a must!

  2. Have fun SSG and it looks like we pack about the same amount lol. Well you must have the right clothes don't you? :) xxx

  3. Have a lovely trip! Very jealous... I love Coolum!

  4. Okay, I'm jealous. Have a great time!

  5. Thanks for the supporting comment on my blog! Sad to hear about your foot accident, but I still hope you'll enjoy your trip to Coolum. (Btw, what an adorable name for a city). Sitting in a deck chair by the pool sounds marvellous!


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